The Business of the Sex Workers in Shanghai Old Alley

The most sex workers in Shanghai lane are not from Shanghai, they mostly from various provinces and cities in mainland China, and it is said that the most famous porn alley in Shanghai is called Shanghai Hongzhen old street.


The Shanghai Hongzhen old street(上海虹镇老街) is an old alley in demolition, before the officially demolished, no matter day or night, there are a lot of sex workers in soliciting business in the alley. Like this old alley, you can see many in Shanghai, but the business of the sex worker are not as good as Hongzhen old street.



The sex workers in Hongzhen old street



There are stools in the alley, and this is their seats.


Just like the Siheyun of Beijing, Shanghai alley can also be called the unique regional culture symbols of Shanghai. as the changes of The Times, many Shanghai old alley have been demolished, a lot of familiar alley, even in the eyes of the old Shanghai people, seems to have disappeared already, in the existing pieces in a few Shanghai alleys, it is active with a lot of old Shanghai “tag”, such as sex workers in the erotic service industry.



A sex workers are waiting for the customers.



According to information, there are many sex workers in Shanghai Hongzhen old street and they are not like the sex workers in other places to choose night work time, they like to choose the daylight time to work, and the people living in this area, also seems to be accustomed.


The sex workers in Shanghai alley


The sex workers in Shanghai alley


The sex workers in Shanghai alley


The sex workers in Shanghai alley


The sex workers in Shanghai alley


The sex workers in Shanghai alley


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    1. nijunnicknijunnick

      Sorry to tell you the street was demolished. The street is located in Hongkou District, near Feihong Road. You can find it on Google map


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