The “Legal” Brothels You Can Find in Geylang

Actually, there are no officially Legal brothels you can find in Singapore; however, there are quite a number of brothels in Geylang are ‘approved’ by the Anti-Vice Branch, CID for operating but under strict control. They operate without license as long as they have proper travel paper and go for their regular checkup. they will be issued a yellow card for record of bi-weekly medical examination. All clients patronized these places have to use condoms provided by the brothels, failing which, the brothel concerned will be penalized in the way of suspension. These brothels are mostly located in Geylang area.



When you get into the Geylang, you can see many small streets called Lorongs located on either side of the Road. we can also see a large number of freelance Chinese girls overcrowding the these small streets in Geylang.


Most brothels in Geylang are the legal brothels. Their girls are mostly 20-29 year old from Thailand or China, Malaysia, Bangladesh, India, Vietnam and even from Spain and Russia free lancing soliciting themselves there. Current rates for a short service session is S$50.00/ 20 minutes. If the girls are beautiful and young, the they will cost up to $150 or $200. You can also book multiple sessions if you like your girl or wish to have more time.


These brothels are usually in bright red, so it is easy to find out and there is usually a pimp(OKT) outside beckoning you inside. When you step into this brothel, there is a fish tank of girls for you to choose. When you finished your selection, give the pimp money and the you can take the girl into room, the girl will take a shower with you before the service begins. Rooms are usually normal room sizes with decent comfy beds. Most of the girls will add a personal touch.


So, In fact, if somebody ask you which part of Singapore has the most vibrant night life, it’s not better than Geylang.


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