The Most Famous and Popular Foot Massage Shops in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, the foot massage is a fascinating topic as many people like to talk. If you Ask 50 people, then you can find 50 different opinions. Now , more and more Modern Hong Kong people are facing the heavy pressure of work, family, life, they are looking for a way to relax themselves, then, the “Foot Massage” is boosting. Ask some local people, you’ll find that  there is much more to Hong Kong Foot Massages than you’ve ever imagined.


Whether you’re into Foot massage in different Massage parlor, Sauna center, you’re in for some surprises, there are really plenty of great options for the choosy traveler to choose a foot massage. Now, you will start to discover the secrets of Hong Kong Foot massage which will get a surprise for youself.


The first Foot massage shop I would like to introduce is Footspa Garden, this foot massage shop is really very popular in Hong Kong, the environment is comfortable, capacious, and elegant, it is located in Metropark hotel basement in Wan Chai, it covers an area of nearly 3000 feet. All massage technicians have 10 years experience in massage who can provide authentic massage service to the guests. Although Footspa Garden is a senior hotel massage shop, but the charge is not expensive in Hong Kong and it is not far from the subway station, absolutely it is a good place for relaxing in your holiday time. There are different kind of massage rooms such as independent room, double massage rooms with its own characteristics which can meet each client’s needs

In sorching summer, the best choice to relax yourself is to try a sauna foot massage, the most comfortable, is going to take a shower first. Halekulani Body Massage & Beauty is different from the massage shop nearby, it provide two blunt body shower which can let the guest have a bath before getting the massage, Halekulani covers an area of over thousand feet and has many comfortable massage chairs. With the soft music, you will enjoy superior service provided by professional massage therapists in the optimal  and quiet environment. You can also see many single massage rooms and double massage rooms in this massage center which let the clients have more choice.

If you want to find high quality Foot massage shop in Hong Kong, Most people will choose the massage shops in Tsim Sha Tsui, causeway bay, central or hot spots, but today, I will introduce one more choice for you—Sun Spa,  which is located near Jordan MTR station. The decoration in this Spa is elegant, senior, when you entered in the store, you will feel that you put yourself in the five-star hotel massage spa, it is difficult to imagine in the Jordan area there will be this senior and reasonable massage center.

NOW, Do you need an hour’s break from sightseeing? Tsuen Sum Foot Massage is the perfect solution. The city has numerous Foot massage shops which can be spotted by the flashing neon feet signs above the doorways. Tsuen Sum Foot Massage(全心沐足) is also one of the best choice with beautiful sightseeing in and out it. Tsuen Sum Foot Massage covers an area of more than two thousand feet. Stepping into the shop, besides the comfortable environment and elegant decor, you can feel the cordial service attitude. With a spacious space, Tsuen Sum Foot Massage provides more than 10 comfortable foot massage chair. All the massage therapist have over 10 years experience of massage and own different professional certification of massage. Their skills are absolutely guaranteed, after an hour’s massage, you’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds.

In this island, you can also find a lot of other high-end Foot Massage places like the Foot Buzz , A Perfect Massage, Happy Foot Family, Glamour Oringin Beauty Center, many satisfying mid-range options abound for those without limitless resources. A safe choice is chains like Happy Foot Massage which is really an excellent choice, they’re clean, affordable and convenient, if you would like to find other Foot massage place with a reasonable price, Ghi Chuk Hong, Ri Yi Zu Health Clubare also be a nice choice for people.

For Foot massage enthusiasts, there’s simply nothing better than Hong Kong. Enjoy a Foot massage experience in Hong Kong Foot Massage parlors or even in the comfort of your hotel room have become a trend for both locals and visitors, it’s no wonder that the massage industry in Hong Kong has blossomed into one of the world’s finest. if you have trouble deciding on which massage in Hong Kong to choose, you can see this article first and try one of each.



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