The Best Pickup Bars in Guangzhou

CatWalkCatwalk Bar
Adress: Xiju PTV3, No.163 Tianhe North Road, Tianhe District./天河区天河北路163号喜聚PTV3楼(近广州体育学院南门)
Tel: 020-62208888   18998574474
Introduction: Located near the south gate of the Guangzhou Sports University, the Catwalk gathers many white collars and trendsetters. The place is very popular place among those who enjoys crazy night life. With DJ playing passionate and intense music, the place features great atmosphere. Catwalk opens at 9pm and there are dancers after 10:30 pm.

金色年华KAMA CLUB/金色年华
Adress: Jin Yi Lou, Taojin Garden, No.248 Hengfu Road, Yuexiu District/越秀区恒福路248号淘金花园金怡楼
Tel: 020-83580600
Introduction: The Kama Club is close to the Jinheng Plaza. With post-rock and techno music, nice ambiance and attentive staffs, the club enjoys convenient transportation. The place gathers a lot of people even it is not on weekends. Most of the youngsters come here around 1am. The foreign customers are very passionate. The Kama Club also houses a KTV. Free parking is available. Per capital consumption is about 88RMB.

莉莉•玛莲Lili Marleen/莉莉·玛莲
Adress: 1F, Guangdong International Mansion, No.339 Huanshi East Road, Yuexiu District/越秀区环市东路339号广东国际大厦1楼(近广东电视台)
Tel: 020-83377088
Introduction: The Lili Marleen boasts great performance, atmosphere and environment. The stages are not big but there are lots of them. Gathering many trendsetters and beauties, the themed bar plays new and chic music. The waiters dress like warriors, offering you attentive services. If you love the night life, this is definitely your place. Per capital consumption is about 164RMB.

Adress: No. 34 Nandi Ermalu, Yuexiu District/越秀区南堤二马路34号(近天字码头)
Tel: 020-66639666
Opening Hours: 9pm-2am
Introduction: The Richbaby is kind of a small place with refined decorations. The place gets crowded after 12pm. Most the people who come here are the generation after 90s. The music is loud and great and the performance is excellent. Per capital consumption is about 238RMB.

Adress: South Gate of Time Square, Tianhe North Road, Tianhe District/天河区天河北路时代广场南门(近时代广场)
Tel: 020-38866138
Opening Hours: 9pm-2am
Introduction: Situated near the Time Square, the MILK CLUB holds parties every month. You will find yourself walking into a world with psychedelic light and loud music when you first walk into the door. Featuring nice ambiance, great atmosphere, medium price, attentive service and pretty youngsters, the Milk Club is a perfect leisure place. Per capital consumption is about 235RMB.

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