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Since I get tied to home and hearth during holiday seasons, I am thinking that it would be best to use this opportunity to write a brief informational piece about what I THINK (LOL!) I know about the Hong Kong scene. Hopefully some of you who are contemplating a visit to Hong Kong will find it of some use.

There are several web sites in Hong Kong advertising sex services and the oldest and best known one is, with both a Chinese as well as an English Forum (another OK English forum about Hong Kong is found on International Sex Guide – but it mostly only covers the Wanchai scene).  

Attention: was smashed by the Hong Kong police on 5th December 2013, but if you want to know other websites offering sex services info, you can click here

1. Gals advertising on Sex141(and other sex web sites) are divided into:

—-141 walk-ups – which are LEGAL one woman brothels, where mongers would just go up and knock on their doors to see if acceptable/negotiate price. These walk-ups are concentrated in a few known buildings in various districts and are for the most part manned by ladies who ARE legal permanent residents of Hong Kong (The LE would regularly sweep these buildings to catch girls on tourist visas/without the right to work in Hong Kong). Mostly staffed by older (23 – 35 YO) but still quite acceptable providers charging circa HK$500. Charges at a few walk-up buildings – known for its illegal (without work permits/HK Identity cards) Thai/Indonesian/Filipina some of quite acceptable quality – are as low as HK$250.

—-Hotel Walk-in – these are at 3 – 4 star hotels, staffed mostly by PRC gals on a 1 or 2 week tourist visa and controlled by syndicate/manager(s). These operations are illegal as it involves living off the proceeds of prostitution, but for at least a couple decades, NO mongers have ever gotten into any trouble with the law when visiting Hotel Walk-in gals. Please note though, if on the remote possibility that there is a raid, make sure you do cooperate with the LE and not try to be a hero by….say… lying to them and telling them that the girl is your girl friend etc. In fact, this point is very important to note ANYTIME you do deal with the Police in Hong Kong when out mongering…and of course don’t proposition any undercover police women! (There still are, sometimes, such stings, especially in Wanchai).

—-SPA, Veggie Massage, Massage, Outcall Massage, Masseur etc – all advertisements designed to go around the prohibition against organized sex for sale/living off the proceeds of prostitution. But if such advertisement appears on a sex web site, you can be pretty sure that various degrees of sex are on offer.

Note that services advertised on web sites such as sex141 are designed for and for the most part caters to the LOCAL monger who requires “On site” services. This being so, any requests for take-outs, service in one’s own hotel rooms/apartments etc is going to entail AT LEAST 3X the rate quoted – and only very rarely available (too much waste of time for the provider!!)

2. Other sites like Craig’s list, Hong Kong Escort services, independent web sites, OKT offers etc – for the most part are a way over-priced rip off, designed to attract the occasional visitor to Hong Kong who do NOT speak the language, cannot be bothered/do not have the time/not able to figure out what the Hong Kong sex scene is all about etc. If convenience is your thing- you can try but be ready to be over-charged for mostly lower quality offering!!

3. Wanchai, Wanchai of the World of Susie Wong Fame, where Hong Kong’s claim to fame as a sex destination started out…but which nowadays is a totally different world. This is where most non-Chinese-speaking Foreigners go to for their preferred type of action – Bar hopping, buying over priced (and commissionable) drinks for ENGLISH SPEAKING girls from all over, putting on their charms to score…with working gals!! LOL!

Well worth it as a “to go to” type of tourist attraction, but I’d suggest that for most bros from Singapore, probably not the greatest place to get girls for paid sex. Rates are circa HK$1,000 to 2,000, depending on your bargaining power plus you still got to spring for your own accommodations (short term hotel, your own hotel??) and of course ply them with drinks PRIOR!! And most of these girls are Filipinas, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese etc – the same girls you’d pay a fraction of their Hong Kong prices in their own land!! Oh there is also a sprinkling of girls from the Baltic States, S. American and other exotic places – but expect to also pay exotic prices!!

In Kowloon side, such English speaking girl pick-up joints are at Hari’s bar at Holiday Inn Golden Mile and Sticky fingers (TSTE).

During week-ends, Wanchai is also the place where a lot of the more “worldly” Hong Kong Domestic Helpers (amahs) hang around at. Freebies ARE possible, but please be kind! Even if you do manage to land a freebie, please try to still pay them a bit as they really make peanuts as DH’s!!

WARNING – do NOT go into any of the so-called Velvet Curtain bars along Lockhart road. These places are easily identified by the display of quite good looking gals outside the premises and a couple very aggressive mommies/managers trying to rope in the unsuspecting punter into their premises – which has entrances covered with elaborate Velvet Curtains. Go into one of these bars and you’re gonna get ripped off with being practically forced to buy way over-priced “Ladies drink” and having your bill padded to the max!! And oh yeah, probably offered to be blown at the back for some ungodly amount!! LOL!

4. MongKok, including parts of ShamShuiPo/Jordan area – areas which has been unofficially designated/sanctioned by the powers-that-be to be where sexual activities are more out in the open – something like Singapores’ Geylang/Keong Saik/Desker areas. Lots of what we call the “Yellow Board” places which basically operates like Geylang/are just brothels although the gals are not on site/called in for safe operating procedure!! Prices for various nationalities are liberally advertised on these boards but for the most part, the girls are from the PRC….and many times quite young and acceptable quality; don’t be shy to ask for precisely the kind of gal you desire and they’ll probably be able to satisfy you at a good price!!

There are also street walkers and VERY cheap alternatives around this area – I’ve read about 15 minute bonks for as little as $100 from here! But don’t hold me to this for I’ve never had the balls to try such myself!!

And talking about Street walkers, the outdoor sitting area/concrete park outside the Royal Garden /Regal hotel comes alive with PRC street walkers after 11 PM when local families goes home and the area starts to thin out. These street walkers either work by themselves or are “guided” by their Mommies and for the most part, cater to the many foreign visitors in the TST East hotels. Quite an eclectic mix of talent but there ARE a few nuggets amongst all dem coal and patience/persistence/negotiation skills play an important part in getting satisfaction from this source.

5. Nightclubs, Hostess clubs, full service KTV’s etc – Yes, still a few around although a mere skeleton/caricature of how things used to be when Club Volvo/BBoss, Tonnochy, ChinaCity, Club Deluxe, Kokusai, Gesekai, Sing-A-Long etc reigned supreme in Hong Kong’s night life action. The recent closure of Club BBoss basically marked the end of this Golden era of Hong Kong’s night life.

Oh, there are of course still a few little places in TsimShaTsui East – where the rates remains ridiculous ($200-500/hour girl sitting fee + $2,000 – 5,000 take-out fee etc), or at dump places in Mongkok (like 37 Dundas, K-Pressure etc) where one just go up, get shown the gal(s), go upstairs, pay $100 for a room and 400 for the bonk with some old (25 – 45 YO) gal. Mind you, these gals’ services are admittedly pretty good and involve full services including AR, BBBJ, CIM even anal if negotiated for properly!

5. Frebbie action – YUP – Hong Kong is quite Westernized in this aspect and throngs of the young and beautiful congregate to Lan Kwai Fong (in Central), Knutsford Terrace in TsimshaTsui (One street away from Champagne court – a great place to just roll down to if you come up blank trying to score a freebie!!)

There are also various “regular” little bars and clubs scattered all around where freebie targets abound, especially in Causeway Bay where quite a few multi-storey buildings houses these bars/clubs ONLY!! And freebies are possible even in SOME bars in Wanchai like Mes Amie’s, Carnegie’s, Coyote, Joe Bananas etc (but you gotta be great at sorting out which are possible freebies and which are just plain ole WG’s! LOL!).

I am VERY SURE that I have NOT covered all of Hong Kong night action but believe that I’ve at least touched upon the main categories. The sad thing about Hong Kong’s sex scene is that for the most part, such activities have now “Migrated” North to China where such is plentiful, very competitively priced and the service technicians are for the most part a heckuva lot younger and of better quality; and what’s still available in Hong Kong nowadays is truly a very poor cousin of how things were in the past. On the other hand, there is STILL a lot of great action and quite economical considering the generally high cost of everything else in Hong Kong.

So for you guys visiting Hong Kong – WELCOME and please DO enjoy yourself and SPEND LOTS!!!

Our economy needs all the help it can get – especially from visitors who do not only spend RMB’s buying over-priced imported luxury goods!!!

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