The Metro Guidance in Shanghai

The Introduction of Shanghai Metro

The Metro in Shanghai is the rapid transit system serving the city of Shanghai, a direct-controlled 索引municipality in China. The system incorporates both subway and light metro lines. The first line opened in Shanghai is in 1993. From that time, the Shanghai Metro has become one of the fastest-growing rapid transit systems in the world, Now, there are 13 metro and 289 stations with an operating route length of 439 kilometres, making the system the third longest in the world. Now, The Shanghai Metro is capable of handling about five million passengers a day; the system is likely to become the world’s most-used, passing Tokyo and Moscow, by the time the full construction program is complete.

Current Metro Line in Shanghai


Terminals (District)


Total Stations

Line 1

Fujin Road(Baoshan)




Line 2

East Xujing (Qingpu)

Pudong International Airport




Line 3

North Jiangyang Road


Shanghai South Railway Station (Xuhui)



Line 4

Yishan Road(Xuhui)

Yangshupu Road (Yangpu)



Line 5


Minhang Development Zone



Line 6

Gangcheng Road(Pudong)

Oriental Sports Center




Line 7

Meilan Lake (Baoshan)

Huamu Road (Pudong)



Line 8

Shiguang Road(Yangpu)

Aerospace Museum(Minhang)



Line 9

Songjiang South Railway Station(Songjiang)

Middle Yanggao Road(Pudong)



Line 10


Hongqiao Railway Station


Hangzhong Road(Minhang)



Line 11

North Jiading(Jiading


Jiangsu Road(Changning)



Line 13

Jinyun Road(Changning)

Jinshajiang Road(Putuo)



How to Take Shanghai Subway

The following are some detailed guidance for foreigners all over the world to facilitate travel in Shanghai. A Metro trip contains the following procedures:

1. Entering the Station

In general, a metro station usually has two or more entrances and exits, each of which has a clear sign with both Chinese and English description on it, including the station name, entrance/exit number and the line number.

2. Buying Subway Tickets

After entering the station, you need to find the ticket office and buy the ticket, Ticket prices vary from CNY 2 to CNY 9 according to the mileage between your starting station and destination.

You can buy tickets in the ticket booth after looking up the fare on the station’s signboard or asking the ticket issuing clerk for the fare or you can do self-service ticketing at a multifunctional ticket machine.

3. Entering the Turnstile

With the ticket and follow the guide signs you can go to the turnstiles at the entrance to the platform. Each of the turnstiles has two indicator lights. You can use the turnstile when its green light is on. However, a turnstile is temporarily out of service when its red light is on.

4. Waiting for the Train

Follow the guide signs to find the correct platform to wait for the train in the direction of your destination. The arrival time of the next train is displayed on the screen at the platform. Please be patient and stand within the safety line.

5. Get on the Train

When your train comes, please wait until the train stops and the doors completely open. You can get on the train after some passengers getting off. Before the train leaves, the caution lights on the train doors will blink and the buzzer will ring for six or seven time.

6. Getting off the Train

The train usually stays 30 to 40 seconds at a station, so you should prepare to get off betimes. When the train arrives at your destination, please get off the train quickly however do not forget to take your belongings.

7. Exiting the Turnstile

After getting off the train, you have to go through the ticket inspection formality at the turnstiles at the exit of the platform area. ‘Right Hand Principle’ is also used. Please have the ticket in your right hand.

8. Exiting the Station

You should find an exit which can arrive your destination. you can see the guide signs, then you can easily get out.

The Map of Shanghai Metro Station


Metro(Subway)Ticket Type in Shanghai

1. Single Journey Ticket

2. Shanghai Public Transportation Card

3. Souvenir Ticket

4. One-day Travel Pass

5. Three-day Travel Pass

6. Maglev & Metro Pass

Shanghai subway adopts a ‘one-ticket transfer’ system. You can take a single subway line or transfer to other lines at some major transfer stations. A subway trip between two stations in downtown usually costs no more than CNY 6. In general, Subway passengers can have a discount if they pay the fare by Shanghai Public Transportation Card. If you have pay the subway fare by the card over CNY 70 in a month, the fare you pay in the rest of the month will be 10% off.

Current Metro Ticket Price in Shanghai


0 ~ 6 kilometers

(0 ~ 3.7 miles)

6 ~ 16 kilometers

(3.7 ~ 9.9 miles)

above 16 kilometers (9.9 miles)

Line 5



CNY 1 for each extra six kilometers (3.7 miles)

All Lines Except Line 5



CNY 1 for each extra ten kilometers (6.2 miles)

Transfer Among Lines



CNY 1 for each extra ten kilometers (6.2 miles)


Using App to Search Shanghai Metro Map


You will find the Shanghai’s best metro map in your phone by App, Up-to-date with all the metro lines for 2013; Works offline; Routeplanner, GPS, Google Maps; English and Chinese included. You can open iTunes to buy and download apps.

Free features of this software:

1. HD and smooth metro route map

2. Unique station exit information and interactive station map

3. Support real-time service status push

4. Estimated traveling time based on train operation diagram

5. One-tap earliest and latest departure time for each route

6. Multi-criteria journey planner: Optimal route, minimum transfer, latest departure and earliest arrival

7. Various input methods: Tap on route map, search by name, favorites and nearest station

8. Door opening direction

9. Online data update supported

10. Offline journey planner

11. Support iPhone and iPad



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