The Health Centers in Singapore

The “Health Centre” probably makes people feel it is a place where people can go to relax, exercise and so on. In fact, a health centre in Singapore is a nothing more than a massage shop. Unlike brothels, there are no restrictions, other than those imposed by building safety and fire codes, as to where a health centre can operate. They can be found all over the city, they look very decent and are often located in very respectable shopping centers and star hotels. When you arrive at the health centre of your choice, just walk boldly in.

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What is a Health Center Like?

You may need to know that the health centers are not the brothels. They are licensed to provide massage services together with associated facilities such as sauna, steam baths, hot and cold spa pools and some light food and refreshments served in a lounge which screens laser disc movies. Some have a small gym where customers can work out after a hard day’s work.

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Some Notes Before You Enter the Rooms

When you have completed the formalities, proceed to the locker room. Take off all your clothes and put them in the locker. The upmarket joints will have a locker attendant who will assist you and give you directions. From this point onwards, you will be naked except for a towel. If you have a large amount of cash in your wallet, it is advisable to ask for a safe deposit box as each locker key can probably open about 30% of the locker room. It is safe enough for clothing though. After all, who on earth wants to steal your smelly underwear.

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The Rooms in a Health Center

After your number is called, you will either be escorted to, or asked to proceed to, a particular room number. More often than not, the “room” as they call it, is just large enough to serve its purpose. Most establishments will also have a small attached shower room. Some places dispense with the table and simply lay a mattress on the floor. You will probably notice very quickly that the walls of the room are paper thin and any conversation in the adjacent room can easily be heard. So can any moaning and groaning. In addition, you should also take note that the door cannot be locked! This is in accordance with rules and regulations governing the issuing of health centre licenses.

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The “Special Service” You Can Enjoy in Some Health Center in Singapore

Not all health centers in Singapore actually want to provide good massage. Some focus more on “special services”, so get your requirements right. These healths offer massages coupled with some special services of interesting “sort”. When you have done all normal massage procedures, what comes next is just based on the massage parlor girls and yourself. The girl will ask you whether you want something “special” To put it bluntly, she now wants to earn a big tip for servicing your Prick which has not been touched up to this moment. It may have been tickled a bit during the massage but that was only for the purpose of arousing you sufficiently to consider the extra services Currently, probably about 70% to 80% of the massage parlor girls provide special service. However, there are the remaining 20% to 30% who stop at hand jobs as they do not want to take the risk of getting caught providing sex.


These are Several Signs for Health Center Provide Special Service:

1. No male masseurs

2. Lack of female customers in the shop

3. Advertisements focusing on young and beautiful masseuses

4. Massage prices are much cheaper than other spas

Some Popular Health Center in Singapore

1. Excelsior Health Centre

Excelsior Health Centre is a massage parlor located on the third floor of Excelsior Shopping Center in the Coleman Street. It possesses a group of skillful, experienced and hot masseuses who will provide you with an unforgettable massage experience. However, it is a pity that this massage parlor has closed down in 2012. Fees: $50 for HJ.

2. Gold Finger Health Spa

Located at Jalan Besar, Gold Finger Health Spa is a healthy spa provides spa services, massage therapies and reflexology treatments. Both massage and spa are helpful in providing relief from acute or chronic pain associated with a body part. It can be useful for people suffering from frequent bouts of headache, arthritis, etc. Gold Finger Health Spa offers you a good massage experience in Singapore.

3. Family Wellness Healthcare Centre

Located at East Central away from the maddening crowd, Family Wellness Healthcare Centre provides male, female and couples massages. Every customer here will be lead to an individual cubicle to enjoy a private relaxing time. Every room is clean, quiet and cosy. Masseuses here are certificated and professional with amazing massage technique. You will receive wonderful massages in the centre.

4. Chien Chi Tow (People’s Park Centre)

Chien Chi Tow is a professional Chinese health center offering Chinese Tuina, Acupuncture, Herbal Steam Therapy, Herbal Foot Bath, Foot Reflexology, Health Massage, etc. Chien Chi Tow Tuina combines Chinese Martial Arts with traditional Tuina which is highly effective in body. Herbal Steam Therapy incorporates the SPA factor. It not only helps in relieving aches and pains, it also helps in detoxification and weight loss.

5. Aven View Health Center

This massage center is located in Havelock Road in Singapore, it is a very nice health center, the environment in this center is very nice, clean and comfortable. The massage technicians in this center are all very professional and beautiful, they can provide different kind of service such as full nody massage, HJ(hand job), BJ(Blow job), FJ(Fuck job) and some other special service.



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