The Difference Between Walk-in and Walk-up Appointment

There are basically 3 types of 141 services rendered in HKG. The first one is Hotels Walk-Ins’ whereby you either visit them at their hotel room. The second is 141 walk up apartment which means you are like going to Geylang or Petain Rd and telling everybody that you are looking for a release. The 3rd is that there are those who only offer massage with happy endings.

What is Hotel Walk-in Appointment?

In general, hotel walk in means the clients walk in to their(massage girls) hotel room. Nobody would think you are going to visit a chick – unless so sway when walk in or walk out of the WL’s room, bump into somebody you know. if you want to do the service in your(clients) own room and not in their room, then you will have to pay them additional transport fare. The number indicated on their avatar are usually their OKT or pimps. You simply call them and make an appointment, make your way down to the address provided, do your deed, pay and transaction completed.

The Procedure of Booking Hotel Walk-in Appointment Girls

1. Call and tell them who you are looking for.

2. He/she will ask to you to proceed to location, most of the time it will be a hotel.

3. Call him/her once you arrive and you will receive instructions on the room to go to.

4: if you don’t like what you see; tell the girl “thank you” politely and leave.


1. Sometimes the pimp has more girls in the same hotel and you can view them and choose what you like; sometimes you end up with 2-3 girls in a room during your first visit for you to choose. Do not believe the photos which may be photoshopped, So the girls may not turn out identical. If you are a regular traveler there, stick to the same Pimp once you know his/her style.

2. Make sure you have a number local or international that DOES NOT hide caller ID. If it hides, the recipient will not pick up your call. The Pimp on the other line can either be a man or woman. They speak Cantonese/Mandarin and some English.

What is Walk Up Apartment Meaning?

walk-up apartment141 walk up means you are like going to Geylang or Petain Rd and telling everybody that you are looking for a release. Everybody knows what you are up to. Some people may not feel easy hunting this way.

It all depends on where you are staying and whether you have the time to travel around. According to the sex141 website, most of these 141 walk-ups are near the MTR Line – Island Line (Light Blue), Kwun Tong Line (Green) and the Tsuen Wan Line (Red). For these walk-up, all you need to do is go to the venue you wish to visit, walk around the apartments, press their door-bell and they will open their doors for you to see the goods. One-Gal-One-Room, it is legal.

The following are some good places to check-out in Causeway Bay:

1. Fuji Building

2. Hop Yee Building

3. 70-72 Percival Street

4. Phoenix Appt @ Lee Gardens

The Procedure of Walk Up Apartment

Most of these hallways are dimly lit in red/pink lights. Corridors are narrow, sometimes on each door you will see the girls photos, statistics, services provided, most of the time these are written in Chinese.

1. Press the door bell – if door doesn’t open, she’s probably busy, sometimes you can hear at times they hang a sign to say “busy” or “wait”.

2. Ask for rates – again agree on rates and service before enrering, some of these girls provide incredibly good massages followed by the FULL session, and so rates will differ.

3. Enter and enjoy. Note: these girls use rubber that are as thick as tyres, so you’d better take along your favorite ones along with you.

Some of these buildings have nearly 10 over floors of whores, so going from room to room and floor to floor can really be fun!

Here’s the fun bit, once u become a regular, and if the girl really likes you, you can exchange numbers and she will come to your hotel or spend the whole day with you. Now, this really depends on chemistry and how you tackle the matter.

Things to Note:

1. Condoms are provided however, if you rather use your own which might make you feel safer, by all means use yours.

2. WG are a little tricky, if ther prices is HKD450-480 and when you pay them in HKD500 bill which we usually do, they will normally say they do not have enough change to be returned to you, so the balanced is consider a small tip.

3. In Hong Kong, 141 is legal. No worries about raids unless she is underaged or whatever.

4. Shower and Towels will be provided but don’t expect thick and lush ones like those provided by 5-Star hotels. Very basic and a small cubicle to shower.

5. Some WG advertised in sex141 provide Cosplay. This will cost a bit more.

6. PD = Physically Disable

7. If you do not like what you see, just move on to the next door. No need to feel obligated or shy to say No

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