The Entertainments Venues in Lancun Road in Shanghai

Lancun Road is located Pudong new area in Shanghai, Around the street, you can see many supermarket, shops, shopping arcade etc. This road is also a famous food street, you can find the unique flavor in this street with very popular food and snacks, the night life in this road is also very swinging, the market will open very late, it is also convenient for peopel to go for a walk in the evening. You can go to Babaiban(八佰伴), some leisure shopping center very conveniently. You can take subway line 4 and 6 to any famous business circle in Shanghai, the environmental scenery in this road is also very nice and the public security is very good.

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The Massage Places Around Lancun Road

1. Dream Spa

This club is one of the most exclusive spa locations in Shanghai. you will find high class wet area. clean and big whirl pool, jet stream and so on. everything is new and clean. you will have a selection of 20 to 30 girls in a lineup way. the rooms are big and also very clean and the service is same than other spa locations in Shanghai.

2. Lofty Spa

This massage club is located in Lancun Road, it is easy to find this shop, it is next to the red lips bar, it is said that there is a branch shop in Zhangyang road, you can see there are several girls standing beside the door to welcome for your coming, there are more than 10 massage technicians in this shop, they are all very beautiful, young and professional, they can provide different kind of special service.

3. Meijialin Bath Leisure Center

This is an old bath center, the facilities already are very old, bath area does not turn on the light at night, let a guest bath under the dim. 2: shower area always have a bad smell 3. The attendant continuously let the guest buy their drinks, he didn’t stop until the clients reject 5 times. 4: bathing area is very cold, as long as out of the bath and the whole die room will be cold shiver 5: slippers is very dirty, let every guest inside after wearing the wet. So this is not a very good place, but the price is cheap, just for everybody’s different demands.

4. Shuidu Beauty Salon

The environment of this beauty salon is very nice, if you are the office workers, you can go to relax once a month, it is ok, the massage service they provide are really in place which can chieve the effect of remove fatigue. The massage girls are also very beautiful. You can buy a card for effective. Because it is a bit expensive.


MISSPA provides professional services, SPA care service for the nervous, busy customer designed. Always believes in the spirit of customer first, mainly base on the professional maintenance of nursing, in order to help maintain skin, body, relax body and mind. This shop is committed to bring love for life, pay attention to the quality of life, let people know how to enjoy life within easy reach to delicate, comprehensive, the joyful life experience. Aims to provide customers both inside and outside and repair the all-around nursing.

6. Ziqiong Health Club

This is an old place, so the environment in this shop is general, it is time to the degree of remodeling, but the massage technician skill is very good, the foot massage is very refreshing, it is better than many other massage shops. Location is really good for searching, the transportation is convenient. It is said that it is the old and first shop in the Lancun road, the service is first-class. It is also a regular massage store, they don’t disorderly recommend expensive project. Give people the warm feeling.

7. Fudi Massage Health Club

This massage shop is located in Lancun road, now it is called Gen Zhi Gen(根之根), it is really very good and the price is not high, but the store a little far away from the center, when you step into this shop, you can see the first-class environment and you may also smell the tangy aroma, the fruit and tea are free of charge. Process and group buying is just the same. In this massage shop, the massage therapist will use original essential oil, the price is a little high.

8. Yucheng Massage Health Club

This massage shop is located near the Fudi Health club. It is a very good shop, the massage techniques from the massage therapists are really very professional and very comfortable, there are many people would like to do the whole body oil massage for about 60 minutes, the price is about 148RMB, it is the market price, if you buy the 1000RMB of card, you can enjoy a 70% discount which the price is only 111RMB, it is more cost-effective. The parking place outside the door is free of charge.


Bar/Club in Lancun Road

1. New Music Bar

This small music bar is located in Lancun Road in Pudong district, it is a super high bar in this road, it can ensure that let you feel very high, the service is very nice, the light and music over there let a person cannot help dancing. You can taste the different kind of drinks you like, the environment of this small music bar is also very nice, clean and comfortable.

2. Red Lips Bar

This is a small bar in Lancun Road, although it is a small bar, but the environment inside is realy very nice, lamplight is darker, the decoration also belong to dark style. the most like is stool which can make people feel comfortable, this bar is next to the village, so there are always many foreigners like to come here, sometimes European people, sometimes Japanese, the service attitude of the waiter is also very nice.

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Hotel Around the Lancun Road

Doubletree by Hilton Shanghai Pudong

It is a five star hotel standed tall in Pudong, owning a fantastic view of Hunagpu River. It has a great location and convenient transportaion. It provides 850 luxurious rooms, 6 restaurants with features, 1 gym center, swimming pool and an outer door tennis court. The well -equipped rooms and warm services will make you really comfortable when staying here.

Pujiang Star Inn (Lancun Road)

This hotel located in the crossing of South Yanggao Road and Lancun Road, sharing a great location, near Nanpu Bridge, and The expo China pavilion is 3km away from here. Century Park, Oriental Pearl Tower are close too. It provides well-equipped rooms and warm services, a bussiness center is available.


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