The Guide of Special Ktvs in Shanghai

There are two kind of KTVs you will find when you visit Shanghai. The one is the normal KTV(no girls), another one is Special KTVs(Girl KTV). The following are some detailed information about these two types of KTVs in Shanghai.

Regular KTVs (No Girls) in Shanghai

40In a normal KTV, a group of Chinese people will use a room to sing. This is one of the most popular entertainment for young boys and girls in china, but also whole families will enjoy this kind of activity. The price for a room is about 50-100 for one hour, the price also depends on the time and day. In general, it is difficult to find out which KTVs are for families and normal parties, which one is not, but if you see a lot of young boys and girls go inside, it should be a “veggie” KTV.

Special KTVs (With Girls) in Shanghai

The girls KTV is also called KTV bars where the clients are mostly men, and the girls will be hired separately. The best time to start a girl KTV is around 6 to 7 pm, because if you are too late, the girls selection could be very bad. In these KTVs, you can use a room for a night, sing there, drink there and enjoy party there. The prices for drinks and food are appropriate, so that you can have a nice party starting with RMB 500, then for girls you have to pay additional around 300rmb-600rmb, just based on the quality of the girls. Actually, it will be hard for you to find a ktv girl who can speak English in these  specail KTVs.

In the KTV Room

41A Shanghai KTV room in Shanghai will include a large sofa, a big screen, a great sound system and a high end karaoke system. Sometimes you can also ask a ktv hostess to control the computer.

The ktv girls will start to choose songs and they will sing for you at first, they will also push you to choose some songs. there will be game program such as the dice game which Chinese people really like to play, the “looser” has to drink some wine, so very fast all of you will be drunken and you can be sure you will have a lot of fun. In a girl KTV room, it is very normal to have some kissing or touching, there will not happen anything more.

The Price Details in a Girl KTV

1. For the room you have to calculate between RMB 300 and RMB 1000 for the evening (only one time for each group)

2. Girl sit-down is 300-600 RMB: the ktv hostesses will be wearing different colors based on their pricing, so confirm with the mommy.

3. DJ Girl is 200-300rmb: the girl that will control the karaoke computer, stay in the room pouring drinks, cleaning up and working the KTV screen.

4. Some KTVs will ask for a mamasan fee and for that you should calculate between RMB 200 and RMB 400.

5. Towel boy is 100rmb-300rmb: brings the wet towels in every now and then – hate tipping this guy but oh well.

6. Alcohol Price: A bottle of say Balantines / Black Label will usually be like 880-980 rmb per bottle. They always have some promo going on, like buy 1 get one free, buy one get next half off, buy 2 get one free. Just ask the mommy – just tell them the other places you have gone its usually just 50% off all alcohol.

7. With 4 guys or so (girls and mommy drinking) we can usually put away 3 bottles or more. Beer will be cheaper. So by that example our total shared costs is 1000 (mommy, DJ towel boy tip) + 2000 (whiskey and mixers) = 3000rmb.

8. If you want to take out the girl, the price is probably 1500 for sit down and short time. But if you want to make sure you get what you want, you can ask. If you talk price at the end of the night, they will open you at 1500 to 2000rmb. But not all girls will offer the “home-service”, so also depends if they like you or not.

Some Girls KTV Places in Shanghai:

421. Cosmo (Hua Du KTV)

The Cosmo KTV Club in Shanghai is one of the medium skaled clubs. Chinese name is 华都会所 (Huā dū huì suǒ). They have a huge selection of sexy girls and if you don`t arrive to late (good time will be around 7 pm), than we are sure you will find some great girls there. The club is famous for the nude lap dance shows you can get there!

Address: No.1268 Xietu Lu (near Lingling Bei Lu)

2. Xing Ding Hui KTV

This is a sister shop to Cosmo above – same owners and a few of the old Cosmo mommys and girls transferred over to take care of this place. Same general prices and services and girl quality as Cosmo, but newer renovation so things are newer (AV system, furniture, etc).

Address: 1148 Changshou Lu (near Hangdu Lu intersection)

3. The Fuhao KTV

Fuhao Ktv is considered one of the old KTV but quite happening. They have this theme call the” Open” only if you know them. Cause they will not tell you. What is “open” its call strip top only. But when you choose gals. It used to be that blue tags and models will not strip. while the rest will when its ordered to. A bit older on the renovation but have had great times and cute girls here.

Address: 66 Caobao Lu (3rd floor inside the Everbright Hotel)

Tel: 86 21 5108 5565.

4. Haomen Siren KTV.

It is located in the 5th floor of Regus Business Center Buidling (Ruijin Shangwu Zhongxin), Another shop is on the circuit, same general quality and girl selection. You will enjoy the fun times with the girls in this KTV..

Address: 96 Zhaojiabang Lu (near Ruijin Er Lu – next to the Luwan (Tiyuchang) Sport Center)

Tel: 13817779561.

5. Mirage KTV in Shanghai

The Mirage KTV Nightclub in Shanghai is another medium skaled KTV Nightclub. Chinese name is 金殿KTV (Jīn diàn KTV). They also have a lot of sexy and hot girls and if you will not come to late (best time will be around 7 pm), than you will have a amazing selection of sexy young girls. The club also offer nude lap dance shows in the rooms (but you will need someone who can speak good chinese to arrange).

Address: No.630, Xianxia Road, near Jinshuicheng Road.


There are many KTV girls are not professionals, they are just willing to find out their future boyfriend, so if they think you are a potential “candidate” for that, your chance to take her home with a reasonable price will rise up, if you tell them that you are single and will stay long time in Shanghai. Your price will be low, if you tell them you will leave next day and never come back, the motivation will only be the money, so it the cost will be very high.

You can also find a lot of illegal girl KTVs in Shanghai, where they try to cheat tourists, so you should avoid visiting these wrong places. If the KTV has no big advertisement light outside, you can be sure it is illegal, you’d better don`t go in.



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