Some Shopping Tips in Hong Kong

Many people defined Hong Kong as the shoppers’ paradise. Hong Kong is perhaps the best shopping place in the world with reasonable prices, various products, and best service. In Hong Kong, shopping is not only the act of buying things, but also a form of recreation, a way of life. You’ll find many sales in and around Central on Hong Kong Island and limitless bargains to be had in Mongkok.

Most goods from all over the world, except wine and cigarettes, are tax free, and prices are relatively low. In addition, every year there are lots of seasonal promotions and sales. Lots of foreign tourists usually come here to restock and update their wardrobe. The most popular products in Hong Kong are clothes, cosmetics and electrical appliances. Shops in Hong Kong offer not only goods but also a comfortable shopping environment, as they combine shopping and recreation.

But when you go shopping in Hong Kong, you may need some useful guidance for buying something in a low price. The following are some shopping tips for the visitor from all over the world.

1. Know your Product

You should know the thing you want to buy, in case that you just want to buy some trinkets or souvenirs, this doesn’t consider the price too much because they have been very cheap, but for those big ticket items, you should know how much the item costs. You should price the item online or at home first. You can’t start bargaining until you know how much you should be paying.

2. Choose the Shop

If you do not like bargaining shop, you can choose those shops which generally don’t offer bargains but are reputable. Unless you are confident of price and product, you should also avoid shops that don’t clearly display the price of an item.

3. Bargaining

In Hong Kong, Bargaining can be very interesting in small shops and market stalls. As the Chinese saying goes, ‘Compare three shops before buying’, and remember to drop by different shops to check the average prices first, in general, you should always look to negotiate at least 30% of the ticket price at markets and smaller shops.

4. Inspect Products

You should inspect products before paying and ensure you have all the accessories that should be included and you should keep your receipts, you should make sure the product has an international warranty. This can be a problem with ‘Parallel Imports’, these products are usually brought into Hong Kong by someone other than the official importer, and are often electronic items. Although cheap, their warranty is usually void.

5. Credit Cards Using

Most shops in Hong Kong accept credit cards, so after you use it, you should keep the records. Some credit cards companies or banks may charge a currency-exchanging fee for overseas purchases. Please check before use.

6. Walk Away

Finally, if you feel the products or service attitude of this shop can not satisfied you, just walk away, save your time, There are many other shops where you can buy your satisfied products.

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