Suzhou Spa Hotels Make You More Healthy

When you feel stressed or tired, you need to relax your body. Why not go out and make a spa? Spa has the function of relaxing body and mind, adjusting blood and Qi, regulating the endocrine etc. In Suzhou, there are many spa shops and hotels. In the following parts, several famous spa hotels are highly recommended to you.

1.Regalia Resort & SPA(苏州御庭精品酒店)

94The spa service of this hotel contains five types. They are Body Massage Treatments, Therapeutic Massage Treatments, Facial Treatments, Exclusively For Him and Andaman Signature Spa Packages. The Body Massage Treatments consist of Andaman Aroma Therapy, Sports Massage and Royal Thai Massage. The Therapeutic Massage Treatments are made up of Aromatic Detoxifying Massage, Body Revitalizing Treatment and Absolute Stress Release. In the Facial Treatments section, there are Andaman Pure Collagen Lifting Facial Treatment, Andaman Caviar Deluxe Spa Treatment and Crystal Repairing Treatment etc.. When you are making the Exclusively For Men, you have two choices, Men Vitality Treatment or Deep Cleaning Treatment. The last type of service includes three packages, Lover’s Harmony Packages, Andaman Glimpse of Heaven and Andaman Supreme Radiance.

Address: Ligong Causeway No.2, Industrial Park District, Suzhou   Tel:0512-62950888

地址:苏州工业园区李公堤2号  电话:0512-62950888

2. Fairmont Yangcheng Lake Resort

95The Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont Yangcheng Lake in Kunshan, China is an adult sanctuary, therefore, guests must be at least 18 years of age or older to use the spa facilities. Minimum age is 16 for the Fitness Center.


  • Men’s and Women’s lockers and lounges
  • Men’s and Women’s steam rooms, saunas, therapeutic mineral pools, experience showers, and cooling ice fountains
  • Deluxe couple suite
  • Terrace suite treatment rooms with outdoor areas
  • Yangcheng lake spa cluster treatment rooms
  • Great room – an indoor and outdoor relaxing area with lake view, featuring a range of tea selections and food and beverage service

Address: Ma’anshan Road No. 3668, Kunshan        Tel:0512-5780 0888

地址:昆山马鞍山西路 3668号                                 电话:0512-5780 0888

3.Garden Hotel

93Garden Hotel’s Cultivation House is styled after a classic Jiangnan residence. The one-stop private health centre offers a full range of therapeutic and beauty therapies designed to relax the body, calm the mind and uplift the spirit. Our first-class therapists are highly trained and professionally experienced, and offer every guest a sense of true healing through quality products, effective communication and heartfelt care.

Address: Daicheng Bridge Road No.99, Canglang District, Suzhou    Tel:  0512-67786778

地址:苏州沧浪区带城桥路99号      电话:0512-67786778

4. Taihu Golf Hotel

The hotel’s Reed Spa consists of Bali physiotherapy, Hot Springs and Beauty Salon.

Bali physiotherapy

96Advanced facilities, complete functions and an unique Bali professional physiotherapist let you experience authentic Bali SPA. When you enter our SPA, you are far from the mundane world in a quiet, pleasing environment to enjoy the care of our Balinese physiotherapist.

Hot Springs

Hot springs are formed of water from Yangshan county with a blend of Chinese herbal medicine to eliminate internal humidity and poison. SO4-Ca type water contains 1.082 gram minerals per liter. Potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium and more than 30 other elements can connect the energy channels, strengthen one’s body, strengthen bones, improve one’s appearance and much more. Long time soaking in hot springs has outstanding healing effects on rheumatism, cervical spondylosis, inflammation, mental illness and dermatosis.

Beauty Salon

The unique hairdresser from Hong Kong will take care of your hairstyle in this refined environment.

Address: Shuli Road No.2, Taihu National Tourism Resort District, Suzhou   Tel:0512-66217777

地址:苏州太湖国家旅游度假区墅里路2号                            电话:0512-66217777

5. Kempinski Hotels (凯宾斯基酒店)

97Yang Spa in this hotel will make you lose yourselves and find tranquil and luxurious retreat. A true fusion Spa in Suzhou combined West and East treatments are the highlight concept of Yang Spa. The Yang Spa journey offers you a peaceful yet satisfactory indulgence and let you define the true meaning of pleasure.

Aromatherapy Massage

This full body pampering massage start with a choice of four specially blended oils, Chi, Meditation, Joy, and Heart to convey the healing, harmonizing and rejuvenating properties of Essential Oils into the body through rhythmic touch.

Thai Yoga Massage

Thai massage traces its origins from North India. An ancient way of healing which combines rhythmic massage, acupressure, gentle twisting, deep stretching and manipulation. Release tension, increases vitality and flexibility.

Balinese Massage

This traditional Balinese treatment which has been practiced for generations involves skin rolling, long kneading strokes, acupressure and feet massage. It is believed to renew, strengthen and heal the body.

Traditional Chinese Massage

The benefits of Chinese tradition are once again echoed in this stimulating dry massage treatment. The aim is to balance the Ying and Yang energies by applying deep massage techniques all over the body.

Brazilian Rich Coffee Orange Scrub

Ah, the aroma of roasted coffee beans and the fragrance of fresh oranges along with cinnamon powder and yogurt scrubbed for deep skin cleansing and a great “pick-me-up” ally roasted and ground for Yang Spa. Your senses will be enhanced!

Address: Guobin Road No.1, Industrial Park District, Suzhou          Tel:0512-62897888

地址:苏州市工业园区国宾路1号                                电话:0512-62897888

If you do not have the idea that where to make a spa in Suzhou, the hotels introduced above is a good choice.

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