The Breakfast You Can Enjoy in Shanghai

In Shanghai, people do not like to spend too much time on having breakfast, so breakfast in Shanghai is really very simple. In general, Shanghai people are used to enjoyinv some food in small snack stores. The following are some famous breakfast type you can choose if your are visiting Shanghai.

141. Xiaolongbao.

Xiaolongbao is a type of steamed bun that is filled with pork or minced crab, and soup. Although it appears delicate, a good xiaolongbao is able to hold in the soup until it is bitten. They are steamed in bamboo baskets and served with black vinegar and in some places, shredded ginger. A common way of eating xiaolongbao is to bite the top off, suck all the soup, then dipping it in vinegar before eating.

152. Dan bing 

It is a mouth-watering, crepe-like pastry with egg, meat floss, pickles, a sweet brown sauce and sausage on request, costing around RMB¥3 yuan each.

3. Luo bo si bing

Luo bo si bingIts simplified Chinese name is Luobosibing, English meaning is pancake stuffed with radish strips, it is also a popular dish for breakfast in Shanghai.

4. Ci fan tuan

ci fan tuan belongs to typical Shanghai food. Ci fan tuan is made Ci fan tuanof warm steamed sticky rice. Shanghai people like putting sugar and youtiao inside steamed sticky rice. People also put salty duck egg yolk, rousing(crushed dried pork) or other stuffing in ci fan tuan.

5. Youtiao

YoutiaoIts Chinese name isYoutiao, it is a long strip of deep-fried dough, wrapped in thick pancake, and soy milk. One can also tear a loaf of youtiao into pieces and dip them in the soy milk. If you’re adventurous and want a taste of what the local Chinese eat for breakfast, you can try local specialty you tiao, it is the real deal breakfasts in Shanghai.

6. White rice porridge

16Probably the most common type of Shanghai breakfast is white rice porridge, which consists of nothing more than rice, and a lot of water. To give the porridge flavor, porridge is usually topped with a variety of toppings, such as (clockwise starting from bottom) peanuts, fermented tofu, spicy pickled radishes, and pickled mustard. In addition to the standard porridge,

7. Dark porridge and Paofan

17Dark porridge has a little more flavor than the white stuff so it usually doesn’t require any toppings, You can also have a bowl of paofan (rice in soup or water) with pickled cucumbers, pickled vegetables or a salty duck egg at home.

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