The Best Pickup Bars in Shanghai

1. Manhattan Bar

Phone: 021-6247 6656

Address: No. 154 Nanyang Lu, near Xikang Lu, Jing’an District, Shanghai

Opening Hours: Daily, 9pm-4am

Manhattan Bar Shanghai_副本Introduction: The Manhattan Bar Shanghai is one of the most popular place for have a drink in the night, but also a good place to meet hookers from the Philippines and other places of the world. This bar has moved up from Tongren Lu, when that street was cleaned up. Manhattan remains popular with that Tongren Lu type of crowd. It’s very popular with foreign men and friendly Filipino, Thai girls and you will also find a lot of Vietnamese girls there. Drinks are a little pricy but it can be a fun, hectic place to people-watch. It is directly in the neighborhood of the big bamboo, you also can combine it with a short visit there.

2. Zapata`s Club

Address: Address: No.5, Heng Shan Lu, near Dongping Road

Phone: 021- 6474 6628

Opening Hours: 5pm-late

Zapata`s Club_副本Introduction: It is directly in the neighborhood of sasha`s you will find zapata`s, this club is most popular for young “expats” from all over the world. most famous is its lady`s night on Wednesday which have become legendary for bar-top dancing. The icy fishbowl margarita makes a great summer refresher on the first-floor patio or the second-floor balcony. Zapata`s is also a famous pickup place, but you should know, a lot of the sexy girls there will be very interested to go home with you, but most time not for “free”. This place is very famous, so every taxi driver should find it very easy.



3. Bar Rouge Shanghai红铁粉酒吧

Address: No. 18 Zhongshan East Road in Shanghai

Phone: 021-63391199

Opening Hours: M-W 11:30a-1:30a, Th-Su 11:30a-2:30a

Introduction: This is one of the hottest places in Shanghai for western visitors and young, rich Bar Rouge Shanghai_副本professional Chinese and so on. It is located at the bund and this newly open space at Bund 18 provides a less frenzied atmosphere than Bar Rouge to unwind, relax, and nosh on some tapas with your fanciful cocktails. They have a big terrace with a great view to Pudong. The minimum fee for a table is very high, on weekend could be RMB 5000 for a table on the terrace and between RMB 1000 to 3000 for a table inside. It is not the right place for find a girl friend, even a lot of the sexy and elegant girls come alone or with girl friend, will ask you to stay longer time with them, but not for free you know.


4. Judy`s (Shanghai Fun Bar)

Address: No. 142, Tong ren Road, Near Nanjing West Road.

Phone: 021-6289-3715

Opening Hours: 5pm-5am

Introduction: The bar moved from the bar-hot-spot in the tong ren road to a new place nearby. It Judy`s_副本is very famous for a lot of 3-leged hookers, so normal visitor should be a little bit careful with pick up, but also a great place for pool, enjoy drink and listen to the music. Taking over the spot that was City Diner, this is a two-floor bar that serves up inexpensive Western food and has a roster of party tunes to go with it. It’s popular with the expat crowd and the partying frequently goes on all night, with high tables and a stage downstairs and sofas and bottles upstairs.



5. Malone`s American Bar Shanghai

Address: Tongren Road, near Yuyuan Road.

Phone: 86 21 6247 2400

Opening Hours: M-Th 11a-11p, F 11a-mid, Sa 10:30a-mid, Su 10:30-11p

Introduction: Malone`s is an informal American-style pub and restaurant with a dartboard, pool Malone's American._副本tables, and a slew of TV monitors beaming Western sports events, and it is also a great place for burgers, live music and a drink. Normally they have great live bands and the place is very popular for western people in shanghai. You will find a lot of nice Asian girls there, they smile to you, but then you should know, that they don`t search for a boyfriend, but for a customer.



6. Dragon Club Shanghai(Closed)

Address: No. 156, Fenyang Road, near Taojiang Road.

Phone: 021-6433 2187

Opening Hours: Wed-Thu, 10pm-4am, Fri-Sat, 10pm-8am

dragon club_副本Introduction: This is the best location for the real “night animals”. The ultimate in late night sleaze partying, one could actually go to Dragon for a couple hours, have a good night’s rest and then return early the next morning to continue. A lot of the girls there are also girls, don`t want to go home alone, if you have some money to spend. Only in this bar you will not only find Asian girls, but also girls from Russia, Brasil, India and so on. Cocktails are pricey butthe two-floor sound proof venue has long-term popularity.


7. 88 Bar

Hours: From 8:30 pm to 6:00 am

Address: 2. Floor at Wujin Building, No.291 Fumin Road,Shanghai

Phone: 021- 6136 0288

Introduction: 88 Bar is one of the few truly “Chinese” nightlife experiences available in Shanghai, No. 88_副本and is wildly popular with the city’s younger Chinese clubbers as well as the foreigners who chase them.The most girls in this bars are freelance Chinese girls and a lot of them will go home with you, if you are generous. but you should speak some Chinese or at least have someone who can translate, only less girls speak English. Expect tables full of patrons drinking bottles of whisky with green tea, dancing girls, suits and rattling dice, but all done in such an over-the-top way that your jaw will be on the floor. The Jules Verne-style interior and wild live performances are also gobsmacking.



8. Luna Bar Xintiandi

Address: Unit 1, Bldg 15, North Block, Xintiandi, Lane 181 Taicang Lu

Phone: 021- 6336-1717

Opening Hours:11:30am-1:30am

Luna_副本In this bar, there is a refined interior with high tables and stools helps this restaurant / bar blend in with the elegant surroundings of Xintiandi. The mango mojito is a fruity way to start the weekend, and the combination tapas platter provides ample satisfaction for any gastronome. Coupled with regular live music performances, this venue has something for all the senses. Here you also will find a lot of girls don`t want to go home alone, if your wallet is not empty. there are less girls like that there and the girls there also a little bit upper-class and more expensive than Manhattan, even the same girls asked more in Luna first, than later they will go forward to Manhattan and ask less there. But in the Luna Bar you also will have a chance to find some russian or black working girls.

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6 thoughts on “The Best Pickup Bars in Shanghai

  1. Tom

    First off great website! I have been travelling to Shanghai for many years and the insight here is fantastic.

    As state above I travel frequently to Shanghai on business and in most cases travel alone. I have been searching the web to look for female companionship for dinner and to check out the nightlife but what I am finding is “shady”. Any recommendations?

    1. AiXiaqing Xu Post author

      Hello Tom:
      You can go to Malone`s American Bar in Shanghai Tongren Road, this place is very popular for western people in shanghai. You will find a lot of nice Asian girls there, but you should know that they don`t search for a boyfriend, but for a if you are just looking for a girl for a dinner or companionship, you can go to this bar and have a try.

  2. Scotty

    Great info on website. Thanks. I have been traveling to China for many years and usually en p having free time on my hands in Shanghai. Or actually in Pudong where I stay. Always tough finding companionship other than the working hourlybgirls. Any ideas ? I am in China every other month so looking or some long trm friends. Thanks ! Scotty

    1. nijunnicknijunnick

      Frankly speaking, it’s not an easy work to find a satisfying long term companion in short time in Shanghai. If you wanna get a long term companion you can attend some dating shows in Shanghai. If you are lucky enough you will get what you want.


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