The unique culture of Hangzhou

Hangzhou is a beautiful with a long history. During the thousand history, it has formed its unique culture. Today, I wil introduce these culture to you.

  • Poetry Literature

As one of the seven ancient capitals in China , Hangzhou is a famous historic and cultural city. Fertile land, rich products, it was away from war and became a  literary poet’s centralized location. Many famous poets in history, such as Bai Juyi, Su Shi all had been official in Hangzhou. They have created numerous poems for Hangzhou.

  • Folk Literature—”The Butterfly Lovers”

Ranked among China’s four major folklore, The Butterfly Lovers is famous both at home and abroad. It has been adapted into various art forms. Hangzhou is the birthplace of Butterfly Lovers legend. Wansong Academy is the place where they studied.  The another famous folk tale is “White Snake”. It began to spread from Southern Song Dynasty, and later spread to Japan, Korea and so on. White Snake has a great contribution on the history, folklore and art. Lady Bai has become China’s important typical image in works of art.

  • Living Environment

“Up above there is Paradise, down here there are Suzhou and Hangzhou.” Living in Hangzhou is like in paradise. The climate of Hangzhou is appropriate, which is typical of the Jiangnan Water. People living the Hangzhou has gentle character and handsome appearance. “Wu dialect” is also a characteristic. Rich products, beautiful scene, all of these make Hangzhou won the reputation of “Habitat Award”,”International Garden City”. Hangzhou’s cuisine is also a feature.

  • Silk Culture

Hangzhou has a reputation of “silk house”. The history of silk is as long as human beings. Early ancestors had mastered the species of mulberry, sericulture and other techniques during Liangzhu culture. Through the development, it later became a royal tribute, called “the world’s crown”. After the start of Hangzhou silk exports to the world, “Silk Road” was beginning famous in the world. Silk is gorgeous, rich and harmonious, which is coincide with Hangzhou people’s temperament. Hangzhou Silk is suitable for decoration, magnificent but useful, to be known as the “flower of oriental art.”





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