Top 5 Popular Shanghai Restaurant Among Foreigners

Recently, a well-known food website ” The Daily meal” released a list of “101 Best Asian Restaurant”. It is reported that these restaurants were voted by the writers, gourmets, foreigners who lived in Asia for a long time and other professional people in the past six months. Fortunately, several Shanghai Restaurants are included in the list. Now, here will introduce the Top 5 Popular Shanghai Restaurant shown on the list.

1. M On the Bund  米氏西餐厅

904KFEB417KK0006This is Muse’s huge new edition to its stable of Shanghai nightspots. It takes up an entire floor on top of a shopping mall at the top of the Bund. A central bar bisects the main room with tables and bottle service on all sides. A dozen KTV rooms are out back and there’s a large roof terrace with seating around a water-feature. Huge and so hot right now, especially with Shanghai’s pretty young things and power people.

Address: 7/F, The Bund No.5, 20 Guangdong Road,  Huangpu District


Tel: 021-63509988                                      电话:021-63509988

2. Mr & Mrs Bund  外滩夫妇

201305301210524e3aeLocated on the Zhongshan East 1st Road, Mr & Mrs Bund is a “creative” French Restaurant in Shanghai. Dinners will sit on the oversize wonderland chairs with disco ball rotating overhead. Besides, their dishes can be regarded as the works of art for their extreme three dimension and the match of color. With elegant, Mr & Mrs Bund is a nice place to enjoy your meals.

Address: 6/F, Bund 18, 18 Zhongshan East 1st Road,  Huangpu District


Tel: 021-63239898                                      电话:021-63239898

3. Jean Georges

2013053011551679874Located on the 4th floor of Bund 3, Jean Georges is a French restaurant named after a worldwide renowned chef who enjoyed the Michelin three-star honor. Since it opened in 2004, it has become the model of high-end restaurant in Shanghai for its delicate seasonal menu, elegant environment and considerate service.

Address: 4/F, Bund 3, 3 Zhongshan East 1st Road,  Huangpu District


Tel: 021-63217733                                  电话:021-63217733

4. Sushi Oyama  鮨 大山

1Sushi Oyama is one of the top Japanese restaurants in Shanghai. The restaurant is not large and only prepare custom dinner for consumers who made reservation. The owner of this shop insists on choosing seasonal materials imported from Tokyo. All the food are kept in wooden boxes with ice so that each dish is fresh and delicous. The average consumption level is around 900 RMB. Though the price is a little bit experience, the food will convince you they deserve the price.

Address: 2/F, Di Ya Ju, 20 Donghu Road,  Xuhui District


Tel: 021-54047705                           电话:021-54047705

5. Goga  国际都会美食

20130530110816aaa93Located on the Yueyang Road, Goga can be regarded as the smallest restaurant in Shanghai for there are only 5 tables interior. The chef Brad is one of the students of renowned Roy Yamaguchi, uses worldwide ingredients in the way of ” cutting and pasting” which can unpredictable borderless cuisine. The dishes has few kinds, each of them is worth tasting.

Address: 1 Yueyang Road,  Xuhui District


Tel: 021-64319700                           电话:021-64319700

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