Top 10 Popular Massage Parlors in Shanghai

In the “magic city” Shanghai, there are various kinds of massage parlors. Among them, some are quite popular among the local people. According to a review website named “dianping”, there are 10 hottest massage parlors in Shanghai and here we are going to make a brief introduction of them. 

1. Ya Fu Yuan Health Center (Jin Xiu Fang Branch) 雅弗源养生中心(锦绣坊店)

thumbYa Fu Yuan health center is founded by Mrs Yafu, the service include sweat steaming, essential oil massage, Chinese massage, foot massage, etc. There are three branches in Shanghai and this one is located on the Jinyan Road. With good service attitudes and professional technicians, this massage parlor is popular with high reputation. There are two group purchase packages, one charges 128 RMB (worth 226 RMB) and the other is 155 RMB (worth 266 RMB).

Address: No.312,Jinyan Road, near Jinxiu Road,  Pudong District


Phone: 021-50336006      电话:021-50336006

2. Angkor Spa

thumb (1)Conveniently located on the Ruijin  Road, Angkor Spa provides the customer with premium quality service, focusing on specific customer needs. You can enjoy traditional massages delivered by staff with unique and exceptional experience. It provides 32 settings for massage: 10 seats for foot massages, 9 settings for oil massages and 13 settings for body massages. Facilities include a large steam and sauna room. The service rate is affordable. Group purchase Package charges 128 RMB (worth 298 RMB).

Address: 50A,Lane 48,Ruijin 2 road,  Huangpu District


Phone:021-641610596      电话:021-64161059

3. Royal Orchid Thai Massage  蘭 泰式古法按摩

1376882594373This massage store was originally called YIDE Massage and Osmanthus, and now, it is a new massage shop called Royal Orchid Thai Massage, the main massage service in this shop is Thai Massage, it is located near lines 1 and 10 in the heart of the downtown area, This is a relaxing and refreshing retreat for the weary and worn-down traveler. Here you can enjoy the authentic Thai Massage. Group Purchase Package: 108 RMB( worth 258 RMB)

Address: No.216, Jinxian Road, near Shanxi South Road,  Huangpu District


Phone:021-62670235      电话:021-62670235

4. Yi Sheng Tang  日本天然药石浴逸生堂

thumbLocated on the Gubei Road in changning District(view the map), Yi Sheng Tang is a new concept of natural mineral therapy spa with Japanese style decor. It is also the pioneer in the field of stone medical spa in China. In Yi Sheng Tang, you will be impressed by this rare relaxation and be prepared to experience the effects of medical stone spa. The technicians have good service attitude, and all are professional and considerate. BTW, the food here is for free. No group purchase package for the time being.

Address: No.216, Jinxian Road, near Shanxi South Road,  Huangpu District


Phone:021-62670235      电话:021-62670235

5. Datang Blind Massage Center  大唐盲人按摩中心

thumb (1)This is very professional blind massage center, the area is really very large, there are many types of massage service such as the foot massage, Tuina and Khan steam etc. After the full massage process, you will feel very relaxed, this massage center is very suitable for officers who always sit or stand. This is also a regular blind massage center, there is no any special service. Group purchase package: Package one is 108 RMB(worth 216 RMB) and Package two is 128 RMB (worth 188 RMB).

Address: No.339,Shangcheng Road,  Pudong District


Phone:021-58820636/021-58820653      电话:021-58820636/021-58820653

6. A+ Paradise Sky Lounge  a+空中花园养生堂

thumbA+ Paradise Sky Lounge is located on the 5F of YiGe Building on the Kangding Road. The environment is elegant and beautiful. Thchnicians of A+ Paradise Sky Lounge are all professional and friendly with warm service attitudes. Their massage skills are great and will make you feel refreshed. You will enjoy the process of massage and technicians never do sales promotion during the massage. It’s really a nice place to enjoy massage. Group Purchase Package A: 128 RMB (worth 378 RMB), Package B : 168 RMB ( worth 424 RMB).

Address:  5F YiGe Building, No.1018 Kangding Rd,  Jingan District


Phone:021-32569670      电话:021-32569670

7. Venus Spring Massage

thumb (1)Located on the Shanxi South Road, it is a high-class Spa club. The decoration is simple, delicate, tonal, and are all proper. They will provide the Japanese service and give you an impression of being elegant. The room is small but very comfortable, soft massage couch, you can choose to use essential oil during your massage. Professional technique and appropriate strength will make your fatigue away immediately. Venus Spring Massage can be a good choice for you and your friends. Group purchase package: 258 RMB (worth 880 RMB).

Address: 550 Shaanxi South Road,  Huangpu District

地址: 卢湾区陕西南路550弄37号嘉善坊E栋(近绍兴路)

Phone: 021-34618726     电话: 021-34618726

8. Congen Massage Healthcare Club(Nanjing East Road Branch)  康骏会馆(南京东路店)

thumb (2)The Congen Massage Healthcare Club Nanjing East Road branch is close to the Fujian Middle Road. Providing services such as full body massage, foot massage, back massage, meridian massage, aromatherapy and others, the Nanjing East Road branch enjoys a convenient location, sound reputation and excellent services. The elegant location is a perfect spot to relax your body and mind.  Massage skills of technicians are professional and make you feel comfortable. No group purchase at present. With the VIP card, you can enjoy a discount.

Address: 4F, Silk Mansion, No.588 Nanjing East Road,  Huangpu District

地址: 黄浦区南京东路588号丝绸商厦4楼

Phone: 021-53085258    电话: 021-53085258

9. Ying Spa (Julu Road Branch)

1389842258419Ying Spa (Julu Road Branch) has modern and concise decoration. The interior environment elegant and clean and is distinctive from other spa parlors. With professional technicians and considerate service, Ying Spa is well received in local area.Technician no.2 is recommended.  PS: Drinks and sweet soups there are all for free. No sale promotion during the whole massage process.

Address:  417 Julu Road ( 5 m east Xinguang Mansion),  Pudong District

地址: 卢湾区巨鹿路417号(欣广大厦向东5米处)

Phone: 021-63801363    电话: 021-63801363

10. Spring Jeans Spa (The Peoples Square Branch) JEANS妍丽美容造型SPA会所

thumb (3)Spring Jeans Spa is located on the Fuzhou Road, a branch in the People Square area, near the Zhejiang Road. The interior environment is quiet and elegant. Technicians here are young and professional. You will be warmly treated here. Tea here is for free and have the function of detoxifying. If you want to find a quiet place to relax your tired body, Spring Jeans Spa will be your brilliant choice.

Address:  2F, 568 Fuzhou Road,  Huangpu District

地址: 黄浦区福州路568号2楼

Phone:  021-63604677 18818030589    电话: 021-63604677 18818030589

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