The Outcall Service Note Points

In general, outcall service simply means the massage therapist is going to the place where the clients live in, instead of the client coming to the massage parlors or Spas. Outcall service may be provided in the client’s own home, hotel or any other private places, sometimes, the massage therapists also utilize outcalls to provide their special service for their clients, their clients can include those who are homebound, less-abled and terminally ill. Providing outcalls to the consumers can be both rewarding and economical. Outcalls can help to save the time and energy of clients. However, the outcalls service can also have the most potentially most hazardous danger between massage therapists and the clients.Shanghai Outcall Massage

In Shanghai, Massage therapy has become a powerful social activity which can help to make the effect on the body, mind, and spirit. There are many different types of massage to serve different needs in Shanghai such as the Swedish massage, Therapeutic massage, Thai massage, happy ending massage, Chair Massage and so on. All of these massages are available as outcall services in your home or office because many people may think that in the massage parlors, it does not provide a peaceful and comfortable environment for your session.

The following are some Note points when you want to use an outcall service, it may help to choose the right outcall service in the future, just for your reference.

1. Communicate with the massage therapists with all the necessary information. Prior to leaving for your appointment, you should make sure your have known the name, address, phone, etc., of where you are going.

2. When the massage therapist arrives at the outcall location, you should check all the details such as her name, identity card number and so on.

3. Some therapists have a signature line to clearly set the boundaries. Again, if your intuition tells you something is weird, you must stop this service at once. Call your friends to come to your place. If you feel comfortable, you can continue enjoying the service. Once again, always keep your important things on your private place.

4, you may need to let your friend know you are enjoying a outcall service at your own place. You’d better ask them to call you in about 10 to 15 minutes. If you don’t answer, they should send for help immediately.

5. When you have finished the session, pay the payment, many massage girls may want to chat, fix you coffee, tea or a light meal. At last, they may tell you that you did not pay the money, but actually, you have paid that. So, you should be courteous and explain to the massage therapist you have to leave for your date on time.

In general, a majority of outcall massage therapists are women and the world is much different for women than for men. This does not mean the female therapists are free of risk in any situation. Evaluation of risk is how we protect ourselves, ” so one way to reduce risk is to learn what risk looks like.”


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