The Limited Delicious Food in Shanghai that Money Can’t Buy

Like a man who can love the limited edition sports car forever, the woman also cannot resist to the temptation of food, especially for those food that have a great popularity, and if you go too late, you will not eat that delicious food. At this time, the most tragic thing in the world is “sold out”. The following are some most delicious food in Shanghai; it is in no particular order, welcome to supplement.


1 . Kobayashi pancakes (Yuyuan Garden Shop)

Address: No.9, Yuchun Road, Shanghai Huangpu District.

Average price: 18rmb

Recommended Reason: it is no wonder that, only yuyuan garden shop can sell Diaozhongshao, any other branch could not provide this kind of food, it is said that you have your choice of three flavors of this kind of food, maccha and red bean, milk, tiramisu, but you may choose these three flavors at different time periods. Diaozhongshao is really delicious, especially when it is hot, you first bite is soft cake, and slippery filling out.

Limited delicious: burn (matcha red bean, milk, tiramisu

2. Zhang Shengji(Zhengda Square Shop)张生记(正大广场店)

Address: No,168, Zhengda Square, Lujiazui West road, Pudong New area in Shanghai.

Average Price: 121rmb

Recommend Reason: Zhang Shengji’s old duck pot is a brand and is also a limited food, it include big pot (one dark) and small pot (half dark), every night it only supply 20, almost every table will point this food. it will take three to four hours with the traditional sand pot by using small fire boil slowly come out, you can first drink a bowl of hot soup, from the mouth, throat, to the stomach that are all make you feel comfortable, the ingredient include ducks, bamboo shoots, salt pork and so on.

Limited delicious: Old Duck Pot.

3. A’da Scallion Pancakes阿大葱油饼

Address: At the back door, No.2, 159 lane, Maoming South Road, Luwan District, Shanghai.

Average Price: 3RMB

Recommend Reason:  A’ da Scallion Pancakes is very delicious, and it is really crispy on both sides of the pancake, from inside to outside the taste is pretty delicious. But the most depressing thing is – the cook only do 300 Scallion Pancakes every day. A batch of only 10 Scallion Pancakes and its baked speed is very slow, need about 20 minutes, so if you have waited for an hour, it is very normal. If you want to eat scallion pancakes, you must get up very early.

Limited delicious: Scallion Pancakes


4. Guangmingcun Restaurants 光明邨大酒家

Address: No.588, Huaihai Middle Road, Luwan District Shanghai.

Average Price: 37RMB

Recommended Reason: This restaurant is famous for fresh meat mooncakes, the mooncake is big, the skin is crispy, the meat is tight, the taste is a little sweet, it is one of the best snacks in Shanghai. The five boilers is worked at the same time, every 30 minutes, it can produce about 300 meat mooncakes, so each customer is limited to 60 mooncakes, before and after Mid-Autumn festival, there are many people buy mooncakes, the last person may wait for at least 3 hours.

5. Jianlilai Mung Bean Pastry 健利来绿豆饼(共和新路店)

Address: No.31, 1725 lane, Gonghe new Road, Zhabei District, Shanghai.

Average Price: 15RMB

Recommended Reason: This shop is quite famous in Shanghai. The skin of green bean cake is thin and crisp, after eating it, you will feel the fragrance from your mouth, the taste is sweet but not greasy, This kind of snack truly answered the character given of it. At the subway station exit, you can see a lot of people are buying it, in general, each person can only buy two jins.

Limited delicious: Mung Bean Pastry

6. Meixin Confectionery Store 健利来绿豆饼(共和新路店)

Address: No.105, Shanxi North Road in Jing’an District in Shanghai

Average Price: 13RMB

Recommended Reason: the dumpling is its signature, only two kind of dumpling, the first one is stuffed with meat and the second is stuffed with Black Crisp. You will feel it is so tasty when you eating it; Black Crisp is very sweet and very fragrant, the taste is really very good, there are a lot of old customers beforehand. It is an old business, operating time as stipulated in the morning, afternoon and evening, it is closed at half past six in the evening.

Limited Delicious: dumpling

7. Larousi Noodle Restaurant鲜肉汤团

Address: No.106, Zhaozhou Road, Luwan District in Shanghai.

Average Price: 24RMB

Recommended Reason: It is famous for its Jiangzhi meat noodles which is really very delicious, the boss knows braise in soy sauce meat, the meat is stewed very crisp, you can taste the thick oil and red sauce, the taste really make you unforgettable., in genera, at almost half past 11 in the afternoon, the noodle has been sold out.

Limited Delicious: Sauce Pork Noodles.

8. A’niang Noodle阿娘面

Address: No.36, Sinan Road in Luwan District in Shanghai.

Average: 25RMB

Recommend Reason: This tiny little noodle shop is popular among locals and specializes in huang yu mian, a type of fish noodles from Ningbo. It’s small and packed throughout the day, so head over early–they’re usually sold out of stock by 5pm. And don’t bother trying to make reservations. They’re so small they don’t even have a phone.

Limited Delicious: Yellow Croaker Noodle

9. Alley Little Wonton小馄饨

Address: 1025 Lane, Nanjing West Road, Jing’an District in Shanghai

Average Price: 9RMB

Recommended Reason: It is quite famous in Shanghai, paper is thin, the nori seaweed, eggs, dried small shrimps, preserved vegetable will be put in, the soup is bone soup with lard, this restaurant offers a variety of wonton dishes, both weird and wonderful. Available in variants such as mushroom-onion, seafood tofu, and creamy crabstick, you’ll be hard-pressed not to find a wonton dish that fits your bill. Little wonton only available in the morning supply!

Limited Delicious: Small Wonton.

10. Rui Fu Yuan Restaurant瑞福园

Address: 132 South Maoming Rod, Luwan District in Shanghai, China.

Average Price: 100RMB

Recommended Reason: It is a just small restaurant on Xianjin road previously, but now, it has become a restaurant with three layers. Yellow croaker soup with pork wontons in this restaurant is very famous. It’s a signature item. Most locals that I’ve talked to about this place have told me that if you order only one dish at Rui Fu Yuan it has to be this.It all starts with the broth. They simmer the fish for hours, as the sweet buttery flesh flakes from the bone, the stock turns a creamy white. It’s quite similar, in fact, to the soup you’ll find here. The soup is then finished off with tiny, tender, thin-skinned pork wontons. However, this is the limited food which has to pre-book.

Limited Delicious: Yellow croaker soup with pork wontons


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