Spider Hugs meets Mouth of the Wolf

event-spider-hugs-special-performance-poster-mask9Location: Jianghu Jiuba
Date: Apr 26, 2013
Time: 9pm-10pm
Address: 7 Dongmianhua Hutong, Jiaodaokou Nandajie, Dongcheng District.
Admission: 40RMB
Contact Phone: 186-1008-7613
Web: http://site.douban.com/jianghujiubar/
Email: jincanzh@gmail.com
Spider Hugs:www.beijingband.wix.com/spiderhugs
Mouth Of The Wolf: http://mouthofthewolf.bandcamp.com

26th this month, the Spider Hugs together with Mouth of the Wolf will present us a music feast in Jianghu Bar.

Formed in Beijing in 2012, the Spider Hugs consists of band members from Gibraltar, Britain, Australia and Germany, including Dylan Viñales (vocals), Pete Henderson (keyboard), Adrian Leung (bass) and Richard Wort (drums). With the influence of all genres of music, the Spider Hugs is a combination of Muddy Waters, Argentinian folk music and Big Lebowski. One of their most famous original songs, known as the “Ghosts”, was created based on Gibraltar rock. As indie musicians, they refuse to follow the traditional music industry practices, make music videos and get interviews, only focusing on making great music. The band has had many gigs in several well-known locations in Beijing, as well as music festival. They are planning to release their next live recording.

Mouth of the Wolf is new to the city. Combining minimalist stoner folk with socio-politics and palm muted riffs, they have an addiction to shouting and the odd funny dance. You can download their EP at http://mouthofthewolf.bandcamp.com.

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