Some Suggestions of Mongering in Shenzhen

Shenzhen will be a nice place for a man to enjoy the mongering, in this city, you will find that there are lots of places you can visit and look for a girl, while Shenzhen is not a cheap city in China to monger, this city boasts a modern, upscale nightlife and it is safe at all hours, so if you are a little luck you will find just what you are looking for in a short time. You will find all kinds of girl for mongering here, many girls come here for sex, either for money or to become a businessman’s mistress. In the evening, you can also find lots of office girls looking to add their incomes by providing some special services, sometimes they are not just for money……


In Shenzhen, Nanshan district is a big district for mongering, it is relatively easy to find and get around. Futian and Luohu districts are also not that far away by taxi or MTR, especially if you live at the OCT end of Nanshan. In these districts, you will find it is really not difficult to look for a girl, you can use Wechat or QQ to look for girls nearby, or call an escort / massage agency who will put their ads on some classified websites), it just up to you, you can try and demand some real photos of the girl you choose, and if you use Wechat, if you can’t speak Chinese, you must state it by Chinese tell other people that you cannot speak Chinese and also communicate your needs clearly.


I hope the following suggestions for mongering in Shenzhen may help you to reduce some unnecessary trouble.

1. If you are worried about getting lost when you are mongering in Shenzhen, you can use the GPS on your phone, it will help you to find way home.

2. If you use websites, E-mail, Wechat for looking for the girls, you may need to learn a little easy Chinese language for mongering

3. If you are willing to go to a bar, you can go to Coco Park in Futian, it is a good place for bars where some expats hang out and to meet girls, if you take a taxi, you can tell its Chinese name to the drivers (Gouwu Gongyuan).

4. You can choose the various places in Shenzhen and it will be adventurous.


5. If you meet a freebie girl, invite her to your place, you’d better have a good translator application on your phone or computer which will help with conversations, don’t expect freebie girls to invite you to their apartment. 95% live in dormitories, share apartment with many girls, or have a tiny, one room shitty apartment.

6. If you have some local Chinese friends, you can ask them for some good massage places and also ask them if the places have special massages or extras, if they know, they will accompany you to show you the place.

7. You can read some posts on Shenzhen and South China Forum(BBS), maybe you will find something you are interested in.

8. You can go to Shekou (Nanshan) where a lot of expats live. There are pubs there, the Snake Pit is good for socializing, they will advise local action such as red light streets.

9. If you go to massage places, you should learn some appropriate sauna words such as HJ(hand job), BJ(blow job), BBBJ( blow job without condom) and so on, check that these words are used locally.

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