The Traditional Chinese Massage Place in Shanghai–He Zhong Tang Foot Massage

The Introduction of He Zhong Tang Foot Massage

He Zhong Tang Foot Massage Club is a professional foot massage center receiving traditional health care and therapeutic method through foot echo. It using the herbal medicine to wash foot, witch has medical function. This Massage Club has gained good reputation among citizens and is now developed into an authentic health care brand. This massage club offers a range of massages and TCM treatments, with oil massages starting at RMB198 for one hour. Their “Finger Pressing Massage” (RMB98/60 minutes) comes highly recommended and is a full-on TCM affair with the masseuse pushing, pulling and stretching muscles and joints around the body’s various energy points.

The Massage Service Provided in He Zhong Tang Foot Massage

1. Modern Chinese massage

It is used for common muscle pain, waist and leg discomfort and symptoms such as cervical spondylosis, joint inflammation, there are trained massage technician will use the traditional Chinese medicine massage to follow the body meridian direction with proper strength, make your body and mind get comprehensive relaxation.

2. Chinese Foot Massage

This kind of massage will use 28 species of Chinese herbal medicine to bubble foot and there are special and central scroll foot massage technique, after 15 minutes of traditional Chinese medicine soaking feet, the professional foot massage therapist will massage for you for 45 minutes of plantar reflex zone massage, in the melodious music background, it will give you the peaceful and comfortable feeling.

3. Cupping

It use the method of combustion heat or other removal tank air, cause the negative pressure, which treats adsorption on the human body parts, the warm stimulation and passive congestion phenomenon to remove pathogens, to achieve the purpose of treating and preventing a therapy. It is easy to operate and it I salso very cheap. There is no side effect of this massage.

4. Champignon Oils Massage

It use the natural plant essential oil, the well-trained professional massage therapists will use the exquisite technique to focus on your back muscles to repeat push pinched, make palm force evenly permeate deep into muscle, so as to achieve the effect of dredging meridians, to reconcile blood.

5. Aromatic Ear Candle Therapy

It is derived from ancient Indian, it uses the vacuum adsorption principle and fragrant mushroom therapy, so as to eliminate toxins from intracranial and sleep peacefully resting to restore energy.

6. Thai massage

This massage is originated in ancient India, it is the highest etiquette in ancient Thai royal host royal aristocrats. Its characteristic is centripetal, exquisiteness.

The Branches of He Zhong Tang Foot Massage

1. He Zhong Tang Foot Massage(Duolun Road)

Address: 4F, 8 Duolun Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai

Phone: 021-65409919

2. He Zhong Tang Foot Massage(Xiangcheng Road)

Address: J07, 17 Xiangcheng Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

Phone: 021-50586796

3. He Zhong Tang Foot Massage(Changliu Road)

Address: 99 Changliu Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

Phone: 021-68545912

4. He Zhong Tang Foot Massage(Yingchun Road)

Address: Zikui intersection, No.1289,Yingchun Road,  Pudong District

Phone: 021-50116708

5. He Zhong Tang Foot Massage(Huashan Road)

Address: The Fifth Floor,No.6,Lane800 in Huashan Road,  Jingan District


6. He Zhong Tang Foot Massage(Shangcheng Road)

Address: 333 Shangcheng Road, Pudong District

Phone: 021-58785167


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