The Prostitution in Singapore

In general, some prostitution in Singapore is legal, but some are not such as public solicitation, living on the earnings of a prostitute and running a brothel, prostitutes in thses establishments are required to undergo periodic health checks and must carry a health card. Besides those regulated brothels, the sex workers can also be found in many massage parlor or Sauna Spa. In Singapore, you will find many massage parlors like to employ the women from mainland China and offer massages with sexual services.


Prostitution in Singapore is often appeared in the following 3 main places.

1. Internet advertisement

The “internet advertised” girls are hosted in anonymous hotels, and the profile of each girl is available from the internet advertisement. Interested clients contact the “girl’s agent” through SMS, who arranges the timing and gives the client hotel address.

2. Red light Street

You will find the “Street girls” in some streets of popular commercial districts and designated red-light districts, Such girls await and solicit to passing-by men, and they must often maintain vigilance for Police raids, they are more easily to be caught compared to girls from internet advertisement and massage parlors.


3. Massage parlor/Sauna

The girls in those massage parlors in Singapore are also called massage girls or massage technician, they can provide massage for the clients at first, but when they finished the normal massage, they can offer some special service just based on the need of the clients. These girls generally have good protection from any possible police raid, as there is an early-warning system.

All of these activities are illegal, and the boss of such massage place risk jail if exposed by anti-vice police raids. But almost everyone who would like to visit these places fully known the sexual services which are not legal provided in these place.

When you standing in a red light district in Singapore, you may often see the flowing scene:


A man is walking in the street, a balding pate and wispy white goatee greet with him

“You want to see my girl? Come in, come in!”  then pointing to skimpily clad Asian prostitutes who are waiting in a small house.

In Geylang, Singapore’s most famous red-light district, you can always see this. Anybody can come as long as they can pay.

Despite its prudish reputation, the government still bans magazines like Playboy and Penthouse, Singapore allows prostitution to thrive in strictly designated areas, and Geylang is the largest and most famous.

In Geylang’s licensed brothels, customers pay an average of S$50 (US$38) for sex inside cramped cubicles, according to operators who spoke on condition of anonymity. Business is best on weekends when hordes of foreign men on their day off throng its narrow lanes looking for fun.


Some Rules of Prostitution in Singapore:


1. Brothels in Singapore can only hire Malaysian, Thai and Chinese girls between the ages of 21 and 27.

2. Prostitutes are also required to make customers wear condoms and report for monthly medical check-ups.


It is criminal of prostitution in Singapore as following:


1. Getting any woman or girl to have either within or without Singapore carnal connection except by way of marriage with any male person or for the purpose of prostitution either within or without Singapore.

2. Threat or intimidate the woman or girl to have carnal connection with any male person.

3. Receive any woman or girl knowing or having reason to believe that she has been procured for the purpose of having carnal connection except by way of marriage with any male person or for the purpose of prostitution either within or without Singapore and with intent to aid such purpose.

4. Detain any girl against her will on any premises with the intention that she shall have carnal connection except by way of marriage with any male person, or detain any woman or girl against her will in a brothel.

5. sell, let for hire or otherwise dispose of or buy or hire or otherwise obtain possession of any woman or girl with intent that she shall be employed or used for the purpose of prostitution either within or without Singapore, or knowing or having reason to believe that she will be so employed or used.

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  1. LeeLing

    Please add in one more popular place for these prostitution activities. In business district The Adelphi complex along coleman st. many units in all floors, concentrated in Basement ! unit 44, B1-16, B1-40, B1-20,B1-30 (split into 2 units), B1-24. We need some regulation here cause these units or business are growing so fast.


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