Tips in A Massage Parlor and other Happy Ending Places in South Korea

It is possibly that South Koreans may be very tense, but they are actually the most relaxed people in the world, especially for male. Besides the standard shiatsu massage, those South Korean massage parlors also offer happy endings which will be great pleasure for guys.


You can go directly to a massage parlor if you don’t have a budget problem. Those places are handy and have been booming for over a century. Prostitution is illegal but not compulsory there. It is very usual for businessmen to have the happy hour after a long day work with colleagues.

In order to solve this problem, a Special Law on Prostitution was passed in 2004 by the government. As more and more convictions happen these years which lead to a program known as “John School”, giving a chance for offenders learning the way to avoid criminal prosecution.

When you are in South Korean, you can get some extra services even in a karaoke bar, barbershop or restaurant.


And a barbershop will be a great place to get a quick release with a milf lady on a budget. You will identify these places with a swirling, red and white candy-striped pole, where you will see old women from 30-50 years old and cost about $60. If you are looking for some younger and more passionate girls, come to massage parlors.

It may cost over $100 in a massage parlor to melt away your tiredness, but there is a place called “doll house” where you just need to pay $20 for a total package concludes lube, streaming, hard-core, anime-style porn and the 60-minute rental of an inflated and rubber doll. And it will be a pure pleasure without drinks, small talks nor tips. For now, it is legal.

Once you decide to hang out in a barbershop or a karaoke bar, you should be specially cautious. South Koreans are tought non-existent sex education, so condom is not frequently used which leads to a relatively high possiblity for infecting herps and HIV. So, it is crucial to make sure it a safe sex experience with protection.

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