The Situation of Local Girls in Dubai

Dubai, a city in UAE(united Arab Emirates), is now a global city in the Middle East, even in the world. The city has become symbolic for its skyscrapers and high-rise buildings, such as the world’s tallest Burj Khalifa, in addition to ambitious development projects including man-made islands, hotels, and some of the largest shopping malls.

Until 2005, 17% of the population of the emirate was made up of Arab UAE nationals, with the 下载rest comprising expatriates. The population of the emirate was 1,771,000 as of 2009, which included 1,370,000 males and 401,000 females.

It’s fair to say that despite the massive modern advancements that Dubai embodies, Emiratis are very traditional people. Local Dubai girls shares the dead gorgeous Arabic beauty with tall and straight nose, deep-set eyes, most of them are tall and curvy, throwing off the special amorous feelings.

It has served to show us that Dubai is a Muslim state, it is strict in its moral and ethical code, it has very different laws, especially for women. Dubai is a conservative Arabic country and there are many rules which women should observe, and once you broke the rules, you will get severely punishment.


For local Arabic women, when they are staying outside, they must cover most of the body, whichimages means from head to toe, The traditional black overgarment ( abaya) is ankle length with long sleeves and a high neckline, and the hair is covered. This aims to protect them from unwanted attention and potential attack. The police will stop those who has her head uncovered and direct her to cover her hair immediately.

While a home, if they are not going to have any guests, most women in Dubai prefer western dress, particularly younger women.

Rape Victim

In Dubai, women are still belong to amblyopia groups, if she reports being raped, she will be sentenced to over a year in prison for the reason “engaging in extramarital relations.”, the society consider it her fault for “seducing” a man. And till now, there is no legal provision to protect women from this.

Women’s Rights

The role of women in Dubai has advanced greatly in recent years, and the women’s rights in UAE has been the leader in Arabic world.

A growing number of women are in the public and private sector workforce and women are also allowed to serve in the Dubai military. In Dubai women are eligible to vote and hold public office,下载 (1) with the government setting aside certain seats for female representation.They can also have social connections with men and do not need permission from a male guardian for anything.


Though they haven’t own a higher social status in Dubai, it doesn’t obstruct them from gaining a good education, and most of them are well-educated. According to Dubai Women’s College, 50-60% of its 2,300 students proceed to seek employment upon graduation.


The marriage in Dubai has been wreathed in mystery for a long time,  premarital sex is not allowed and once they get married, woman almost become the private property and other men are not permitted to see her face. She should be faithful to her husband and pay much attention to the contact with other men. And if a woman married a foreigner, she won’t enjoy the welfare anymore.


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