Top 10 Incall Escort Girls in Beijing

Recently, terrorist attack in Yunan Province and the vice clampdown
all across china has led to daily checks on all hotels and entertainment outlets all across China. Hotels are not safe, the police is literally checking every hotel room in China. Beside catching sex workers they are also after the Xinjiang people who carried out the attack at Yunan train station. Hence, incall escort service will be safer than outcall for the time being. It is better for all to go to the girl’s rented rooms or apartment for overnight in Beijing.

Incall Escort Girl is named as Lou Feng(楼凤) in Chinese. It refers to the prostitutes who offer sex service in their own living place as well as gentlewomen who make deals of body with men. Lou Feng usually are local citizens and have their own lodgings. The reasons for them to choose to be incall escort girls varies from each other, but with one in common, a unfortunate marriage. They do not have professional skill and live alone. They are either young and beautiful, or mature and charming. Hence, these incall escort girls are jokingly named as Lou Feng(楼凤) by local people.

The common points of Incall Escort Girls/ Lou Feng in Beijing  

imagesLou Feng usually make appointments with their clients on QQ or wechat. In their Q-zones, you may find several groups of photo albums, including candid photos, art photos and pornographic pictures. Candid photos and art photos can be viewed directly while pornographic pictures need passwords. 

The “working place” of incall escort girls/ Lou feng is basically in the residential buildings.  It’s not sure whether they lease or own the place.

Some incall escort girls offer outcall service as well, but the clients need to pay them extra money and taxi fee while others insist that outcall is not available. Moreover, a small part of Lou Feng make it clear that they do not offer place so their clients need to get a room in the hotel.

Incall Escort Girls/ Lou Feng Can Be True or Fake

Lou Feng is varied in different types, some are traditional Lou Feng making living by offering sex service independently, some are part-time Lou Feng who work during the day time and do prostitution at night, and others  are controlled to be prostitutes by pimps.

The address of Incall Escort / Lou Feng will not be told directly. The working girls usually tell clients the address of their communities. When the clients arrived and called back to them, they would guide clients to their “working place”.

images (1)However, incall escort scams exist as well. The criminals falsely claim they are Lou Feng and offer incall escort service on QQ or Wechat. They usually need their clients to pay service fee via c

Other criminals usually guide clients to a lonely spot, rob them and threaten victims not to call the police. This kind of cases take place in China each year.

Warning from the Police

images (2)The tactics of prostitution through Internet have drawn the attention of the police. They counsel general public to preserve their moral integrity and do not try to break the law.

It is reported by the police that Wechat and QQ are the common tool used by criminals to find victims. Criminals usually publish the incall service ads on the Internet and take the guaranty bond from victims for introduction fee of escort girls. Some criminals even make theft or robbing when victims arrived at their prescribed destination.

Recommendation of Beijing Incall Escort Girls/ Lou Feng

To make deals with Incall Escort Girls/ Lou Feng in Beijing, you’d better know Chinese as most of them cannot speak English. Otherwise, communication will be a problem between you. Here, we are going to recommend the top 10 incall escort girls in Beijing.

1. Da Bao

1389228090885Da Bao is a beautiful Chinese girl who is young, outgoing, sensual and functional. She is 23 years old with a wonderful body. She offers incall service only. HJ, BJ, Bathing together and ML are all available. Totally GFE and no rush. If you want to meet her, you need to make an appointment in advance. Add her on QQ, and the answer of her question on QQ is 爱北京. It will be better if you can speak some Chinese.

Phone: 13263317895

QQ: 1563886974

2. Niu Niu 

1389230102108Niu Niu is 21 years old. She lives in Fengtai District and is an incall escort in Beijing. The pics of her are all real and you may find She is young, beautiful and sweet. She can offer Body licking, DFK, HJ, BJ and ML. She likes gentlemen who will love her and respects her. You can touch any part of her body except her private part. Thanks for your kind cooperation.

Phone: 13520160753

QQ: 1311693628

3. Xiao Xue 

1389328701365If you want to have an unforgettable experience with a beautiful Chinese girl, you may come and get Xiao Xue. She is 22 years old with wonderful body. She is young, sexy and friendly. She provides uniforms, bathing together, body licking, HJ, BJ and ML etc. Add her on QQ and the answer of her QQ question is 爱北京. An appointment is needed via QQ or sms.

Phone: 15810281214

QQ: 1054304924

4. Red Rose

1389343395675Red Rose is 27 years old, offering incall service in Beijing. She lives in Haidian District and if you are interested in her, contact her via QQ or send her sms to make an appointment. If her schedule permits, she will reply you and tell you her address. She can offer HJ,BJ,CIM, Body Licking, Anal Rimming and ML. She is really hot and sexy, so pick up your phone now.


QQ:  2644730494

5. Squandered Youth

1389150974807Squandered Youth is a young sweet Chinese girl. She lives in the area of Wangjing and offers incall and outcall service(you need to pay taxi fee). Squandered Youth is her nickname on QQ. She is only 22 years old and escort is her part time job. She offers BJ, HJ, Body licking and ML. An appointment is needed in advance. Besides, some of her friends offer incall services as well. In her QQ zone, there are their photos.

Phone: 13522245235

QQ: 1462576681

6. Lily

1388730051118Lily is 23 years old and stands 165 cm high. She is a high class escort in Beijing. As a traditional Chinese girl, she is beautiful, talented, skillful and elegant. She knows the art of tea and plays Guzheng well. She only provides incall service. Her services include tea art, Performance of Guzheng, BBBJ, HJ and ML etc. With her, you can enjoy physically and mentally in an elegant environment. Her pics are all real and if you wanna see her, please make an appointment on QQ.

QQ: 2767846703

7.  Fei Fei and Yue Yue

x1388448810175.jpg.pagespeed.ic.qBQtzw4BPNFei Fei and Yue Yue are sisters who work together. Fei Fei is 170cm and Yue Yue is 163 cm. They are both young, 23 years old. Fei Fei is sexy and active while Yue Yue is cute and sweet. They will make you feel at the heaven with their excellent services. They can provide HJ, BJ, Body Licking and ML etc. Escorts are their part-time job and they are available for 15 days each month. If you would like enjoy their services, please make an appointment on QQ.

QQ: 303446322

8. Snow Model

1388467655105Snow Model  24 years old, 173cm, young and tall. If you are looking for a girl who can bring you the GFE on your lonely nights, you can call her. She arrives at Beijing recently and offers incall service only. She can provide various services like HJ, BJ, GFE, CIM, COB, etc. No rush and you are promised to have a great time with her. Make an appointment on QQ or send her sms.


QQ: 362793301

9. Yangyang

x1388731650217.jpg.pagespeed.ic.9seAeXachnYangyang is a young and pretty girl. She offers massage and special escort services for gentlemen in Beijing. She has more than 3 years’ experience in massage and I know how to please and pamper gentlemen. She is an elegant, charming, slim and friendly girl. Her services are reliable and great. Her massage will make you feel refreshed, relaxed.

Phone: 13436379129

10. Xi Xi

1385531925615Xixi is a friendly and outgoing girl, also a hard-working girl. Why choose her? She is slim and has fine curve and tender skin. Through professional and strict massage training, she is good at a variety of massages. Tell her what you want and she will try her best to let you feel satisfied. She speaks good Japanese and basic English. She can be your guide in Beijing. She will introduce life in Beijing to you. She will help you reduce stress and pain, refresh your body. If you think her service is good, please introduce to your friends.

Phone: 13910082338

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