Things to Do in Shanghai at Night

Living in the magic city Shanghai, you will experience two different worlds in the daytime and at night. During the daytime, Shanghai is a busy city, people do their own things, but when the night curtain falls, Shanghai will turn into another appearance, people come out and begin to enjoy the wonderful nightlife. If you have no idea of what to do or where to go  in Shanghai at night, never mind, Happyblog will give you the suggestions.

1. Where to eat in Shanghai?

Before you start your amazing nightlife, you’d better fill your stomach. In Shanghai, restaurants can be found almost everywhere, but we’d like to recommend you three great ones.

1.1 O delice! 欧膳

1378086276125The O delice! in Hongmei Road is known for its delicious Crêpe. The French style café has attracted many foreign customers with its appealing desserts. The coffee here is pure and aromatic. Prices are reasonable charged. Most recommended dishes here are Crêpe, Waffle, Pasta and sandwich.

Address: 3219 Hongmei Road,  Minhang District


Tel:5428-0598                                   电话:5428-0598

1.2 Patachon Café  法咖颂(陕西北路)

1377824595662The Patachon Café North Shaanxi North Road branch is situated in an art district. Run by a Frenchman, the French café serves a varied selection of coffee and tea along with European dishes including pizzas, salads, cheese and meat boards and pasta. It turns into a classy wine bar in the evenings with a good choice of vintages. The happy hour starting from 6pm to 9pm is when you can get a great deal. You can get any two drinks with only RMB68. There are many options, such as martini, wine, beer and others.

Address: 600-10 Shaanxi North Road, near Xinzha Road,  Jingan District


Tel:6075-1072                                 电话:6075-1072

1.3  Sho-u To Japanese Restaurant  松涛

1377832328877Housing 10 seats and 4 private rooms, the Sho-u To Japanese Restaurant situated on the second floor of the Sunrise over the Bund is run by head Chef Hirobe Hiroyuki, an inheritor of traditional craftsmanship of Japanese Cuisine from the Ginza district of Tokyo. With excellent techniques, Chef Hirobe brings out the full flavors of his dishes to satisfy the taste buds of his customers. Most recommended dishes here are Sushi,Sashimi, Dessert, Monkfish liver and Beef.

Address:  2/F, Sunrise Over the Bund, 168 Gaoyang Road.,  Hongkou District


Tel:5558-9999 ext. 6718                                电话:5558-9999 转 6718

2. Where to go sightseeing in Shanghai?

After finishing your dinner, it’s a good choice to take a walk, so, why not go sightseeing. The beautiful Shanghai night scene will make you drunk. There are several places you should not miss.

2.1 Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street 南京路步行街

0823dd54564e925818cc666b9d82d158cdbf6c81810a6e87Nanjing Road is one of the most well-known business area in Shanghai and enjoy the reputation of ” First Street of Chinese Business”. It was also the most busy  business street in Asian-Pacific region before 1949. A variety of commodities on the Nanjing Road  will dazzle you.

Address:  299 Nanjing East Road


Tel:(021)63526638                               电话:(021)63526638

2.2 The Bund 外滩

1148_1289796112QUhhThe Bund, also known as Zhongshan East First Road, is located on the bank of Huangpu River in Huangpu District. It is the scene line of Shanghai and the must-see spot in Shanghai. It will be an enjoyable  thing to view the beautiful scene on the Huangpu River with breeze.

Address:  351 Zhongshan East First Road


Tel:(021)58886000                               电话:(021)58886000

2.3 The Oriental Pearl Tower 东方明珠塔

ae51f3deb48f8c540e1404443a292df5e1fe9925bd315faaThe Oriental Pearl Tower is located in Lujiazui of Huangpu District , adjacent to the Huangpu River. It is 468 meters high, designed by Jiang Chenghuan. You cannot image the splendid scene overlooking from the top of this tower until you see that on you own.

Address:  1 Century Avenue, Pudong District


Tel: 021-58791888                            电话:021-58791888

3. Where to drink in Shanghai?

Finding a bar or club to have a drink after your sightseeing can be relaxing. Here will be several popular bars in Shanghai.

3.1 Manhattan Bar 曼哈顿酒吧

下载Manhattan Bar has been opened for a long time in Shanghai. When the street was rectified, the bar moved up from Tongren Road to Nanyang Road. However, it remains popular with the type of crowd. Pictures and calling careds are filled with the wall. Though drinks are a little pricy, the place is still interesting enough for you to visit and relax your body. It’s very popular among foreign men and friendly Filipino, Thai and Vietnamese girls. Basically, it’s the place, as the favorite place, where foreigners will go when they visit Shanghai at every turn. The Chinese, however, would be found hardly.

Address:  154 Nanyang Road,  Jingan District


Tel: 6247-6656                              电话:6247-6656

3.2 Zapata’s Mexican Cantina

1378281038656Directly in the neighborhood of sasha`s you will find zapata`s. They even share the garden. Often named as “the best place for a date in town”, this club is most popular for young “expats” from all over the world. Most famous is the lady’s night on wednesday with a lot of very sexy girls. Zzapata’s is also a famous pickup place, but you should know, a lot of the sexy girls there will be very interested in going home with you, but most time not for “free”.

Address: 5 Hengshan Road near Dongping Road,  Xuhui District

地址:徐汇区衡山路5号 近东平路

Tel: 021-64334104                           电话:021-64334104

3.3 Judy‘s

1378282713131Judy`s Bar and Club in Shanghai moved from the bar-hot-spot in the Tong Ren Road to a new place nearby. It is getting more and more similar to the Manhattan Club, so you can also find a lot of attractive Hookers there. Most of the girls here are from Vietnam, but it is the only place where you also can find some black working girls here in the city (most time you will find them on the left end of the Bar). The Club is also very famous for some 3-leged hookers, so if you don`t like that, better be a little bit carefull with picking up. But Judy’s is also a great place for pool, enjoying drink and listening to the music. They have 5 sexy Gogo Dancers who will show up from time to time.

Address: 142-146 Tongren Road,  Jingan District


Tel: 021-62893715                         电话:021-62893715

4. Where to get a massage?

If you feel tired after the sightseeing,  you can relax your body by doing a massage. In Shanghai, the following massage place are well received. For more massage places’ information, you can search on the happymassage.

4.1 Shanghai Hotel Leisure Sauna Club 上宾汤田国际会所

1366705722845Shanghai Hotel is on the street behind the Hilton. The environment of the Massage club on the second floor is really very nice. You just walk up to the desk and they know what you want. They can provide 650 RMB full service for about 90 minutes. Like YuPIng and others, first to the locker room, undress, shower, if you want a body scrub… then upstairs to the foot massage room. They ask you if you want something to drink or foot massage, you can just tell the massage girl to give you.

Address: At the Second Floor of Shanghai Hotel,No.505 Wulumuqi North Road,  Jingan District


Tel: 13764151520                       电话:13764151520

4.2 Everlasting Spa  艾维庭美容SPA

1369712417393The Everlasting Spa located in Lujiazui West Road is close to the Oriental Pearl. Featuring warm environment, tasteful decorations and professional therapists, the skin care center provides a full range of spa services, including hot stone therapy, reflexology, sauna, shiatsu as well as couple massage. per capital consumption is about 300RMB.

Address: 706AB, 7F, Zhengda Plaza, No.168 Lujiazui West Road,  Pudong District


Tel:  021-50471336                      电话: 021-50471336

4.3  Congen Massage Healthcare Club(Ziyun Road) 康骏会馆(紫云路店)

x1372929861855.jpg.pagespeed.ic.IUttNhfMi6This is a ubiquitous traditional Chinese massage chain that largely caters to local clientele. It offers cupping, ear candling and scrapping as well as therapeutic massage. The massage is rooted in the profound traditional Chinese culture, is to relieve stress, health care, an excellent choice. Kang Chun Hall will allow people to enjoy a healthy massage, and strive to promote health and harmony of all mankind by carrying forward the quintessence of life “as a corporate vision. This is really a good place for a cheap massage that really breaks down your muscles, If you are staying near the Bund or Nanjing Road. For the the set of 60 mins foot massage and 90 mins body massage for less than RMB600 (USD100) really worth it.

Address: No.84, Ziyun West Road,  Changning District


Tel:  021-6229 5328                  电话:021-6229 5328

5. Where to find a KTV?

If you want to have fun with some friends, Happyblog will recommend you some great KTVs to you here.

5.1 Hua Du Japanese KTV   花都日式KTV

1379312847386Hua Du Japanese KTV is located in the center area of Shanghai, Xuhui District. It is close to Hengshan Road and near the Shanghai Gymnasium. Hua Du Japanese KTV is a large-scale Japanese club which is comprehensive with dining, entertainment, KTV and Bar. Near Hua Du, there are various Japanese, Chinese and Italian restaurants and foot massage parlors. Besides, Hua Du Japanese KTV is the unique Box-type KTV club in the Japanese Village No.1 which is the first and best choice for successful men.

Address: Inside the Japanese Village No.1, 98 Pu Huitang Road,  Xuhui District


Tel: 021-64383118                  电话:021-64383118

5.2 HAOLEDI  (Super Brand Mall)   好乐迪(正大店)

1377826485569Conveniently located in Super Brand Mall, HAOLEDI is a lovely and comfortable KTV come from Taiwan. With beautiful and cute decorative style, HAOLEDI has been more and more popular among young people. Different room sizes are available for customers to choose freely with affordable prices. Room facilities includes wireless microphone, touch screen, updated song lists, etc. Good sound effects make customers fully enjoy themselves.

Address: 05 F8, Super Brand Mall, 168 Lujiazui West Road,  Pudong


Tel: 021-63115858                  电话:021-63115858

5.3 DJ KTV  迪街量贩式KTV

1378103839493DJ KTV is one of various KTVs in Shanghai. For cost performance, DJ KTV is definitely one of the best KTVs in Shanghai. Decoration is delicate and comfortable; prices of different rooms are all affordable. Supermarket inside the KTV sells a lot of food with higher prices. Customers can buy some snacks to the room if they don’t want to order things in the KTV. DJ KTV is really a good place for you to have an easy and recreational moment.

Address: F4-5, 51 Life Square, 967 Hu’nan Road,  Pudong District


Tel: 021-6868 3377                  电话:021-6868 3377

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2 thoughts on “Things to Do in Shanghai at Night

  1. Victor

    Hi, can anyone tell me if Shanghai Hotel Leisure Sauna Club 上宾汤田国际会所 (or any massage parlour/place for that matter) is cash only? Do they accept visa/mastercard too? How about foreign currencies? I just want to be as prepared ahead of time as possible.

    I’m also guessing it’s best to travel light when visiting these places. Like leave the wallet and phone at the hotel and just bring the payment?

    1. nijunnicknijunnick Post author

      You can use the credit card there but they do not accept foreign cash. BTW, you suggestion is nice. It’s a brilliant way to leave your wallet and phone at your hotel.


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