Some Travel Tips Which May Help the Foreigners in Shanghai

The following contents are some tips for all travelers to shanghai, especially for those come at first time, hope this can help them, because there are too many terrible experience form the foreigners when they visit this city.

Tip 1: Pay Attention to the Massage or Free Drink Scam
1. The foreign are the main target for some locals cons. They always use the world such as “massages, nice girls, free drinks” and so on, that’s how they get your attention and explore your desire. They will give you 300rmb price but they will ask for a 3000rmb bill at last. They not just doing this to expats, also to Chinese who are visitors in this city.
2. The businessmen will also give you some traps and let you jump into it, for example, if one shop owner is trying to get you in the trap, the others will usually help out and kick up the row. They work together, split the profit. At this time, you can just say no to them if don’t like or want anything from them.
3. You should Watch out the thieves. They often appear in some busy streets such as a Nanjing Road, the bund or in subway. If you are on your own, put your backpack in front of you, if in a group just keep eyes on each other. Stay alert is really very important.

Tip 2: Transport In Shanghai
1. The most important transport is subway in Shanghai, it is really much easier than any other transportation, nearly 12 lines can take you to almost everywhere in shanghai, includes over 90% of the famous attractions in Shanghai. Interchange is available between lines; you can always find a way to interchange to the line you want to take, looking for big round sign with M in the middle on the road, that’s the metro station. Vending machine is selling the ticket and takes coins and notes. There is also one-day pass available if you are going to use lot in one day, but only available for metro, not with other public transport. You can also get a transport card if you will stay in Shanghai for a long time, you can pre-charge the card and use it for metro, bus, ferry and taxi. It is more convenient and cheap.
2. Another important transport is Taxi
Different colors of taxi represent different taxi companies in the city:
Blue: Da Zhong Taxi
White: Jingjiang Taxi
Yellow/green: Qiangsheng Taxi
Navy Blue: Hai Bo Taxi
Red: Combined taxi company
The rest of colors of taxi belong to all sorts small companies, service is not sound.
Basic taxi fares: 14rmb/3kms, and 2.4rmb/km after first 3kms. After travel 10kms, each extra km is charged at 3.6rmb(50% more per km).
Night service: between 11pm-5am. Basic fare is 18rmb/3kms, 3.6rmb/km after first 3kms. After travel 10kms, each extra km is charged at 5.1rmb/km.
You can just wave your hand to taxi on the street because there are many taxis in Shanghai, they will stop in most time, unless it is a strictly non-stop area or there is cop around. Usually you see the top “taxi” sign lights on, it is the vacant one. If the top “taxi” sigh is in red, it means that it has been booked.
Tips: Try not to take taxi with registration plate starts with BX or DX. They are private owned and run by individual person, anything happen very hard to trace back. Bad service and usually go rip off, don’t be fooled by their fancy looking vehicle ( usually Hyundai Sonata) Big companies use VW Santana or VW Touran, also some VW passat.

Tip 3: Make a Bargain
There are lot of shops in shanghai, you should know what you are looking for and then just go to the right place.
1. If you want to buy the Electric stuff, you can go to Suning, Apple retailers, Gome, Yongle, all of these shops can ensure the warranty and after service.
2. If you want to buy garments, you can go to Huai Hai Road, West Nanjing Lu ( Jingan Temple Area), People square, Lujiazui Area, Xujiahui are. Luxury brands are located the bund area.
3. If you want to go to Supermarket and premium market, you can go to Metro, Wal-mart, Carrefour, Tesco, Sam’s Club, Cityshop and so on.
4. If you want to buy gift and souvenir, you can go to Hongqiao Pearl market, underground market of Shanghai Science and technology museum, black market by West Nanjing road and Chengdu road.
Bargain Tips:
If you buy something in department store, you can’t bargain and the price on the tag is its real price. But you can ask whether it has a discount or not. Sometimes they don’t tell you, so you must ask them when you are willing to buy something.
When you buy something in underground market, gift market, you can make a bargain. You should not look at the price tag or think the price they offer to you. in general, you can cut at least 70-80% off. Always let them to make the offer, not you. If you say 100rmb, they said yes, and then you have to buy. If they said 100rmb, you said 20rmb, they ok with it, and then you buy. This is the difference. If the shop owner say no, stick to your price and they will compromise, if you go, they will ask you back and make the sale.

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