Top 10 KTV in Shenzhen

Address: 3-5F, Hongchang Plaza, 2001 Shennan East Road, Luohu District
Tel: 0755-22276888
Opening Hour: 1pm-6am
Per capital Consumption: 74RMB
Located near the South Union Hotel, the QUEEN BOX is close to the Shekou Metro Line. Get off at Hubei Station Exit B and you will find the place. The decoration is very classic and luxurious. The services are great and the acoustics are amazing. Songs are updated regularly. If you get a groupon, that will be a great deal. The buffet includes sushi, Chinese dishes, ice-cream and others.

钱柜Party World
Address: 1-4F, Jia Zhao Ye Center, 66 Nanyuan Road, Futian District
Tel: 0755-22312999/22312888
Per capital Consumption: 82RMB
Featuring 5-star decoration style, the Party World is one of the most professional KTVs in Shenzhen. The place is humanized in every single way. Every private room houses a bathroom. Apart from the great microphone, the acoustics are also very amazing. The buffet is available after noon. Guests can enjoy the delicious buffet and then go for the sing-offs.

乐爵KTVLa Jazz Music Club
Address: 2-3F, Jinfeng Cheng Mansion, 5015 Shennan East Road, Luohu District
Tel: 0755-29159111
Opening Hour: 11am-6am
Per capital Consumption: 59RMB
The La Jazz Music Club is close to the Mixc in Luohu District. Featuring clean and tidy environment and great sound effect, every room of the Lu Jue KTV is with different themes. There are many drinks and the prices are more reasonable than other KTVs and bars. All equipments are new, making it smoother when choosing songs. The nice KYV also attracts many beauties.

Address: 6F, Nanshan Book Store, 2748 Nanhai Avenue, Nanshan District
Tel: 0755-86608888/86121178
Opening Hour: 12am-3am
Per capital Consumption: 35RMB
The COOL PARTY KTV is one of the places that boasts good price performance. Situated on the 6th floor of the Nanshan Book Store, the place is usually cheaper From Monday to Friday. The COOL PARTY KTV is also branch store in Shenzhen. With brand new decorations and fabulous acoustics, the Nanshan Book Store Branch is one of the newest. Great deal groupon is available from time to time.

欢乐颂KTVSong of Joy KTV
Address: R.102A, Haisong Mansion, Tairan 9th Road, Che Kung Temple, Futian District
Tel: 0755-33220333/33221668
Opening Hour: 11:30am-6am
Per capital Consumption: 54RMB
The Song of Joy KTV near the Binhe Avenue is a quite a large leisure place proving great services attitude. Surrounded by many bars and restaurants, the Song of Joy KTV features luxurious interior decorations. And the price is also pretty expensive. Each room is with different themes, such as Pharoah, Edinburgh, Aegean Sea and others. Guests can take Public Bus 101, 113, 204, 121 and 213, and then get off at China Merchants Bank Building Stop in Shennan Road.

K歌王K King
Address: 1-3F, Yunfeng Garden, 29 Youyu Road, Luohu District
Tel: 0755-25189988
Opening Hour: 24 hours
Per capital Consumption: 53RMB
The K King boasts luxurious interior design, great acoustics and comfortable and spacious rooms.  As one of the most famous KTVs in Luohu District, the K King features wireless microphone with great tone quality. The place also provides delicious buffet, which includes a variety of dishes such as Steamed Rice Roll with Shrimp, Pomelo Drink, Spicy Chicken and others.

柏悦汇KTVBo Yue Hui KTV
Address: D, Bldg.2 Qushui Bay, OCT Bay, 8 East of Baishi Road, Nanshan District
Tel: 0755-82399988
Opening Hour: 12:00am-2:00am
Per capital Consumption: 125RMB
The Bo Yue Hui KTV is close to the IMAX in Nanshan District. The place is a little bit offset but it isn’t hard to find. In term of the comfortable environment, great acoustics and considerate services, the Bo Yue Hui KTV can definitely be crown as the Best KTV in Shenzhen. Same as the Party World, every private room here houses a bathroom. If you are looking for a high-end place, this is definitely the place you should be. Free parking is available underground.

Address: 4F, Tiley Fame City Shopping Center, 85 Haide 3rd Road, Nanshan District
Tel: 0755-86338666/86338688
Opening Hour: 12:00am-2:00am
Per capital Consumption: 52RMB
The BBFLY KTV is close to the OCT. This brand new branch of BBFLY features nice ambiance, and are decorated in a luxurious style. Most importantly, the effect of soundproof is great and the acoustics are amazing. Monday is the member’s day. There are many great deals available. If you are a big fan of sing, you should probably get a VIP card.

thumbK BOX
Address: 3F, Zone A, COCO Park North Area, 269 Fuhua 3rd Road, Futian District
Tel: 0755-83832001/83832002
Per capital Consumption: 65RMB
The K BOX is a new spot in the city, attracting many youngsters. The front is too small to be noticed but the interior is spacious. The canteen houses a variety of delicious snacks. If you want to be a long-term customer, a 60RMB VIP card is suggested. You can get a 30 per cent off every time.


欢唱100量贩KTVMelody 100 KTV
Address: 1-3F, Pavilion Hotel Podium Building, 4002 Huaqiang North Road, Futian District
Tel: 0755-83789888
Per capital Consumption: 48RMB
The decoration style of the Melody 100 KTV is very bright and special, which is really beautiful. The songs here are the latest. With great acoustic equipments, soundproof effect comfortable environment and private bathroom, the Melody 100 KTV is a nice place for gathering. Buffet is provided and the price is very reasonable. Free parking is available.

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3 thoughts on “Top 10 KTV in Shenzhen

  1. Jason

    What’s “Per capital Consumption: 48RMB” ?
    That’s an entrance fee? or budget/1person ?
    Can I go to KTV alone? Can I know the average price?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. nijunnicknijunnick

      Dear Jason,
      KTV does not has entrance fee. “Per capital Consumption: 48RMB” means if you go there with some friends, each of you may cost 48 RMB on average, but if you go there alone, the damage can be more. You can go to KTVs in Shenzhen only if you are over 18. The damage depends on what kind of KTV room you choose and how long you will stay there. More questions are welcomed.


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