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The KTV is very popular among the people in China. Especially for the young people, The youth often come to KTV when they have a get-together. Most of the KTV places in Beijing are open around the clock, which makes it important for a lively nightlife. You can find thousands of KTVs in Beijing such as Tango, Tongyishouge and Qiangui are the most popular ones. There is never any trouble to find a KTV for party in Beijing, and it can never be a problem for paying the bills because most of these hot venues charge little. In some large KTVs in Beijing, buffet, drink or snacks are offered for free. With an excellent acoustic system and attentive service, KTV has been winning an increasing attendance, if you are first time traveling in Beijing and can hardly speak a Chinese word or sing a Chinese song, you can still go for it because most venues offer large selections of old and new songs for other languages. The following are some best KTVs in Beijing for your reference.

1. Number 8 – Sexy Girls KTV in Beijing(8号公馆KTV)

logo6Number 8 KTV is a place easy to find. It is a big famous Entertainment Area and also is a well known KTV.  The Number 8 KTV is famous for the best girls selection in town. On a normal evening you should find more than 200 stunning girls there and most of them are also for “take out”, but to be sure, ask before you book them.


Phone: (86) 15801588886


Address: Chao Yang Xi Lu Nr. 8 in Chaoyang District in Beijing/朝阳区朝阳公园西路8号(近朝阳公园西门)

Price: Room Fee minimum charge of drinks (per evening): RMB 1000,-

Hostess Fee (per Girl): RMB 500,-

Mamasan Fee (one time): RMB 500,-

Waitress Fee (each waiter): RMB 100,-

Take out Fee (short time): RMB 2000,- to RMB 2500,-

Take out Fee (overnight): RMB 3000,- to RMB 4000,-

2. Party World KTV/钱柜(雍和店)

qianguiBeijing Party World KTV has the most complete music library which has stored over 20,000 recorded songs. This karaoke bar maintains the latest updates on the new songs. Singing here in Party World KTV, each singer sings like a professional singer. The whole set of acoustic effects are synchronized updating with the those in the Head-quarters in Taiwan.



Phone: 010-88576566 010-58113888

Address:1 East Building, 28 Dongdajie, An Ding Men, Dongcheng District, Beijing/东城区安定门东大街28号雍和大厦东楼1楼

Price: Each Beijing Party World KTV bar has multiple rooms containing karaoke equipment which are rented out for time periods. Different times in a day are charged differently. The prices on weekends are higher than weekend days.

The singging rooms are divided into three kinds – small, Medium and large.

3. Diamond KTV/金钻KTV

diamond ktvThe Diamont KTV in Beijing is one of the smaller and older ones, but you can get a nice time for a reasonable price there. They have 3 levels, in the basement you find the modern rooms, the second and third levels are smaller and older.


Phone: (86) 10-62026667

Address: Hai Dian, Hua Yuan Dong Lu Nr. 3, inside Hua Yuan (garden) hotel/海淀区花园路30号牡丹园花园饭店

Price: Room Fee in a small room: RMB 300,-

Room Fee in a bigger room: RMB 750,-

Hostess Fee (per Girl): RMB 200,- pretty ones RMB 300,-

Mamasan Fee (one time): RMB 300,-

Waitress Fee (man): RMB 100,-

Waitress Fee (girl): RMB 300,-

Take out Fee (short time): RMB 800,-

Take out Fee (overnight): RMB 1000,-

4. Melody KTV/麦乐迪(中关村店)

Melody KtvMelody KTV is the earliest Discount-style KTV in Beijing. This karaoke box is quick in offering the latest KTV songs. But it doesn’offer complimentary buffet. It provides a small supermarket and a restaurant. This chain is a wonder for expats seeking a solid KTV fix. It is not like Party World KTV, They have a stellar English song selection, and it’s one of the most affordable KTV options in the city especially during off-peak hours

Phone: (010)62189088

Address: 24 South Avenue, Zhongguancun, Haidian District, Beijing/海淀区中关村南大街24号(民族大学对面)

Average cost: RMB40

5. New Grand Dynasty Hotel KTV Beijing (北京新大宗饭店)

new grand dynasty hotelThe KTV is located in the third floor of the New Grand Dynasty Hotel. They have a huge selection of nice girls. Most of them you also can take out, but make sure you ask before you select the girl – if you are planning to take her out.

Price: you should calculate around RMB 1000 for drinks, RMB 100 to RMB 200  as a tip for the waiter, girls fee RMB 300, Overnight Fee for the girl from 1000 to 2000 RMB.

Address: Maizhidian Nr. 20 A, 3 Floor, in Chao Yang District/朝阳区麦子店街58号

6. Tango KTV/糖果俱乐部(工体店)

tangoTango (Candy) KTV is one of the most luxuary karaoke boxes in Beijing. Cand KTV is in the basement of Tango Leisure and Amusement Space. There are various kinds of singing rooms available with rich selection of songs.

Address: Close to the south gate of Ditan (地坛), B1, 100 Gongti, 6 Gongti West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing/朝阳区工体西路6号工体100B1楼

Tel: (010) 64282288

7. Bei Fang Xin Gui KTV/北方鑫柜KTV(志新路店)

bei fang xin guiBei Fang is one on the nice western friendly Beijing KTVs you can find. The most girls there are from Dong Bei in South China. Some of the girls are also students, so if you ask for, you will also have a chance to get girls with english language skills. Bei Fang KTV is also well know for very pretty model girls.

Opening Hour: 8 pm to 2 am

Phone: 010-62345578

Address: Zhi Xin Lu 16-10,Haidian District/海淀区志新路16号1楼

Price: around RMB 1000 for the room, RMB 300 for every girl (including the DJ), around RMB 300 for the manager of the girls. Than additional around RMB 2000 to RMB 3000 for the girl for overnight.

8. Party Life KTV/乐圣KTV(崇文店)

partylifeOpen 24 hours with a matching 24 hour free buffet and drinks, this KTV joint aims to keep you singing and singing. With two locations in Zhongguancun and Chongwen, this destination is just the thing after a serious bender with friends which only a late night screeching session can properly cap.

Address: 1/F, New World Shopping Mall, Chongwenmen Wai/东城区崇文门外大街9号正仁大厦南端1楼

Opening Hour:24 hrs


9. Prime Hotel KTV Beijing/皇朝卡拉OK娱乐中心

Prime Hotel KTVThe 5 start hotel includes also a big entertainment and relaxing area, including a top level KTV. The prices are high, but here you also can find a lot of beijing goverment officials, so there is a very low risk that this place will be raiden some day.

Address: Prime Hotel, Wang Fu Jing Lu Nr. 2/东城区王府井大街2号华侨大厦内(近东四南大街)

Price: around RMB 1000 for the room, RMB 300 for every girl (including the DJ), around RMB 300 for the manager of the girls. Than additional around RMB 2000 to RMB 3000 for the girl for overnight.


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