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Enjoying in Huaihai Street

Huaihai Street, also known as Commercial Street in New district, Suzhou, is a famous street full of Japanese amorous feelings. Nearly one hundred Japanese styled restaurants, KTVs, massage places, bars as well as other recreation places are crowded in this around 550-meter-long street.

As Suzhou New District is an industry park that has been attracting lots of foreign investors, especially Japanese, this area hosts the densest mass of Japanese people. Walking into Huaihai Street, Japanese brands will leap to your eyes, you will feel just like in Japan with the echoes of Japanese in your ears.


Zhao Ri Wu(New District) 朝日屋(高新店)thumb (1)

Address: 2-3/F, 18 Commercial Street, New District


Tel: 0512-68094339

Description: As the biggest Japanese Restaurant in Yantze River Delta region, it covers an area of more than 2000㎡, over 100 rooms. It offers authetic Japanese food with a various range of choices, ordering solely or buffet are both available. They strictly select fresh materials to give customers high-quality enjoyment.

Yi Teng Yuan 伊藤园thumb

Address: 38 Commercial Street, New District


Tel: 0512-68080887 68097677

Description: It was the earliest Japanese restaurant opened in High-tech Zone. Sharing a strong oriental amorous feeling, reflecting in the Japanese beauty paintings which you can see everywhere. It was decorated abided by Japanese style, walking into it, you will feel like in Japan. Coupled with delicious Japanese food and warm service, it is a nice place to go.

焼肉スタミナ苑日式烤肉气力苑thumb (2)

Address: 61 Commercial Street, New District


Tel: 0512-62692561

Description: Situating in 61 Commercial Street, it is an authentic Japanese barbecue shop, small but sweat, attracting lots of customers every day. It provides two types: salt grilled and sauce. Meats here are fresh with melt-in mouth feeling. Oxtongue is recommendable.

Shan Ye Xin 山野幸日本健康料理thumb (1)

Address: 9-6 Huaihai Street, New District


Tel: 0512-62692250

Description: Shan Ye Xin aims at providing healthy food for customers, it features in kinds of mushrooms hot pots with fresh materials and sufficient quantity, which make the soup very sweat. It was decorated simply, full of Japanese flavor. This is a nice place to enjoy healthy Japanese hot pots.


Club Colour 色彩酒吧2_副本

Address: 34 Huaihai Street, New District


Tel: 0512-62692250

Description: Club Colour is a Japanese-style bar in Huaihai Road. The environment is elegant and comfortable. You can have a wide range of choices for drinks here. Waitresses provide warm service and are able to speak Japanese, Chinese and English.

Angel Heart Club 天使之心thumb

Address:Commercial Street, New District


Description: Angel Heart Club, also called Club Tiara, is a Japanese- Style bar. This bar is small but is very attractive, you can have a total enjoyment here with many selections for drinks and warm waitresses. The environment is cozy and comfortable

JOY JOY酒吧thumb (2)

Address: 2/F, 11 Huaihai Street, New District


Tel: 0512-68083887

Description: JOY was located on 2/F, 11 Huaihai Road. This bar has good environment and decoration. The beautiful waitresses are here to offer you warm service, they can speak Japanese. This is a nice place for you have some relaxing moments with some drinks.


Zhao Lu朝露

Address: 51 Commercial Street, New District


Tel: 0512-68672757

Description: You can have a comprehensive enjoyment in Zhao Lu, a Japanese styled club. It has services with KTV and bar. The decoration is exquisite and elegant. It is well-equipped with sound system, you can really have a good time here.

ROPPONGI Club 六本木俱乐部thumb (1)

Address: 11 Huaihai Street, New District


Description: This is a Japanses KTV in Huaihai Road, the room is not spacious, but it was decorated very warmly. It provides 5 compartments, you can sing latest songs here, and many Japanese songs are available. The drink list is abundant too.


Address: 49 Huaihai Street, New District


Description: It has good environment and warm service. The decoration is elegant and exquisite. A lot of Japanese songs are available here. Coupled with a long list of drinks and young beautiful waitresses, it is a good place to go.

Massage Places:

Hai Feng Massage SPA  海风按摩水疗1373343304574_副本

Address: 1 Huaihai Street, New District


Tel: 0512-81190133

Description: The Sea Breeze is located in Huaihai street in Huqiu District of Suzhou City. It is a Japanese-style massage shop. The shop provides you with the foot massage, massage rooms and so on. The prices are reasonable.

Ji An Healthcare Massage 吉安保健thumb (1)_副本

Address:33 Huaihai Street, Commercial Street



Description: Situating in the famous Huaihai Street, Ji An Healthcare Massage is a Japanese massage center offers customers kinds of massage services and good service. It has well-equipped facilities and professional massagers.

Yuan Qi Guan Massage Center 元气馆按摩中心

Address: 48 Commercial Street, New Districtthumb (3)_副本


Tel: 0512-68411689

Description: This is a professional massage center in Huaihai Street, it has spacious room and comfortable environment. Attracting lots of Japanese people to relax themselves. The massagers are well-trained with good skills, removing all your tiredness.



Some Famous Massage Places in Suzhou

Massage therapy is the assessment of the body’s soft tissues and joints, and the treatment and prevention of dysfunction, injury, pain and physical disorders of the soft tissues and joints. It can relieves pain, promote faster recovery from injury or surgery, decrease stress and aid relaxation and improve muscle strength etc. In Suzhou, there are some outstanding massage places which receive popularity among the public. Continue reading


Suzhou Classical Culture—Suzhou Pingtan

Suzhou Pingtan is a general name for Pinghua and Tanci. It was born and popular in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province and Shanghai area. Performers sing Pingtan with Suzhou dialect. Pingtan has a long history and has been popular since the Qian Long’s period of Qing Dynasty. The most famous actor of Pingtan is named Wang Zhoushi who sung the Pingtan for the Emperor Qian Long. In the following years, Suzhou appeared many schools of Pingtan which made it be the classic for more than 200 years and still popular today. Continue reading


Fantastic Art:Suzhou Embroidery

Suzhou embroidery originates in Suzhou Wuxian area, and now has spread to a lot of areas. Qing Dynasty is the heyday of embroidery. At that time, schools of embroidery multiplied and famous producers competed with each other. Suzhou embroidery possesses the unique style of beautiful images, ingenious ideas, delicate works, lively stitches and elegant colors. Characteristics of Suzhou embroidery are flat, neat, harmonious, light, smooth and uniform. Continue reading


Five Renowned Shopping Streets in Suzhou

There is heaven, there are Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth. Suzhou not only has the rich local characteristics and cultural tourism commercial street, but also owns the international fashion shopping street. There is a various kinds of commodities in Suzhou. If you go to Suzhou, your wallets probably will lose weight. Now, five shopping streets will be introduced in the following parts.  Continue reading