The Massage Parlors in Guomao, WJ and Maizidian

There are many MPs (massage parlors) in Guomao, WJ and Maizidian.

Guomao is by far the most expensive, but also have the best environment. Note that there is also no guarantee that extras will be offered. Cheapest is 200 CNY per hour for oil massage and 200 minimum tip on top and not all allow touching, but you do get a very good massage. All the girls are neatly presented. But you are looking at 400-500 for a HJ.

WJ(Wangjing New City) gives the most guaranteed result for the cheapest price, but it is a bit to travel. The girls there are okay, but some may rush the job and really the massage is just so so. Environment is just acceptable. Maximum 200 for a HJ(hand job). Only the WJ massage parlors to have HJ standard included in the oil massage, all other places have to tip / pay extra. For example: If oil massage is under 150, tip is 100. If oil massage is between 150 and 200, tip is 100 or 200. If oil massage is 200 or above, tip is 300.

Maizidian is somewhere in between. 150-200 CNY per hour for oil massage and 100-200 tip on top, but at least you get the full hour and good massage. The rooms are clean, but small. About 300-400 for a HJ(Hand job).

The massage parlors in Chunxiu Road: the best one used to be 300, now 400, which makes it less appealing.

There are also massage places at the back of the Twin Towers near Guomao. This could be convenient for those who work or live near the CBD. The place is on Yong An Li Zhong Jie, about 150 meters south of Yong An Xi Li. The massage shop can provide Japanese oil massage which is 138rmb, HJ is about 168rmb, HJ and freely touch is about 268rmb. The naked and breast massage is about 368. The HJ price in this shop is the cheapest around Guomao.

Some Tips for Looking for the Massage Parlors These Places

1. It should not cost 80rmb to get to WJ from Guomao. It should cost an average of 50rmb in normal traffic from past experience. So a round trip would cost approx. 100rmb if you catch a cab both ways. Since you can get a basic HJ there for under 200rmb, it’s still worth it since you can pay anywhere from 400-500 rmb for a basic HJ in the Guomao area. It is wasted time that puts me off heading to WJ. But if you’re a single guy, you probably have lots of it.

2. A basic HJ in WangJing area often means fully bared titties included if you ask politely. In the Guomao region, you often have to pay more money to see titties. The extra cost is about 100-200rmb.

3. The WangJing places are operated BBS-style. So your HJ is inclusive which is always a better deal. In Guomao, it’s never inclusive. You have to negotiate and personally.

4. Small tips in WJ area allow for fully naked HJs with your hands free to explore as you like. They always ask extra (making a grand total of 600-800rmb for a HJ) for this near town.

5. It helps that WJ is dominated by Koreans who are often on less spectacular packages (compared to Western countries). This helps explain the lower tip expectations.

6. Paying more near Guomao can get any guarantee of better service, this is a wrong view, often the service standards are comparable.

7. When you’re new to the massage parlors in these places, you have to go through the routine of meeting unattractive ladies and poor service before you find something decent.

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