The Saunas in Sun Hing Building in Mong Kok

Sun hing building in Mong kok have many saunas center which can provide some special service for the clients at affordable price, the massage girls in these sauna centers in Sun Hing Biulding are all very beautiful, young and professional. The following are some popular sauna center in Sun hing building

1. Silver Spring Sauna太子銀座 银泉芬蘭浴(女賓部)

1373023935394_副本Silver Spring Sauna is Women’s Sauna, belong to the group “Silver Spring Sauna”. With its convenient location, it has attracted many women working nearby. Professional technicians and authentic skills will make you feel exactly relaxed and comfortable. The charge is $400.

2. East Lake Sauna东湖桑拿

3East Lake Sauna is located in Sun Hing Building, at the 10th floor of this building, the environment of this sauna center is really very nice an clean, there are more than 5 massage technicians in this sauna center, they are will to provide the clients very special massage service, the price is not expensive, the rate is about 500HKD.

3. Telbo Sauna德寶芬蘭浴

Telbo Sauna is located in the third floor of Sun Hing Building, it is a small and medium-sized sauna with general and simple decoration. The massage technicians are very active and wild. With the comfortable environment and best service, it attracts a lot of people ( include foreigners) to visit it. The minimum charge is 400HKD.the price is really cheap for most people.

4. Dynasty Sauna皇朝芬蘭浴

137_副本It is located in Wing Kee Commercial Building, Dynasty Sauna has completed the great reform. The new personnel, the new team, the new technicians will give you the best service. Recently we have recruited many new and youg technicians. You will be surprised. Stepping into the lobby, staffs of each department will give you a warm greeting. You can get a comfortable and relaxed massage services.

5. Fairy-Tale Island Sauna蓬萊島桑拿

1_副本Peng Lai Island Sauna is located in the 8th floor of the Sun Hing Building. The massage technicians here are very nice, young, beautiful and attractive. The girls ( #3,#15,#39,#89,#73)of night shift are recommended. The environment of this sauna center is large, comfortable and clean, The basic consumption is 388KHD.

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