Tokyo Sex Guide FAQ by Dire Wolf

General Background

Within the Japanese sex industry, referred to as “Fuzoku” which in Japanese implies “sexual services,” there is an incredible amount available in terms of variety, quality and quantity. “Fuzoku” is actually short for is actually short form of “Sei Fuzoku,” which means “sexual morals.” In common usage Sei Fuzoku has been shortened to Fuzoku.

Also, the usual term for the drink-and-entertainment industry is “mizu shobai” (water trade) or the older “ukiyo” (floating world). Both terms suggest the fleeting and impermanent nature of the trade: it soothes and flows, but it is not solid — it has nothing to do with the real world of business and family. Although standard hostess bars aren’t usually referred to as fuzoku-type venues, publications that cover the fuzoku industry devote some analysis to numerous lower-grade hostess bars and hostess-related bars that offer sexual services.

Customer Service

In Japan, one of the common phrases in business is: “okyaku-sama wa kami-sama,” which means “the customer is God.” This motto/philosophy extends to the Fuzoku industry, which means the general level of service is high. The Girl Friend Experience [GFE] at many pay-for-play venues isn’t uncommon. One often experiences GFE in the sense that providers are sweet, warm and friendly. They make you feel welcome and you walk away from session happy and satisfied.

HOWEVER, in Japan there are always exceptions. Foreigners aren’t considered in the overall equation of customer = God. Discrimination against foreigners occurs in many situations, Fuzoku included.

Each category of Fuzoku is fairy well-defined in terms of the services offered as well as its legal status. One has to be able to read Japanese in order to make these distinctions.

Due to current Japanese statutes, the only type of venue that offers Full Service as part of its official menu is the Soapland.

At other venues, if the Sexual Services Provider and customer were to be caught in the act of FS, the customer could be fined about Y150,000.
It is highly unlikely that shops would call the police in such a situation, but shops use that option to threaten girls to not to offer FS as an off-menu option. They also cover themselves legally by posting that warning.

Many girls join non-FS shops because they save FS for their boyfriends; or because they feel the wear-and-tear of FS wouldn’t be worth the extra money received. Those girls would become angry if they discovered that one or several of their colleagues were offering off-the-menu extras in order to lure more repeat customers and/or secure extra income [if they charged for it].

Fuzoku Categories:

Fashion Health Clubs
Seikan Massage Clubs
Pink Salons
Image Clubs
Theme Clubs [similar to Image Clubs]
Lingerie Pubs
Date Clubs
Este/Massage Clubs
S&M Clubs

Here are brief explanations of the services usually available:

Fashion Health Clubs – Attended shower before & after; and BJ or handjob. Action takes place in a private room or private curtained-off cubicle. The term “Health” is used in several similar types of venues, with the connotation being relatively higher-quality non-Full Service.
Overall price range: Y5,000 to Y20,000

Mansion Health Club – Variation on the Fashion Health Club theme, but action takes place in relatively spacious condo or apartment units.
Overall price range: Y15,000 to Y30,000

Seikan Massage Clubs – Attended shower before & after; massage; and BJ or handjob. Action takes place in a private room or private curtained-off cubicle. Some Seiken venues offer “mat play,” which is service on a rubber raft. Overall price range: Y5,000 to Y20,000

Pink Salons – BJ or handjob in bar-type setting. Some motivated girls have been known to provide off-the-menu FS. Action takes place in a not-very-private seating area. Each customer is assigned to his own personal seating area. Overall price range: Y6,000 to Y10,000

Image Clubs – Attended shower before & after; and BJ or handjob. Image Club girls wear costumes such as school uniforms, female police officers, nurses, teachers, female action figures and other themes.
Action takes place in a private room or private curtained-off cubicle.
There are variations on this theme as some venues are referred to as Image Clubs and some used the term Image Health. Overall price range:
Y6,000 to Y30,000

Theme Clubs – Attended shower before & after; and BJ or handjob. One popular theme is the “Sexual Harassment Club.” Girls dress up like female office workers, commuters, etc. These clubs have rooms decorated to resemble subway cars, offices, classrooms and police interrogation rooms. Customers get to play-out fantasies of harassing female co-workers at the office, schoolgirls and female commuters on Tokyo’s infamously crowded commuter trains. Action takes place in private rooms.

Lingerie Pubs – These are hybrid hostess bars where the girls dress in lingerie. Depending upon the individual bar, girls will partially disrobe and allow varying amounts of contact. Many girls will take off their bras, sit on the laps of their customers and French-kiss them — depending upon the bar. I’m not sure if HJs or BJs are offered, but definitely not FS.

Date Clubs – Male customers join a Date Club, through which they meet amateur girls for FS encounters. Charges at Date Clubs usually involve Membership Fees; Introduction Fees; and Date Fee [paid directly to the girl].

Este/Massage Clubs – These venues are a recent entry on the Japanese fuzoku scene. They tend to be staffed by girls from Taiwan, China and Korea. They usual offer an expert hard massage followed by HJ. Overall price range: Y6,000 to Y20,000

The problem is that most girls at the Chinese-managed venues will try to hustle customers to extend their session or pay tips for non-FS extras that are freely available at Fashion Health Clubs. That negates one of the best things about fuzoku in Japan – girls provide good and affectionate service without pressuring customers. Occasionally, one can extract FS for a tip at these Este/Massage Clubs, but this is highly illegal and very hush-hush.

S&M Clubs – Reportedly, services vary. I have no experiences here, so I have little info to offer.

Soaplands – Attended shower before & after. Full Service. Without a doubt, soaplands are absolutely full service. Sessions often start with a scrub-down provided by the assigned girl as the customer sits on an H-shaped stool (which provides girls with easy access to all areas to be washed/scrubbed). After the initial scrub-down, action often moves to a bath tub for some touching and BBBJ action. Action usually then segues on to a mat (air mattress) where girls use copious amounts of lotion and water with their bodies to provide pleasure. Some sessions conclude on the mat or on a bed. Girls vary in their respective specialties and interests. Overall price range: Y25,000 to Y100,000

Delivery – The Japanese use the term delivery, or their shortened version, “deli” for out-call. Delivery services include everything from FS escort to Seiken, Image or Health. Overall price range: Y25,000 to Y100,000

The Japanese have added their own unique twist to Delivery/Outcall:
direct marketing. On any given day, direct marketers for numerous insert advertisements, featuring cute girls, into mailboxes all over Tokyo. Therefore, for many men, even if they don’t go looking for it, “trouble” finds them. On any given day, on any given week, one can find one or several advertisements in one’s mailbox. Overall price
range: Y25,000 to Y100,000

BTW, many services are technically illegal in Japan. However, Fuzoku businesses are out in the open in their various respective neighborhoods. Many sports newspapers carry reviews of shops and interviews with specific girls at those shops. There are at least seven monthly magazines [and two weekly newspapers] that focus on the Fuzoku business, the shops and the girls.

Also, in Tokyo, at least one late-night TV how focuses on various aspects of the Fuzoku industry. Such shows feature shops and their services; as well as the girls and their techniques, hobbies, apartments and life styles (away from work).


Japanese Girls [J-Girls] have a special place in the world as they possess numerous subtle as well as obvious positive points.

Charms that immediately come to mind include poise, grace and elegance.
Flat-out attractiveness can’t be discounted. One major reason scans of girls from Japan flood the Internet: Japan has an impressive number of attractive girls.

In terms of body types, the allure of J-Girls can boil-down to personal taste. Many J-Girls don’t have the big busted curvy bodies of Brazilian beach girls – they tend to be slender. Many J-Girls have body types along the lines of Calista Flockhart, Kate Moss and Meg Ryan.

Still, one trend that many men might find appealing: following World War II, J-Girls have been getting taller and breast sizes have also been increasing. Some J-Girls have grown tall enough to make it to the runaways of Paris and attain the star status as they take their place among global Super Models.

For centuries, the cultural dominance of China in Asia has had a huge impact on countries throughout the region. The Chinese valued reticence and modesty in women and they transmitted those attitudes throughout Asia. Like everything else, the Japanese adopted those values and put their own special spin on them.

In general, many J-Girls don’t seek enlightenment or a state of nirvana. Most strive to attain a state of “kawaii.” Directly/roughly translated, “kawaii” means “cute,” but it mean much more than that and it entails numerous other attributes.

Many J-Girls strive to exude the essence of kawaii by the ways in which they dress, walk, talk, talk on cell phones, stand, wait for buses and trains, sit, speak, glance at their watches, cover their mouths when the laugh, open soda cans as well as other seemingly routine activities.

Scarlet O’Hara would be seriously impressed and probably take notes.
Japanese women probably practice the “proper” way to stand while waiting for trains, buses and cabs. Either that or someone publishes a secret J-Girl manual on “How To Look Kawaii At All Times.”

For example, J-Girls feel that walking properly is an important virtue.
In the past, the kimono forced J-Girls to walk in short steps where one foot glides into front of the other – instead of walking with their feet apart.

One term, and phenomena, which relates to a state of mind related to kawaii is “buriko.” This literally means “to pretend to be a child.”
As Japanese society considers sweetness and innocence in women as desirable, some J-Girls go to great lengths to pretend to be innocent.


Most male visitors walking the streets of Tokyo will notice hundreds of attractive fashion conscious women crowding the sidewalks, subways, buses, stores and restaurants.

As J-Girls age, many tend to increase their degree of refinement which accentuates their positive attributes.

The streets of Ginza, Akasaka, Aoyama, Jiyugaoka, Omotesando and Hiroo are great for girl watching. The lobby of the Imperial Hotel on a Friday evening can be mind-boggling. Many beauties can be seen in the financial district – Marunouchi and Otemachi. One also has to mention the outstandingly stylish Kogal, who can be found scatter around Tokyo especially in Shibuya, Shinjuku, Roppongi, Harajuku and other neighborhoods.

Then there are those truly unique features of Japan: the adorable white-gloved elevator girls at the major department stores; and the cute & perky “campaign girls” scattered throughout the city, but found in great numbers in Akihabara, Shibuya and other neighborhoods.

J-Girls really know how to dress and add charm to traditional events as evidenced by the summer kimono they wear for fireworks displays and summer festivals as well as winter kimono for “Hatsumode” [first temple visit of the year, usually January 1-4].


Although most of the Fuzoku Girls that I have met in Tokyo have been on the petite side and slender, there are a lot of variations beyond that:
small-breasted, well-endowed, bronze-skinned, creamy-white-skinned, shapely, very skinny, long-haired, short-haired, tall, shy, aggressive, kinky, sexy and demure.

Not every Fuzoku Girl has been stunningly attractive. Not every girl had a perfect attitude during my sessions. Still, it is important to remember the Japanese motto: “Okyaku-sama wa Kami-sama” = “The customer is a God.”

More often than not, I walked away from sessions saying to myself, “That was fun!” Most of the time, these girls are incredibly sweet and put serious effort into making one feel welcome as a customer.

Many Fuzoku Girls trim or shave at least a portion, if not most, of their pubic hair. Of course, most also completely shave their legs and underarms. The girls seem to view trimming or shaving their pubic hair as part of customer satisfaction, as several girls have asked me if I find that pleasing (Definitely!). I usually like what I see (true
natural beauty) and feel when they shave. Most Fuzoku Girls seem to
have silky smooth skin on the rest of their bodies as well.

Probably one of the biggest reasons for a generally high level of quality is that some young girls enter the Fuzoku business with their intention of working only two-to-three years. As they get older, they seem to cultivate various other career or maritial opportunities. Also, there does not seem to be any apparent drug usage and they do not have to deal with police harassment.

Japan’s Fuzoku Girls are above the legal age, they are not starving, they are not addicted to hard drugs and most do not seem to have been forced into this line of business. A lot of girls are simply trying to earn spending money.

It is not unusual for university students, secretaries, struggling actresses and others to choose the Fuzoku option as a part-time means to supplement their incomes. It is a short-term equalizer for those girls unable to get into the college or company of their choice. I have met a lot of Fuzoku Girls who are attending universities, two-year women’s colleges and special vocational schools. Therefore, a lot of Fuzoku Girls are fairly intelligent and culturally aware.

It is not rare for these girls to live at home with their parents and
(apparently) keep their occupation a secret. Some girls have boyfriends, who may or may not know where their girlfriends are working. At least some girls seem to use this business as a vehicle for husband-hunting. I came to that conclusion after several cute young girls (in the 19-to-21-year-old range) dropped some heavy hints.

A number of Fuzoku girls in Tokyo speak passable English, but if one achieves a reasonable degree of Japanese conversation ability, these sweet girls will try to relate to you. I speak passable Japanese and that is enough to get things started. In either language, one way to break the ice is to talk about travel experiences outside of Japan.
Some girls have traveled extensively. Most have a strong desire to travel abroad. Some girls also like to talk about travel inside Japan.


My all-time favorite Soapland girl was Misaki at Starship, a Soapland in Yoshiwara. Cat-like, sweet, uninhibited, GFE-oriented and Multi-Orgasmic are words that come to mind when I think of Misaki from Starship. More than one of my friends has walked away from sessions with Misaki feeling like their hair was standing-up and smoking.

Another Soapland favorite from Starship was Akiyama-san. Although she has retired, when she worked at Starship, she represented the epitome of Soapland Monster Fuck. Akiyama-san has plain face, but makes up for it with a well-toned body like a martial arts instructor. Her sessions seemed like gymnastics work-out and afterward, she always provided a killer hard shiatsu massage.

At one time, Roppongi Crystal Fashion Health Club had an incredible collection of good-looking girls, some of whom are quite tall for Japanese girls. My absolute favorite girl at Roppongi Crystal was Yukie [pronounced YU-KI-AY], with whom I had the pleasure of having numerous sessions during a 15-month span before she retired.

Yukie is about 5’7″ with relatively large breasts and a great body – like Matsuda Senna, but Yukie is taller, has shorter hair and a much better looking face. Yukie has silky-smooth flawless skin.

Yukie is an avid scuba diver, which helped her to maintain top physical condition. Very athletic! She often returned from her diving vacations with good stories and a nice tan.

Yukie was fun in every session that we had together. She liked to talk about her diving trips to exotic locations. Yukie also played basketball in high school. She likes to watch NBA games on TV in Japan, when they are available, which provided another subject of mutual interest. Yukie also has what I consider to be good taste in music and we seemed to like many of the same movies. Yukie is very close to being a fluent English speaker and she enjoyed the opportunity to occasionally sharpen some of the fine points of her vocabulary (mostly sports and the economy) during our sessions.

In terms of technique, Yukie was top notch. Like my other favorite Fuzoku Girls in Tokyo, Yukie would vary her routines. She would be quite affectionate at the conclusion of our interludes, prior to and during the follow-up shower. She always wanted to know if I enjoyed myself. Many of my sessions with Yukie left me breathless.

Yukie left Roppongi Crystal for a one-year stint as a diving instructor at a resort in Cancun, Mexico. After that, she returned to Tokyo and got married to one of her former customers (a Japanese gentleman).
Many of the girls working at Roppongi Krystal regarded Yukie as their unofficial leader and role model.

Other incredible girls that worked at Roppongi Crystal in the past
include: Hotaru, a tiny bronze-skinned Okinawan firecracker who gave great BJs; Miho, great breasts, full lips and a sweet personality; Nozomi, a 5’9″ kogal, she looked like a model; Yumika, another 5’9″
girl with an angel face, long legs and large breasts – she should be a model; and Yumi, a petite surfer girl who fell in love with one of her Australian customers and moved in with him when he moved back to Australia.

Another past favorite, whom I met at Madonna Mansion Health Club in Roppongi, is Misaki. At that time, Misaki was a struggling actress who was starting to get some breaks, including commercials and swimsuit modeling jobs. She auditioned (unsuccessfully) for the annual 50-week long NHK samurai drama and for the movie, “The Last Samurai.” She needed to supplement her income until acting generated enough cash flow. She was definitely cut-out for bikini modeling – she has a great body. She eventually quit this shop and moved to Los Angeles.

Another incredible girl at Madonna was Maya, who bears a strong resemblance to Japanese AV star Madoka Ozawa, expect Maya has better teeth, longer hair and larger breasts. Maya worked at Madonna Roppongi when she attended a trade school for traditional Japanese landscaping [a lucrative field]. Upon graduation quit Madonna and took-up traditional Japanese landscaping as her vocation.

Another Tokyo favorite was Kazumi from Dogenzaka Crystal Fashion Health Club. I first selected her because she looked different from the others
- quiet and studious – like a librarian. However she was a wild woman and seemed to have a new method at each and every succeeding session.
Kazumi specialized in providing Asian. She would often combine intense Asian-licking with excellent Hand techniques and varying degrees of prostate stimulation. When I often looked at her faces and her eyes he seemed to be possessed by the God Eros.

I met another incredible girl, Miss Sakae, through the now-defunct Japan Este – an outcall Seiken Massage shop. Basically, the service involved a shiatsu (hard) massage followed by hand relief.

When Miss Sakae arrived at my apartment, I had to pinch myself. She was ultra-attractive, fashionably-dressed (in a way appropriate for a four-star restaurant) and very well-mannered. She had long and lovely black hair (right out of a Japanese shampoo commercial), a nice body and a gorgeous face that would cause jaws to drop in any city. She wore a mild trace of subtle perfume. The massage was great and the hand job was as good as it gets. Miss Sakae was skilled at alternating stimulating and prolonging techniques. Just looking at her was a big turn-on.

Afterward, when Miss Sakae was ready to depart, she got down on the floor on her hands and knees to perform a traditional Japanese deep bow as she presented me with a gift (a designer men’s handkerchief). That is my idea of customer service!

In conclusion, I think most of the Fuzoku girls in Tokyo are great and well worth their fees as many Often try to go that extra mile when it comes to service. IMHO, they are very special.


First, anyone traveling to Tokyo should purchase: “THE NEW TOKYO Bilingual Atlas” published by Kodansha. It is available in most international book Stores in Tokyo and I’m sure it can be purchased overseas too. It is the best bilingual map available.

In metropolitan Tokyo, one can find venues near many non-financial district train stations. Such is the case with stations such as Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro, Takadananobaba, Gotanda, Machida and Shin-Okubo. Many of these target-rich environments are near train stations located on the Yamanote Line which completely encircles Tokyo.

The same holds true for suburban stations such as Kawaguchi, Omiya and Tama; and Tokyo’s satellite cities such as Kawasaki and Yokohama.

The larger the station, the greater likely of finding venues. Japanese speaking/reading UGers can wander around any large station and discover venues, even in some of the nicer neighborhoods such as Jiyugaoka.

The logic of these logistics is simple: many men can enjoy such venues before or after their train ride home or when traveling about Tokyo in-between business appointments.

Which raises an important point: where can UGers find foreigner-friendly venues? The answer: it helps to have a resident UGer provide assistance. The frequently shifting sands of foreigner-friendly venues can make it difficult to keep track from overseas.


Tokyo has a Red Light District that is more than 400 years old popularly known by its traditional name: Yoshiwara. The present-day official name for this neighborhood is Senzoku 4-chome, but most Japanese hobbyists and publications call it Yoshiwara. The closest subway station is Minowa on the Hibiya line.

Yoshiwara is packed with Soaplands; and other than convenience stores and restaurants, that’s the only other type of shop found there.

It’s generally better to book appointments in advance in order to get a better selection of girls or even reserve a favorite from past visits.

The great thing about Yoshiwara’s Soaplands is that they provide door-to-door service. They offer transportation to and from the following train stations: JR Uguisudani; JR Nippori; and Hibiya Line, Minowa.

Soaplands usually require a re-confirmation call one hour before the booking time. Use it to confirm your booking and the station for pick-up.

Call the Soapland again when you arrive at the station, which usually should be 30 minutes before appointment time. The shop will provide the license number or other means to identify the pick-up car.

However, even UGers who can’t speak Japanese can find some success in this neighborhood. Find the neighborhood and walk around. Be
friendly: look at the doormen and smile. Some will avoid you. Some will approach you. Ask for prices and ask to see pictures before anything – doormen and touts will write it on a piece of paper.


Within striking distance of Japan’s largest train station stands one of Japan’s largest Red Light Districts: Kabukicho.

For one reason or another, Kabukicho gradually developed into a neighborhood filled with mostly, but not exclusively, sexual services venues. Kabukicho is probably the most famous red light district in Tokyo. Unlike Yoshiwara, which is staid, calm and filled with soaplands, Kabukicho is a noisy in-your-face neighborhood with a variety of venues and numerous touts. If someone spots you there, they are few legitimate excuses for being there after dark. It’s also one of the neighborhoods with the most-shootings-per-annum in Tokyo.

UGers can find just about every type of Japanese venue in Kabukicho:
Soaplands, Fashion Health, Image Health, Pink Salons, Estes and others.
Apparently, some Japanese freelancers also work the Streets of Kabukicho, but they seem to prefer local customers.

Kabukicho can seem menacing at times [if one notices such things].
Chinese gangs have made serious headway in terms of controlling turf in Kabukicho and sometimes they have shoot-outs which don’t always get reported by the media. On the plus side, it makes easy for Chinese gentlemen to gain entrance to numerous Kabukicho shops and it has helped other foreigners succeed as well.

Unlike other cities in Asia, you can trust many touts in Tokyo – if you tell them exactly what you want. In a very Japanese manner, there is an organization of well-dressed polite touts that work in Kabukicho.
Roughly translated, it’s informally known as the “In Charge Of Kabukicho Ichiban Gai.” They have their own office and members carry business cards. I suspect that this group is also part of the Chinese Connection in Kabukicho as most of its members are Chinese, either from the PRC or Taiwan.

One part of Kabukicho that hosts a lot of foreigner friendly shops is near the Shinjuku Ward Office [Shinjuku Kuhyakusho] on Kuhyakusho Dori.
Most of the shops on that street are Este-type venues. Still if foreigners seeking UG-type action in Kabukicho walk around that neighborhood enough, they are bound to find a venue that will welcome them.

Numerous Hostess Club in Kabukicho offer girls to take-out for FS at Love Hotels.


Located near yet another major Tokyo train station, Shibuya is a lively, crowded and interesting neighborhood to visit. Girl watchers will find Shibuya to be a target rich environment. Those seeking UG-oriented satisfaction will also find some options available.
Although Shibuya has numerous venues available, only a handful welcome foreigners. Still, Shibuya has a few foreigner-friendly Pink Salons, Fashion Health Clubs and Image Clubs.

Roppongi and Other Tokyo Neighborhoods

Filled with mostly conventional bars, Roppongi can be a fun place party. Still, there are some bars which are reputed to be great pick-up venues for meeting J-Girls. Like everything else, these venues change in popularity, but some of the mainstays include: Motown, Lexington Queen [dance club], Propanganda, Velfarre [dance club] and the Tokyo Sports Bar [located next to the strip club One-Eyed Jacks & where strippers drop by after work].

Some neighborhoods that have numerous venues include Ikebukuro, Takadananobaba, Gotanda Ueno and Shin-Okubo. All of these neighborhoods are located near stations on the Yamanote Line. All of them might have one or two foreigner-friendly shops, but they are few and far between. Shin-Okubo does have some freelancers who ply their trade starting around sundown.

In Yokohama near Hinodecho station, on the Keihin Kyuko Line, there is a three-square-block filled with one- and two-story ramshackle structures where girls operate. Girls range in age from 18-to-40 and beyond. Rooms are tiny, containing only a mattress, clock, waste paper basket and a box of tissues. Mostly Thai and Taiwanese girls with some Russians; and Japanese occasionally present. Girls offer FS for 10 minutes for Y10,000. Covered BJ. One can meet the occasional knock-outs her but this is such a down-market option it would be difficult to recommend.

In Machida, a station located on the Yamanote Line, UGers can find a similar-but-smaller set-up to that of Hinodecho.


EN-CHOH = Extension of your session, which involves an additional fee.

BUKKAKE = Sex or BJ ending with facial.

FERRA = Blowjob.

HANA-BIRA-KAI-TEN = Blowjobs by several girls.

HON-BAN = Full Service, literally “the real thing.”

IME-KURA = Image Club

NAKA-DASHI = BBFS with finish inside

SOTO-DASHI = BBFS with finish outside

NAMA = Without condom.


PAI-ZURI = Insertion of cock between breasts.

SHIMEI = Advanced booking of or a specific request for a specific girl.
This sometimes requires an additional fee.


SOAP = Abbreviation of “soapland”

SUMATA = Simulated FS by inserting penis between a girl’s thighs.

ZENSHIN-LIP = Licking the entire body

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