The Best Spas in Shanghai City

The word Spa comes from Latin, “Solus-Par-Aqua.” Solus means healthy, Par means through and Aqua is water. So, Spa means making one healthy through water. Now in Shanghai, Spa has become a popular way to relax oneself and keep fit. Shanghai has lots of spas which are scattered throughout the whole city. You can find many best, highest quality spas in Shanghai and also there are several less expensive, no nonsense and quite decent spas such as Evian Spa, Banyan Tree Spa, Mandara Spa and Chi Spa are definitely the top spas of Shanghai. After experiencing the high-speed city life in Shanghai, do you feel anxious and would like to have a break? Now, let’s just take your time and enjoy yourself in some SPAs which have the first-class facilities and offer high quality service. With no doubt, you can have a great enjoyment there. The following are some famous Spas in Shanghai for your reference.

1. Mandara Spa at Renaissance Shanghai Putuo Hotel

Mandara Spa at Renaissance Shanghai Putuo Hotel benefits from a superior geographical position and convenient access, being located in a key overland post of the city. Hidden away in a tranquil world of its own, far from the enterprising investment and development scene, Mandara Spa pays homage to the city’s beautiful landscaped parks and timeless culture of richly exquisite temples through reflections of the most iconic aesthetic symbols of graceful Chinese design.

2. Anantara Spa by The Puli Hotel and Spa

The Anantara Spa creats a harmonious space for totel guests and Shanghai residents alike to retreat from the rigours of their urban lifestyle. The Spa contains 5 therapy suits with a design style that merges Chinese and Thai influences. With the suits, get pleasure from a variety of treatments stimulated by different varieties of tea.

3. Banyan Tree Spa at Westin Hotel

The Banyan Tree Spa is located inside The Westin Hotel. Banyan Tree spa isn’t a first in Shanghai, but it’s even more luxurious, each treatment room is designed to reflect the five elements – earth, fire, gold, water and wood with treatments to match.

4. I-Spa at Intercontinental Shanghai Pudong Hotel

Located within the InterContinental Shanghai Pudong Hotel, I-Spa caters to the city’s stressed out businessmen and businesswomen (and by the looks of it, there are certainly a lot of them). A fusion of East and West, each of their 10 rooms focuses on a different treatment. These include body massages, facials, foot reflexology, Vichy showers, and tanning. Their most popular treatment is their combination of Western scented body oils with the Chinese massage style that is intended to soothe muscles that have been overworked.

5. Chi spa The Spa at Pudong Shangri-La

Chi spa The Spa at Pudong Shangri-Lais a beautiful haven away from it all. Inside your very own spa suite (private steam, shower, bathing facilities and changing room inclusive) you can embark on their signature Himalayan and oriental inspired rituals. Recommended is ‘The Travelers Retreat’ for those who are in town on business and need to relieve muscle aches and stress.

6. Yuan Spa at Hyatt on the Bund

Inspired by the simple flow and natural beauty of a river, Yuan Spa Shanghai is the reflection, as if in a clear, spring-fed pool, of Shanghai’s most natural, modern luxuries. Relax with the most natural therapy for your body, our massage treatments. Let the flow of a river, the sound of a natural spring, the purity of fresh water be your inspiration for rejuvenation at Yuan Spa in Shanghai. As “yuan” means “source of water” in Chinese, Yuan luxury hotel spa is the source of serenity, vitality and stability at Hyatt on the Bund.

7. Qin The Spa at The Four Seasons Hotel

The spa at The Four Seasons Hotel is simply Shanghai’s best when it comes to a sanctuary-like environment. Early next year will unveil their signature spa that will take spa in Shanghai to a new level. Rumors are they will introduce a host of exceptional Chinese derived treatments on their menu.

8. Apsara Spa

Apsara Spa is the only Cambodian-styled day spa in Shanghai and is exceptional for its range of holistic treatments drawn from ancient healing rituals and traditional wellness philosophies. Using only natural and the purest ingredients, the care products are suitable for guests with even the most sensitive skin.

9. Peninsula Spa

The peninsula sauna brings a fresh new approach to Shanghai, steping into a dream world where ivory and navy tones complement the heated dark wood floors. Come in for a massage, facial, wrap, make-up application, or, best of all, take an all-day spa “journey” and spend the entire day lounging around and getting pampered. Spa Director Richard Williams notes, “What makes this package so unique is that the services are always bespoke and tailored to the guest’s needs by our most highly skilled and trained therapists.”


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