The Famous Sauna Place in Shanghai—-Jin Ri Lang Sha(今日浪莎)

In Shanghai, We can choose many sauna place where you can enjoy different kind of massage service such as oil massages, foot massage, full body massage with any kind of extras or just plain expensive in Shanghai. In general, regular massage costs alone usually start in the 200 RMB – 300 RMB range in some popular massage shop or sauna center, and sometimes just depending on your location, the market for tips can be anywhere from 100 RMB – 500 RMB or more (depending on the type of extra). Now, here is a very popular sauna place in Shanghai can be introduced to all people for relaxing themselves, It is called Jin Ri Lang Sha.


The General Situation in Jin Ri Lang Sha

While there’s no weird smells or anything in the bath rooms in Jin Ri Lang Sha, they definitely are a tiny bit dingy. Rooms are mostly decent though, and usually it is only certain rooms that seem to be a bit more run down than others. During the evening they do get busy and all their rooms get filled. In these instances though, you may never had to wait more than 10 minutes for a free room, so a quick turnaround.

The Massage Technicians in Jin Ri Lang Sha

In general, there are more than 20 massage technicians in Jin Ri Lang Sha, you will be satisfied with the looks of the girls in this massage shop. You have many options to choose, but whenever you enter the next masseuse ‘in line’ is the one you get unless you say something. They are all very beautiful, young and professional and they will not like to haggle with customers, and they will be proactive in removing clothing and generally allowing fondling.


The Procedure & Massage Services in Jin Ri Lang Sha:

Once you enter the shop, you’re assigned a girl. There are usually 3 or 4 sitting on a bench, You can also ask them to switch or see another girl. Once you have your selection, you’re lead to a room where you strip and shower, while the massage technician goes off to grab their towels and oil. Once done showering, you put on those lovely blue paper shorts and wait for the massage.

The massage will begin with a back massage, the massage technicians will ask if you want to use oil for your back and then move down from head to toe. Once that initial pass is complete, then they’ll start massaging the taint and stroke you from behind, and some massage girls in this shop really have awesome technique when doing it. Some then strip and give a tit massage, some usually just move directly to your front-side. This is when they strip completely, and then start a ‘massage’ that mostly consists of licking. When the service is finished, it really depends on the girl, they may get naked and allow groping everywhere but no fingering, supposedly, certain girls offer BJ’s in this shop.


Four Branches of Jin Ri Lang Sha

1. Jin Ri Lang Sha(Chifeng Road)

This is a very small massage shop in Chifeng Road, it is close to the line 3, there are not too many people like to go there beaause it is too small and it is a little difficult to find it. The environment of this shop is very clean and comfortable, the massage technicians in this shop can provide different kind of service such as foot bath, oil massage, Chinese massage, the aromatherapy massage and ear candle are also very nice.

2. Jin Ri Lang Sha(Shuidian Road)

It looks very big outside, the environment of this massage shop is very nice, clean and comfortable, the service attitude is also very nice, the price is also reasonable, the massage technicians in this massage shop are beautiful and professional, their massage skills are really very professional, the main service in this shop is foot bath, but they can also provide you Chinese massage, oil massage and other massage services for you.

3. Jin Ri Lang Sha(Liangcheng Road)

This massage shop is located in Liangcheng Road, the decotation of this shop is pretty new and nice and clean, the massage technicians in this shop are all young and beautiful, they can provide different kind of massage service such as foot massage, oil massage and so other special massage service for the clients, the service attitude and massage skills are both very nice. No.85 and No.36 massage technicians can be introduced for you, they are really very nice.

4. Jin Ri Lang Sha(Quyang)

This is a popular massage shop in Guangji Road, it is near Subway Line 3, there are 3 branches of this massage shop, the waiter is very kindly and warm, the business is very good, but the price is a little expensive. The time of every massage session is about 70 minutes, the massage technicians in this shop are all very professional, if you are tired, you can have a try.

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