The Low-end Eed Light District in Singapore-Desker Road

Singapore was a fine city, when you come to this city, you will find hat you could be easily to find almost everything interesting in Singapore. Foe example, the Desker Road in Singapore will be a famous redlight area you can have a visit. it is within easy walking distance of the City Hall MRT station. But it is also pretty seamy. Desker Road, in the words of one source, is “the classic low-end red light district.”


Actually, the prostitution in Singapore is restricted to designated redlight areas (DRA’s); There are a total of about 400 brothels in the city with an estimated 10 to 20 prostitutes each. That’s about 6,000 prostitutes in the city.


The sex industry in Desker Road in Singapore seems to be part of an low desire to make being “sensible” as controversial as possible. But for tourists who are not part of the Singapore, the situation can become confusing. Many of Singapore’s prostitutes in Desker Road are imported from Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.


If you want to find some girls Desker Road, it means you will not find them just on Desker Road, but on a back alley between Desker and Rowell Rd. Here you will find a teeming mass of humanity milling along the alley, looking in at all the doorways. Inside the doorways you will see 1 to 6 women sitting around looking bored and contemptuous in a bare room with cane chairs.


In general, in the afternoon, about 5 o’clock, 10 store fronts left their doors open and you can see each having 3-5 women staring back. they will not talk anything until you enter to negotiate prices. The service is provided in small rooms inside the store. The rate is about SGD $12, really very cheap, and most clients are construction workers from India/Thailand, but it is very safe to walk around here.


The locations for some of other famous city’s Designated Redlight Areas(DRA) is a little surprising, you can see many red light area are located in the heart of the city’s commercial and historic districts such as the following:

1. In Geylang: some streetwalkers were very pretty. But the price of those girl for a tourist is about SGD$80-100. There are white women, pretty Chinese girls and Indian/Malaysian girls, just loitering in this area.

2. Clark Quay:it is classy tourist area. During the night time, you will find some independent girls around the street, nothing special.

3. Orchard Towers: very expensive at the 4th floor, it will cost about SGD $200-300 for one person.: 1st floor are cheap women, 2nd floor are pretty girls, 3rd floor are very nice girl. You can also see many girl bars in the Orchard Tower such as Angel’s Disco in Orchard Towers is a sister-club to the Angel’s Disco in Bangkok’s notorious Sukhumvit area. Ginivy’s – an Orchard Towers bar with a Country & Western feel. Or FB’s, which has an English Pub atmosphere. And there’s also a karaoke bar in Orchard Towers.


How to Get There?

1. Nearest Bus Stop

Bus 23, 64, 65, 66, 67, 131, 139, 147, 857 and NR6

Walking 2 mins from bus stop B07111

2. Nearest MRT station

Farrer Park MRT (NE8)

Walking 3 mins from Exit F to here







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