The Friendly Guide about Mongering in Seoul

Above all, I would like to say that this is 100% fact- and experience-based and a reliable source. Hopefully this post can provide more insight and information about mongering in Korea.

Background Information: From March 22nd, 2004, solicitation in Korea has been forbidden. Thus, the price of mongering got higher, and it is harder to find the right places.

Price: 100,000~200,000WON (720~1440HKD) depending on the quality of the gal you are looking for.

Places:미아리, 청량리 588, 성남, and 이태원 are the famous places (용산 was closed recently) Talking about every single place is going to make this post too long so I will focus on one place, 이태원. Because 이태원 is the best place to monger if you don’t know how to speak Korean and if you are a foreigner. (TIP: for every mongering place, it is common to find a sign called 청소년출입금지 which means no adolescents are allowed to enter.)

Mongering in 이태원: 이태원 (Lee-Tae-Won) is in Seoul where most foreigners stay. If you go to 이태원, you will find more foreigners than Koreans. (gals are Korean). If you are using the train, make sure you go on the brown line. I have attached a map to show you where to go after you get in 이태원 station. Once you get there, you should look for old ladies who are like the papas in Hong Kong. They will guide you to the gals. Most shops display their girls in the house. Since the wall is window, you can see the girls (wearing bikinis or even half-naked sometimes) and the pink light. In this way, you can see the girls first before entering the shop. I have attached some photos to give you guys a better idea of what I mean by this.

Being a Foreigner:

If you are non-Asian, I will be honest, you have the advantage! Old ladies are likely to approach to you to introduce the girls. However, you are more likely to pay more. Not being able to speak Korean is NOT A PROBLEM, since they accept more foreigners. On the other hand, Koreans are not welcomed in 이태원. 이태원 welcomes foreigners because they have better manners and more money.

If you are East Asian (Chinese or Japanese), you still have the advantage, but it will be a little bit hard for you to find since the old ladies would not approach to you.

If you are South Asian (Indians, Pakistanis, etc.), you have the same advantage as non-Asian. Some nasty places refuse Indians because they are racist. But in general, South Asians are welcomed.


If you get pulled by an Old lady, she will most likely give you the girl and the girl will guide you to the room. They don’t usually take a shower with you unless you ask them to. (Most just want to start on the bed). Anal is usually not discussed. But DFK are usually allowed. Some may even offer BBBJ or RAW. (refer to the glossary link if you don’t understand the acronyms.

If you enter a pink-window house, you will go to the back of the house (there is no window for outsiders to see you!) and finish the job.

Closing: If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask! Thank you for reading my first post!




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