The Famous Bars in Hengshan Road

Hengshan road is Shanghai’s largest bar street, its front street is Huaihai road, the back street is xujiahui, when you walking down the street, you can see that it is full of exotic atmosphere, the surrounding have a lot of emotional appeal of different bar, the glittering, wonderful nightlife came out at any time. Villa, garden, outdoor high seat, cocktails, you can drank the beverage drinks with friends which will make you feel very comfortable. The following bars are all in Hengshan road or near Hengshan Road, you can have a look if you would like to go there.

1. Mural

Mural_副本Before they moved, all-you-can-drink nights, a rotating circuit of DJs, live music and its unique, cave-like interior made this underground bar well-known among young expats. Their old venue closed in November but this equally underground spot has opened up to continue the tradition of great nights out.

Address: Basement, No.10 Hengshan Road, near Yongjia Road

Chinese Name: 衡山10, 近永嘉路

Name in Chinese: 摩砚

Phone: 6433-5023


Opening Hours: 7pm-2am

Price: Less than Y99

2. CD Soho

CD-Soho_副本It is located in the former TGI Fridays space, this music lounge-cum-bar is spread over two floors–the downstairs is the club area, and upstairs is for late night KTVing. Look out for occasional open bar deals and performances. Relax in the spacious outdoor seating area for a break from the dancing.

Address: No. 4 Hengshan Road, near Wulumuqi South Road

Chinese Address: 衡山路4, 近乌鲁木齐南路

Phone: 5469-9898


3. Sasha’s Restaurant and Bar

Sashas-Restaurant-and-Bar_副本It is located in the old mansion of the early 20th-century businessman and politician T.V. Soong, this establishment’s inviting first floor bar is accented by warm red colors and tasteful wall decorations. The second floor houses a more elegant and formal dining area, while the outdoor seating is perfect for a summer night with friends.

Address: No.11 Dongping Road, near Hengshan Road

Chinese Address:东平路11, 近衡山路

Name in Chinese: 萨莎

Phone: 6474-6628


Opening Hours: 11am-2am

Price: Y100-Y199

4. Blarney Stone

Blarney-Stone_副本This traditional Irish pub was sold and moved to Yongkang Lu and has kept their look and feel authentic. They retained a lot of their old staff, and even moved over the old shelves and bar. Stop by for meat pies and Kilkenny and Guinness on tap, among other things.

Address: No. 77 Yongkang Road, near Xiangyang Road

Chinese Name: 永康路77, 近襄阳路

Name in Chinese: 岩烧

Phone: 6422-6605




5. Zapata’s Mexican Cantina

Zapatas-Mexican-Cantina_副本This two-story Mexican cantina has a well-earned reputation as a haven for older expats, and its ladies’ nights have become legendary for bar-top dancing. The icy fishbowl margarita makes a great summer refresher on the first-floor patio or the second-floor balcony.

Address: No. 5 Hengshan Road, Xuhui District

Chinese Address: 徐汇区衡山路5(近东平路)

Phone: 6474-6166(11am-5pm), 6433-4104(after 5pm)


Opening Hours: 5pm-late

Price: Y100-Y199

6. Phebe 3-D Club

Phebe-3-D-Club_副本You thought No. 88 was gaudy and terrific? Well check out this spot on Hengshan Lu. In the true style of the latest wave of clubs to hit Shanghai after carving out a name for themselves in second- and third-tier cities, this place has more gold, marble, chandeliers and pretty people than almost anywhere in town, plus some cool 3-D screens and effects.

Address: No.10 Hengshan Road, near Gaoan Road

Chinese Address: 衡山路10号近高安路

Phone: 6555-9998


Opening Hours: Daily, 9pm-late

7. Cotton’s

Cottons_副本This beautifully converted historic villa is the perfect place to meet friends for an after-work drink. The big outdoor garden is one of the most relaxing spots in town during the summer months and the indoor fires are great for warming up during the winter. Good food makes it a place to lounge all day.

Address: No.132 Anting Road, near Jianguo West Road

Chinese Address: 安亭路132, 近建国西路

Name in Chinese: 棉花酒吧

Phone: 6433-7995


Opening Hours: 11am-2am

Price: Y100-Y199


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