Some Mongering Info in Jinan(From ISG)

Hey guys, I’m new here but I’ve been wandering Shanghai for a while.

Here is a quick list of my fav spots. I’m moving to another district soon, so I figured I would share the ones I know in my awesome neighborhood.

a) Massage Place in Xikang Lu, near Kanding Lu. 7/10

It’s next to a bunch of restaurants and a hair saloon. Rooms are in good condition. Girls are cute (specially #8, she is a thin little girl from Anhui. I rate her 8/10) and the service is very decent. They also do prostate massage, and it’s pretty good. The interesting thing about this place is that they would let you stay after the massage for a nap or even an hour or two, on your own. One time I fell asleep after the whole session and the girl came back to wake me up because they were closing. It was 3am or so. They don’t have a ‘menu’ or ‘catalog’ of the girls, but I’ve been many times to this place and I’ve gotten practically a different girl on each visit, unless I ask for my #8. .

be) Massage at Shaanxi Bei Lu. Between Xinfeng Lu and Anyuan, next to a minimart. FUCKING HEAVEN. 

My favorite place in Jing’An. Bath + Scrubbing + Oil Massage + Prostate Massage / HE for around 390. Pick the girl #8 (I rate her 9/10. Best tits ever.) for the best HJ of your life. Or if you’re very adventurous, pick #3 (30ish with some cool looking tattoo on her belly) and try to get to know her. If you give her $200 or so before hand, she will do terrible (awesome) things to you. For some reason, I’ve found this trick to work in other places as well. You tip beforehand and they end up doing awesome things.

I’ve had GFE / FS with this cute girl (#5) many times, but you got to work that out. It took me a few visits to get her to know me and eventually turn her into a beast on each visit. This only works if you pay for the big massage pack, though. Their commision must be bigger I guess.

They also have a ‘double phoenix royal massage’ thing, or something that sounds like that. It’s an incredible session with 2 girls (usually #8 and #5) that will give you an unforgetable experience. No FS / BBBJ on that one, but it’s damn worth it.

see) BBS on Xinfeng Lu, between Shaanxi Bei Lu and Xikang Lu (next to a car repair shop). 

Ok, this place is for those adventurous guys who like BBS action. 200 RMB gets you everything. 300 if you’re on a bad day. The girls are between 6/10 and 8/10 I guess. They are not bad looking at all, but just the classic BBS look that some of you won’t find attractive. In my case, I don’t either, but sometimes you just. Got to go for it. You know how it works.

The rooms are little and old. No showers. The service isn’t rushed, unless you go at very late hours. The cool thing about this place is that is fucking dead outsite. No people, no shops, no pedestrians. It’s pretty safe since the only thing you have is a couple of security guys across the street on a narrow lane (Renhe Lu) watching over some official building. Everything else is just parked bikes outside some office thing. If you want to try a sneaky BBS with no witnesses at all, this is the place for you.

the) Massage places on Yuyao Lu, west from Changde Lu

There are 2 massage places here. The first one advertises ‘foot massage’ with little yellow signs outside a nice purple-lighted counter.

This one has GORGEOUS GIRLS. Most of them are just sitting in the welcome area, right at the entrance. These girls are among the most beautiful masseuses I’ve seen in my 3 years mongering Shanghai. No joke. 8/10-10/10. It’s ridiculously good. Sadly, the best you can get out of them is CBJ. I’ve had one BBBJ once, but the girl no longer works there. She said that the girl that manages the place is very strict and she didn’t want to work there anymore.

The rooms are tiny, most of them without showers. You get the classic oil massage + jell-o thingy in their lips while they rub you with it (no idea what that shit is called) + awesome handjob at the end. Titty fuck available under request. TOUCHING is allowed everywhere. No tipping required. Full damage: 208 rmb. I know a ton of laowais coming out of this place. If it was SECRET, well, SORRY. I’m here to share. .

The 2nd massage place is further down west on Yuyuan lu. It’s not as great as the one above, but it’s definitely worth a try. The only advantage of this one is that is VERY CLEAN. The rooms are very nice and come with a big shower. It doesn’t really feel like a shady place, but it is. Again, no GFE / FS. The girls aren’t shown in the storefront, like in the place above, and they seem to try to charge the laowai tax. Don’t pay more than 168 rmb for 1 hour or 208 for 90 minutes. The girls will ask you for a tip, but if you don’t tip them, they will still give you a standard HJ. Tipping them haven’t really get me anything extra.

e) Massage places on Anyuan Lu, west from Changde Lu

I know you guys have talked about these ones before. No further reports to do here, but I would like to add that these places are 24/7. I went on a early run a few weeks ago over that area, and they had at least one girl waving from inside the glass door, with the curtains slightly opened. It was fucking 6am. There are 3 places there. The 24/7 one is the middle one, with the big cream colored curtains at the entrance.

Might be good to remember this one for those odd horny times. Most of the other places I know close at 2am / 3am and open at 11am.

f) Pickup girls at the new factories (Yuyao Lu) 

If you stand outside Shanghai Winn, Muse or Sky Club, you will most likely notice a strange number of hot girls coming in and out in groups. These are pickup girls. Many of these are expensive Shanghainese. Those are very rare to find, but lately, seems like these clubs’ outskirts is a common spot for them to meet up.

Late night on fridays you can actually just stand on the sidewalk and make eye contact with them. Keep in mind these girls are usually ‘rejections’ from inside the clubs, so they tend to be rushy and moody before you offer them cash. You can’t take them home before you negotiate the price, which goes between 3k and 5k for the whole night. If you’re good at this, you can get a real shanghainese girl with you for 2k. I don’t know why the fuck someone would want that, but it’s up to you.

That’s it! Sorry for the long post but I’ve been in this forum for a few weeks and after RTFFing for a while, I wanted to share these new tips that I haven’t seen here before.

The above information is from the following website:

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