The Dummies Guide to K-Pressure

FlyBoy has now returned from a quick business trip to Hong Kong, and happily it wasn’t too quick to enjoy a little bit of playtime, especially a visit to the famous K-Pressure ‘soapie massage’ & FS place.

This has been on my to-do list for the last two HK trips but each one has seen me spending too little time on the ground and / or being too tightly ‘chaperoned’ by hosts, hanging out with colleagues etc.

This time I managed to snare some time for myself and visit K-Pressure, not just to experience it for myself but to research it and provide a review for my ISG comrades. And in the interest of providing an accurate review I researched K-Pressure three times.


K-Pressure is one of HK’s better-known establishments, and like the walk-up 141 rooms (which I didn’t get a chance to try) it provides a uniquely HK experience. So if you’re heading to HK and have just one chance for some playtime (and K-Pressure is open from 10am to 2am) , it’s worth a visit.


The basic deal is 45 minutes with a girl with a routine that’s generally as follows:

* shared shower (always a nice way to start)

* BBBJ in the shower.

* sensual massage with rimming on an inflatable mattress (this also happens in the shower / bathroom area, so yes, it’s a big Area!)

* ‘soapie’ body-to-body massage on the mattress.

* out of the shower and onto the bed for spanish, more rimming and BBBJ, including the ‘fire and ice’ treatment (alternating hot tea and ice-cubes)

* finally, on with the condom for FS, although the girl’s are also happy to do BBBJCIM or COF if you want.


The total cost is HK$500. Yes, that’s a staggering US$60 for all the delights listed above! You can see why I went back three times, and why I’d have clocked up visits #4 and #5 if time permitted!

There’s no ‘extra’ money to be paid to the girls, and the mamasan will always advise this to first-time K-Pressure visitors.

That’s one reason why I suggest K-Pressure, because you can always be wary that some shops will see the white man coming and hike up the prices, start adding extras and you won’t really know if you’re paying too much or not. And that just gets in the way of you enjoying the experience – but with its fixed up-front price, K-Pressure lets you focus on the fun.


K-Pressure is located in the Kowloon district, which for those who are unfamiliar with HK is across the harbour from the main commercial district of Hong Kong (which is the one with all the tall buildings you see on the postcards, scenic photos etc).

If you’re going by taxi (and taxis in HK are fairly clean and quite cheap) , ask the driver to drop you off at the corner of Jordan Road and Woosung Street.

But it’s very easy to get to K-Pressure using HK’s wonderful MTR subway. Well, it’s easy if you know where to go – that was a bit of an issue for me the first time, so I noted some instructions which will help guide you to K-Pressure.

The station for K-Pressure is Jordan, which is on the MTR’ Red line running from Central station (joined by a subway to Hong Kong station, which is one of the two major stops for the Airport Express).

Jordan is very centrally-located. If you’re visiting HK you are likely to be staying around the Central area or one of the nearby stations on the Blue line; or perhaps around Kowloon itself, such as Tsim Sha Tsui (aka ‘TST) or Mongkok, which are popular ‘nightlife’ areas for markets, clubs, restaurants etc.

If fact, if you’re staying very close to Kowloon station you don’t even need to catch the MTR – because the MTR takes a circuitous route that sends you to Hong Kong station, then you walk for five minutes on the subway connection to Central, and then you catch the Red line up to Jordan. But Kowloon station is only five cheap and fast minutes by taxi from K-Pressure, and in fact I walked it back the first time (took maybe 20 minutes).

Either way: let’s assume you’ve now arrived at Jordan Station.

Take the A Exit, which comes out on Jordan Road.

When you’re on the street, turn right.

One short block along, you’ll cross a small street named Parker Street – you’ll be passing by a McDonalds on your right, and see a big Sands Sauna neon sign hanging over the roadway. Keep walking.

The next street you come to is Woosung Street. It’s a one-way street with traffic flowing into Jordan Road.

The give-aways are a large sign above the corner showing two cute smiling women dressed in air hostess uniforms with a ‘$390′ price listed; and the tightening of the road into a narrow funnel (with the sidewalks fanning out, lined by a metal fence with red bollards).

K Pressure-金佳麗K壓夜總會

Cross this street and turn right, to stroll down Woosung. Only you won’t stroll for more than a few steps because the doorway to K-Pressure is on your left.

It’s just past a chemist (who by the way sells Cialis over the counter without prescription, if you need a little helper or just want to stay at full strength to make the most of a naughty weekend – HK$400 or US$50 for 4 x 20mg tabs, break them in half and that’s enough for one dose, so you’re getting 8 x Cialis for a bit over $6 each).

K Pressure

It’s hard to miss the signs to K-Pressure if you know what you’re looking for: they’re right above you, red writing on yellow background, some Chinese characters with the letter K in the middle, ‘$390′ once again and the greeting “Welcome to Man’s Paradise Enjoy Yourself”. Well, okay, if they insist.


So: into the off-street corridor to your left, up the stairs – and you come to what looks like, and sounds like, some odd-looking dingy nightclub. Welcome to K-Pressure!

Welcome to K-Pressure!


For all intents and purposes K-Pressure is a brothel. But it skirts the law through a clever ploy: it takes the guide of a karaoke house (that’s where the ‘K’ comes from). Nobody is fooled of course, but this lets them officially stay ever-so-slightly above board.

When you enter, the duty mamasan or one of her offsiders will escort you into a small and dimly-lit room, like a private waiting room. If this is your first time to K-Pressure they’ll explain the system.

Here’s how it goes: you pay them HK$390 for 45 minutes with the girl; and then the girl takes you through an adjoining door and up the stairs to a ‘private hotel’ where you pay HK$110 for a room.

That’s where the ‘total’ HK$500 comes from. Don’t bother trying to make the exact money or asking for change (or even expecting it) – HK$10 is a mere US$1. 20! So just hand HK$400 to the mamasan and HK$120 to the hotel desk lady.

As for choosing your K-Pressure girl: the mamasan will bring one girl into the room. If you have a name you can ask for her up front; if there’s a certain type of girl you want (thin or big-boobed, for instance) you can ask for that; otherwise you just get the first cab off the rank.

Once she’s in the room she has maybe 2 minutes to convince you to book her. That means she’s sit right up close to you and start fooling around, and you’re fine to do likewise – you can kiss her (to see if she does that and how well she does it) , pop a hand down her top to play with her boobs. This is all the ‘sampling’.

The K-Pressure girls are all young, in their 20s. Most come from mainland China and don’t have much English, and they may expect you to book them, but this isn’t a must. You can ask to see another girl if you’re not sold on the first.

The trick here is:

* tell the mamasan up front that you’d like to see two or maybe three girls to choose from (she might scowl, say you cannot lead them on, but this is your right, the HK guys get this and so you are entitled to it as well)

* unless you are sold on the first girl from the get-go, try to let her know you have asked to see a few ladies and don’t try to get a free two-minute gropefest.

Now, assuming you have found the girl you want: she goes out, mamasan comes back in, you agree on that girl and pay your HK$390 (more likely HK$400).

The girl comes back, takes you ever-so-sweetly by the hand and leads you through the door and up the stairs to the ‘hotel’. The desk clerk gets HK$110 (more likely HK$120) , your girl gets a room key and you head to the room.

The rooms are large and rather sparse, with a bed in one corner or against the wall; mirrors around the walls; a TV, usually playing Asian porn; and a large long bathroom area with a shower at one end and the inflatable mattress propped up against a wall.

Off with your kit and the fun begins. The girl has almost certainly stripped and hit the shower first, or will playfully drag you in with her.

The next 45 minutes gives you an idea of why K-Pressure calls itself “man’s paradise”. You just relax and the girl takes care of you.

You stand in the shower and she washes you, and quite thoroughly too! Then she’ll go down on you for a little BBBJ. Then, down goes the mattress, she washes it down with water and you lie face-down on the mattress (be very careful getting on and off this thing, you could easily break your neck!).

She washes you, again quite thoroughly, and usually with some finger- and tongue-rimming (although it depends on the girl).

Then she pours some liquid soap on you, and on her, and starts a body-to-body slide with some nice grinding of the boobs and groin.

After a while U-turn over, she washes you down and might go in for another burst of BBBJ or head straight into bodyslide #2, including Spanish (I quickly learned to choose a girl with good boobs) and sometimes straddling you and grinding away like cowgirl sans penetration.

Kissing, of course, is part of all this – and DFK, no shy little pecks on the lips.

At some stage you’ll exit the shower and hit the mattress. More of the same follows: facedown while she does a teasing dry body-to-body with rimming, then turn over for BBBJ and Spanish and eventually on with the condom to finish with FS (or as mentioned earlier, BBBJCIM or COF if you want).

Before long your 45 minutes is up, the room phone rings, so it’s back into the shower for another wash down, out the door with your girl, she leads you back to the doorway of K-Pressure to meet the mamasan, and with a hug and a kiss fro the girl you’re on your way.

All that for US$60 – and you leave feeling pretty damned good!

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