The Streetwalkers in Talma Road in Singapore

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Talma Road is next to Fragrance Pearl and is located in has a length of 0.22 kilometres. This road is also well known for its red light area, You can find many Indonesian and Chinese streetwalkers in this road. Most of these streetwalkers at here are beautiful, young and sexy, especially those Chinese streetwalkers. But you may also need to pay attention that these Chinese streetwalkers are also the most expensive and the standard of service is also very high standard.


The photo was taken in 2009.

In Talma Road, those high quality Chinese street girls are time watchers who will rush you to finish the special service so that they can do the next business. So the service quality will be not very high or may be not very professional, but if you really like the beautiful face girls to serve for you, you can have a try, maybe they will be better than what I said. In general, The price you pay is only for 1 shot and they will usually expect you to get over it and done with. Once you have released, they will wash, dress up and go.


The Price You May Need to Pay:

- $80/$100 for the Chinese streetwalkers

- $38/$40 for the Indonesian streetwalkers


How to Deal with the Service?

You must need to now some tips which can usually ensure you get a better service than others.

1. You can first ask for her number and make an appointment in the afternoon.

2. Negotiate the price down. Tell her you are on a budget and girls on this road are too expensive. Most of the time, they are willing to go down to 80 or they say they will pay the hotel room fee.

3. You may need to ask what services you can get from her. Some services they will not provide such as kissing; Frenching.

4. You can also take some money to the hotel and you can tell her you will tip her if she gives you good service. Then you may get a better service.

5. You should pay attention to your personal hygiene.


How To Get There?

1. Nearest Bus Stop

Bus 2, 13, 21, 26, 51, 62, 63, 67, 80, 100, 158, 853# and NR7

Walking 3 mins from bus stop B80069

2. Nearest MRT station

Kallang MRT (EW10)

Walking 10 mins from Exit A to here


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