Top 10 Gay Bars in Shanghai

A gay bar is a drinking establishment which caters to an exclusively or predominantly lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender(LGBT) clientele. A gay bar is always crowded with LGBT people, and it serves mostly as the center of gay culture, becoming one of the few places people with same sex orientations and gender identities can openly socialize. If you want to look for some new and fresh experience, you can hang out in a gay bar. However, you don’t have to look around, I am going to make a list to give you a reference.

Mini Pink1378364810841_副本

Address: Basement, Lane 6, XingguoTower, 1950 Huaihai Xi Lu, near Xingguo Lu,  Xuhui District

地址:徐汇区淮海中路1950弄6号兴国大厦楼底, 近兴国路

Phone:  135 2405 5997

Description: Mini Pink, a gay-friendly bar which has moved from a small venue in the old gaybourhood on Gaolan Lu, to a space right next door to Shanghai Studio. The new bar is on two levels, with the back one filled with furniture, a loud group playing games and two guys canoodling on a sofa in the corner. It features a fair selection of cheap and tasty cocktails (50RMB). The friendly welcome and relaxed vibe win gay version of Cheers.

Focus Club1378363380498_副本

Address: First Floor, HarbourRingPlaza, 730 Yanan Dong Lu, near Xizang Nan Lu,  Huangpu District

地址:黄浦区延安东路730号1楼, 近西藏南路

Phone:  152-1685-7806

Description: Focus Club is the most romantic lesbian bar in town. This lala bar is a cafe by day, but at night the C-shaped space transform into a lounge whose main clientele are Shanghai’s les girls. It offers ladies an alternative gatherine place to bars with pouding house music and flashing disco lights. It is very clean and sophisticated. Focus has also become popular for the romantic atmosphere afforded by the candles that provide a great deal of its lighting. Soft drinks seem like the preferred choice for most patrons but Focus does serve beer (30RMB), cocktails (40-45RMB), and wine (260-380RMB/bottle), as well as pasta (35RMB), sandwiches (30RMB) and ice cream (32-35RMB).

Transit Loungex1378349983979.jpg.pagespeed.ic.6rYB9rJnuX_副本

Address: Tai An Lu 141/Hua Shan Lu,  Changning District


Phone:  (021)6283-3051; 133-9128-3097

Description: Transit Lounge is known as “that Japanese gay bar above Shanghai Studio, and is due for its recent face-lift and new scene. The groovy music and compact layout make it easy to chat with the bartender. It is a stylish lounge with smooth music and quality drinks which is one of the best Mojito in Shanghai. You can enjoy a safe, clean and comfortable environment here.

Rice Bar1378349045106_副本

Address: 2/F, 532-1 Fahuazhen Lu,  Changning District

地址:法华镇路 532-1 号二楼

Phone:  159-2110-9881

Description: This is an LGBT bar inspired by the Rice bar in Hong Kong, which caters to “rice queens” (white guys who like Asian guys) and the Asian men who want to meet them.  The bar itself is small and intimate, and filled with a warm Japanese touch. Simple and bright with modern decor to make your vision of music in a relaxed environment. The music was low and mellow. You can enjoy a cosy and warm atmosphere here. The bartenders will make your favourite cocktail just for you. The long island is really good.

390 Shanghai1378187781788_副本

Address: 390 Panyu Lu, near Fahuazhen Lu,  Changning District


Phone:  186-2124-9854

Description: What city can boast of a gay live music venue? That’s what made 390 Bar such a hot prospect. 390 is a bar with regular live music during the week and turns into a club with DJ’s filling the dance floor at weekends. Weekends after 11pm it’s a gay venue that fits about 300 with lots of seating, two bars, an upstairs level that overlooks a dancefloor of decent size. The cocktail menu comes from a former Alchemist manager Chris Peart and Arcade’s Jacob Prain. A Clockwork Orange (70RMB), with gin and orange liqueur, has a pleasingly bitter-sour funk but the stand-out is an excellent riff on a classic: the Nu-Fashioned (60RMB). Food is also impressive – grilled sausages with Amelia’s fruit chutney (45RMB) are a definite hit.

OBAMA Club1378102661142_副本

Address: B201 Jiadun Mall, 2088 West Yan’an Road,  Changning District


Phone: 021-60837567

Description: It’s a popular gay bar in Shanghai, especially for a party called “Angel Shanghai” which will be held on every Saturday here, attracting lots of gays to come. It’s really embraced by foreigners who would like to visit here to enjoy and relax themselves. The place is very large and contains some scarttered bars at the same time. The dance floor is large enough for people dancing here. With the nice environment, atmosphere and decoration, people here also need to pay higher. But we all know, it’s value for money.

Shanghai Studio1378099180259_副本

Address:1950 Huaihai Middle Road, No 4, Shanghai,  Xuhui District


Phone: 6283-1043

Description: Shanghai Studio is one of Shanghai’s most popular gay bars, which located in the French Connection close to Eddy’s Bar. From the outside it’s hard to find and deceptively small, but inside you’ll find a cavernous maze of tunnels and cushioned private rooms. It is in a basement. The staffs are very friendly and you will be well looked after. In Shanghai Studio, you can just kick back and relax, enjoy a cocktail and a few art installations or just find a quiet corner. The price of drinks is relatively cheaper than some other bars. “Happy Hour” is offered every night before 10:30 – buy one get one free. On the weekend, there are many taxis waiting outside to take you back home after a good night out.

Eddys Bar1377827599891_副本

Address: 1877 Huaihai Zhong Lu,  Xuhui District


Phone: 6282-0521, 138-1667-0836

Description: Eddy’s Bar is Shanghai’s ever-popular and longest operating gay club which draws in regular crowds who love the ambience, music mix and reasonably priced drinks.  Eddy’s opened in 1995 and was the first bar to openly serve the city’s gay, lesbian and bisexual community in Shanghai. Decor-wise, Eddy’s is an interesting combination of grey slate, Chinese lanterns and Asian art. This is a great place to meet friends – old and new – and the dimly lit setting is warm, friendly and inviting. It will make you feel instantly at home. Lesbians and women friends of gays are also welcomed. 

G8 Bistro& Bar6e06ca60ff929faa6a0aabf60e9a174a_副本

Address: 399 Da Gu Road, Jingan District


Phone: 5375-0084

Description: Shanghai’s closest gay bar to People’s Park and the Bund, G8 is a swanky and comfortable spot with a separate “loft” section that caters mostly to lesbians. It’s the re-incarnation of long-running Shanghai gay hangout Frangipani, which closed following a fire. The space has been handsomely redone. Farther back you’ll find a cozier split-level space with a mix of sofas and bar tables on each floor. Inexpensive appetizers are available from the kitchen, and the drinks won’t set you back much either – there’s a long menu of elixirs.


Address: 38 Changshou Road Lane 818


Phone: 134-7258-4614

Description: Babala, one of the most recommendable lala bars in shanghai,  is going for more of a clubby feel, with elegant and simple decoration.  Covering two levels, it is creating a more spacious room for relaxation. The chic and stylish atmosphere has been attracting a lot of customers, it is a good spot for you to hang out. There’s a cover charge of RMB30, which includes a free drink, or RMB60 at the weekends.


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