The Most Popular Red light Area in Wan Chai

Hong Kong has a lot of red light districts. The main district is Wan Chai on Hong Kong island. The numerous bars and strip joints in the red-light district part of Wan Chai are still popular with tourists. In this place, the girls are mainly from the Philippines, Thailand, Mainland, You can also find other nationalities such as Eastern Europe, Africa, India and so on.


Bars and clubs for late night dance but careful which bars or clubs to pick as there are few Girly bars as well. Wan Chai is all things to all people, depending on the time of day. Sure, it is Hong Kong’s most popular red light district, but that light does not turn on before dark. During the day, you will encounter nothing offensive there. To the contrary you will find good English pubs, wide array of reasonable restaurants and legitimate massage therapy places.


Wanchai’s red light district is located on Lockhart Road, incidentally there are also some expaty bars among the “discos”, seriously the discos are very mild, you will see some Filipino or Thai girls hanging outside the venue in their knee high boots and mini mini skirts looking very bored. It was more fun sitting at a bar across from these discos watching the mamasan pulling in customers. Focusing on Wan Chai, there are two distinct scenes in Wan Chai as following:

Freelancer in Discos or KTVs:


Prostitution in Hong Kong is legal, but the freelancers are invariably working illegally – they are generally in Hong Kong on tourist visas, or else they are domestic helpers looking to make some extra cash on their day off. The easiest place to find them is in some discos KTVs of Wan Chai.

The Sex Dancers in Bars


Actually, the bars in Wan Chai are incredibly expensive. You can easily rack up a bill of 7,000 HKD when you’ve bought drinks for various girls. It will be cheaper to pick up Philippines women. These bars all crammed along a relatively short stretch of Lockhart Road. They all look pretty similar inside is very small with about 10 girls on show. They usually have a pole-dancing stage with a couple of girls dancing on it in their underwear. The girls in bars sometimes are called dancers, they generally speak very good to excellent English, and can be fun to talk to. They are always slim and young. The hours are very long, and they don’t get many free days. Many of them do this to support their family, most of these have a very poor family so that she has to prostitute herself to support them.


When it is 6 p.m. and the signboards on Lockhart Road light up one after another as evening comes on. The daily party in Wan Chai, a famous red light district in Hong Kong, has just begun.


When it is 9:30 p.m., the street bustles with noise and excitement. Wearing black thigh-high boots and a pink bikini, there are many girls are waiting at the door for eager males, enticing them to buy overpriced drinks.


In the past, many sex workers working in Wan Chai secured entertainment visas to dance legally in go-go bars but the consulate says these are rarely offered now. Today’s visiting prostitutes come on a 14-day tourist visa, a consulate officer explains. They are shuttled in and out of Macau and Shenzen to extend their visas, which they can do for about three months. There are about 20,000 women involved in sex work in Hong Kong with active sex trade areas in Mong Kok, Tsim Sa Tsui, and Wan Chai districts. Most of them deal with social discrimination, occupational health hazards, vulnerability to violence, police harassment and ambiguity of legal rights.


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