Some Unique Bars in Shanghai – Good Places to Visit after Work

In Shanghai, this bustling and prosperous city, a variety of unique bars increase happiness and excitement to city life. If you didn’t hang out and find them, you many have been wandering among the several. Here is going to introduce some unique bars in shanghai. They would be good place for relaxation and entertainment after a day’s tiring work.






No matter in the aspect of decoration or food, CAS BAR is definitely can be listed as one in Top 10 afternoon tea places with petit bourgeoisie sentiments in Shanghai. A place once hit, you definitely want to visit again. Environment is good with cozy sofas and friendly services. A little bit lower in consumption will surely attracts more people to visit every day.

Address: 1089 Wuding Road, near Jiaozhou Road, Jingan District


Average price: CNY94    人均: 94元

Kens Bar


Kens Bar


Kens Bar

Ambiance of Kens Bar is very good. Tasting cocktails here is an enjoyable thing with great feeling. The bar holds theme parties frequently. Sitting here is a comfortable and happy experience. Drink you must order is definitely Pink Moscato during each visit.

Address: Obama Plaza, Room A-129, 1/F, 2088 Yan’an Xi Lu, near Yili Lu, Changning District


Average price: CNY159    人均: 159元

Ayana Uniform Bar


Ayana Uniform Bar


Ayana Uniform Bar

Ayana Uniform Bar is popular among young people in Shanghai. The bar is really bustling and be in a hot business. Staffs are friendly, all handsome boys and pretty girls. It is said that the bar will hold different theme party every week. Obviously, gussets enjoy the ambiance here. At the same time, wearing uniforms is another feature of this club.

Address: No. 300 Guyang Road, Changning District


Average price: CNY393    人均: 393元






VUE Bar has the reputation of the best bar in Shanghai. Ambiance and decoration are of course great. Stylish and modern environment attracts many visitors. Meanwhile, there is lady’s night on Tuesday and Thursday. One ticket can get 2 glasses of wine. If you want to enjoy a totally relaxing night, here will be your choice.

Address: 32F west building of Hyatt on the Bund, NO.199 Huangpu Road (close to Wuchang Road), Hongkou District


Average price: CNY157    人均: 157元

The Bund Virgo Club


The Bund Virgo Club


The Bund Virgo Club

The Bund Virgo Club is situated at the doorway of old bund. As located in the side of main road, you can easily find the bar. It is not very bit, but you can still find cassette upstairs. During a fixed time, half-price discount of drinks is available. Staffs here are all friendly young people. It is a good destination for you to go after a day’s tiring work.

Address: 1/F, Building11, No. 505 South Zhongshan Road, Huangpu District


Average price: CNY87    人均: 87元

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