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应用中心截屏_2013-06-05T01-26-06.149ZAs the Best Men Spa in China honored by ASWF, the SPA de Feng is an integration of health, balance and grace. The SPA de Feng is founded, managed and supervised by Mr. Joseph Shu, an entrepreneur who was born in a Spa family and is fluent in five languages. Living in Europe and South Asia for years, he has developed a broad and deep understanding about eastern and western spa concept and alternative therapies.

Considered as the finest Spa in Beijing, SPA de Feng was opened in 2006. After 2 years of success, the spa has gained tremendous success. It has successfully launched its Spa branches in the Boat Quay area in Singapore in 2008. Meanwhile, the consulting division in the Lion City has also been initiated. It helps the spas in South Asia to get into the Chinese market which is of high potential. The most representative and successful case among its numerous cases is the complete set-up and operation of Flowater Spa. This place in opened in May 2007 at the prestigious Jinya JinBao Hotel & Club Beijing.

SPA de Feng now enjoys rapid development and active expansion overseas. Operating new projects in Singapore and Berlin, it targets primarily at the market in South Asia and West Europe. Being the honored member of several international Spa associations, SPA de Feng attends the most important Spa events across Asia and Europe annually as honored speaker or hosted buyer.

The treatment includes Massages, Body Care, Face Care, Depilatory Waxing, Spa Package, Complimentary Crystal Foot Bath & Scrub and Refreshment. Featuring alternative therapies and several international skin care products such as Phytomer and New Direction, SPA de Feng offers you the best place to unwind.

With good massage and natural remedies, a visit to SPA de Feng will definitely regenerate your powers. Here are 4 branch stores in Beijing.

Spa de Feng (Chaoyang Park Branch)
Address: R.204 Bindu Yuan, No.15 Agriculture Exhibition Center South Road, Chaoyang District
Tel: 010-65016639

Spa de Feng (Wu Dao Kou Branch)
Address: R.101, Unit.1 Bldg.18 Huaqing Juanyuan, No.35 Chengfu Road, Haidian District
Tel: 010-82867369

Spa de Feng (Sunshine 100 Branch)
Address: R.306, C, Sunshine 100 International Apartment, No.2 Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District
Tel: 010-51001330

Spa de Feng (Sanlitun Branch)
Address: No.106 Taiyue Haoting, No.16 Sanlitun South Road, Chaoyang District
Tel: 010-65012881

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