Top 10 Massage and Spa Parlors in Beijing

Stress has now become a more serious problem in our daily life. To deal with the problem, having a massage therapy might be a great ideal. They are great places to relax your body and mind, offering you the balance that you need. Those soothing touches will help you reach deep relaxation. Here are the top 10 massage and spa places you can go in Beijing.

I Spa possesses 6 branch stores in Beijing. As one of the greatest Spas in the city, I Spa brings you unforgettable experience by offering great service, environment and technique. The aroma brought by the incense makes the parlor a comfortable place to stay. There are petals on the bed and cane chairs and potted plants in each room. The Thai therapists are very skillful and considerate. Service here includes full body oil massage, head massage, foot massage, full body spa, facial treatment and body scrub. The red bean porridge served after the massage or spa treatment is very delicious. Per capital consumption is about 799RMB.

Bodhi Therapeutic Retreat (Pu Ti Hui Suo/菩提会所)

Bodhi Tharapeutic Retreat has taken old and contamporary south Asian architactural style, and creatd an evocative and subtly luxurious retreat, devoted to relaxation and well-being. The natural tones thoughout the center, the tasteful, understated decoration and authentic South Asian features all combine to transport you from the world. There are a wide variety of professional treatments, such as massage therapies, facials treatment and spa package, provided by skilled and experienced Chinese and Thai therapists, leaving you body and mind in a wonderfully relaxed state.

Congen Massage Healthcare Club (Jun Kang Hui Guan/康骏会馆)
Located in the financial heartland, the Congen Massage Healthcare Club enjoys convenient transportation. Though the rooms are small, the ambiance is classic and calm. With years of experience, the therapists here are of great techniques. They also give you tips of daily care. Most recommended therapy will be full body oil massage. Fruits and drinks are provided before the treatments. Per capital consumption is about 98RMB.

Tian You Tang (Tian You Tang/天佑堂)
Tian You Tang is known for its Chinese medicine conditioning. Located close to the embassy district, the place is easy to find. Nice interior creates a cozy atmosphere for you to relax. As experts in Traditional Chinese Massage, the passionate and professional therapists know a lot about the acupuncture point. Service here includes chiropractic, bone setting, shoulder and neck massage, foot massage and others. Per capital consumption is about 98RMB.

Dun Min Jiu Tang (Dun Min Jiu Tang/敦敏灸堂)
Dun Min Jiu Tang is the place where you can get professional acupuncture therapy. The doctor in the lobby will feel the pulse of the customers first. Based on the diagnosis, they will provide proper therapy to you. The parlor is filled with the aroma of wormwood. The decorations are of primitive simplicity. Most recommended therapy is moxibustion. Free red dates soup and bread are provided after the treatment. Per capital consumption is about 170RMB.

Ding Zu Yi Hua (Ding Zu Yi Hua/鼎族怡华)
With exotic ambience, the Ding Zu Yi Hua is close to the Renaissance Beijing Capital Hotel. One of the specialties here is Shiatsu. Featuring unique technique, the experienced masseuses here offer great services. Ding Zu Yi Hua also offers free snacks. Per capital consumption is 104 RMB.

Fanchangwei Jiu Cao Tang (Fan Chang Wei Jiu Cao Tang/范长伟灸草堂)
Run by a prestigious Chinese physician, Jiu Cao Tang is well known for its acupuncture. With a history of more than 3 years, the place houses 9 rooms. Inside the Jiu Cao tang is a Chinese style interior, with bookshelves full of books about Chinese medicine and yoga. The Buddhism Music played in the rooms can make you relax easily. Glutinous Rice Wine is served before the therapy and jujube red bean porridge is available after. Remember to make reservation before you go. Per capital consumption is 64 RMB.

Ban Ruo Jiu She (Ban Ruo Jiu She/般若灸舍)
Located near the Today Art Gallery, the Ban Ruo Jiu She is surrounded by elites in the artistic field. Once stepped in the place, you are rounded by the peaceful atmosphere. The inner design is unsophisticated and refined. Rooms are filled with the smell of wormwood. The owner will tell you some basics about the moxibustion. A massage treatment will be provided after the moxibustion. You can also see the bustling scene of the CBD right from the window. Per capital consumption is 140 RMB.

Wu Zhi Sheng Foot and Body Massage (Wu Zhi Sheng Zu Liao Bao Jian/五指生足疗保健)
Owning 8 Branch stores in Beijing, the Wu Zhi Sheng Foot and Body Massage is opposite to Guiyou Mansion. The center is nice and clean. There are many treatments available to choose from, such as skin scraping, cupping, back stepping, oil massage and foot massage. With years of experience, the therapists here are very professional. Free fruits and snacks are provided. Free parking is available at the front door. Per capital consumption is about 115RMB.

Xian Luo Qi SPA (Xian Luo Qi SPA/暹罗憩SPA)
Xian Luo Qi SPA is a authentic Thai spa and massage center. It not only reflected on the inner decoration and the music, but also reflected on the therapies. The reasonable fixed price and preferential policies have kept lots of customers coming. Services here include body scrub, facial treatment, oil massage and Thai massage. White fungus broth is served after the therapies. With veteran therapists, high-quality service and great environment, Xian Luo Qi definitely can be named as a 5-star Spa. Per capital consumption is about 261RMB.

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