The Special Service in Shanghai–Nightlife Tour Guides

If you are planning to visit Shanghai and would like to know more about the Nightlife in Shanghai, then, the following information will provide you a great help. There is a special guide service in Shanghai which is called Nightlife Tour Guide. Those Guides know where to go, they can introduce you to different Sauna or Massage places, they can bring you to the best Bars and Clubs, so you can find the best places in Shanghai when the night falls.

1. Regular Nightlife Tours Guides

If you want to be introduced to the best places by a professional guide, you can choose them. A regular tour includes a meeting with introduction, then visit Sauna, Massage Parlor and a hot Girls bar and will end in a famous pickup bar to make sure, you will not go home alone (If you are ready for a third time ;-) ).

Price: The fee will be RMB 750 for per person (tour fee, no entry or special service fee). A group will be up to 6 guys, if more, the group will be split.

Time: Available every Friday and Saturday night.

For more detailed information, you can see the following

2. The Individual Tours Guides

If you are planning to arrange a private tour for yourself or for your business partners, you can book a individual tour. The Guides know where to go, they can introduce you or your guest to different Sauna or Massage places, Bars and Clubs and many more. You can design your individual tour together with them. In general, a evening will last from around 6 pm up to 1 am, the timetable and the location to visit will be individually agreed with you.

Time: Available Monday to Sunday on individual booking

Price: RMB 2000 for per evening (excluding travel- food & beverage cost)

What is included in a Nightlife Tour?

1. Guided Tour from 6:00 pm up to 2:00 am

2. One Guide for one up to 10 people

3. Reservation for Restaurants, Bars and so on

4. Arrangement for Cars with Driver (if necessary)

If you like to book a guide for a daytime tour, it will be RMB 1000 for around 8 hours (for example 9 am to 5 pm)

For what you can choose for your tour, you can click the following website:

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