Traditional Hong Kong Cate—Cart Noodle

As one of Hong Kong delicious foods, Cart Noodle (车仔面) originated in the 1950s which is the lowest point of Hong Kong economy. With cheap price and various kinds, it has received high reputation among the local citizens. Due to the health management, it is not easy to see vendors selling Cart Noodle on the street, but there are many restaurants engaged in Cart Noodle all over Hong Kong.

2The ingredients and cooking steps

If you’d like to enjoy the Cart Noodle at home, here will introduce the ingredients and cooking steps.

Ingredients: one pig’s foot, three pieces of pig skin, one piece of halogen tripe, eight fish balls, a handful of wide noodles and three pieces of spinach.

Burdening: Anise, bay leaf, dry pepper, cinnamon, dried tangerine or orange peel, ginger, rock sugar and soy sauce.

Cooking Steps:

1. Blanching the pig’s foot in boiling water for a while. Adding oil into the pan and fry with anise, cinnamon, bay leaves, dried chili and ginger until you can smell the fragrance of them, them put the pig’s foot into the pan and fry together.

2. Adding 2 tablespoons of soy sauce, two tablespoons of rice wine, and continue to stir the pig feet until it’s tinted the color of soy sauce.

13. Adding water into the pot till it’s 2 cm over the pig’s foot, then adding rock sugar and pig skin. Changing the fire to small fire after it’s boiled and simmer until cooked.

4. Boiling the soup in the pan then adding the wide noodles and fish balls. Draging them into a bowl after they are cooked.

5. Cutting halogen tripe into pieces and lay them on the noodle. Now a bowl of delicious Cart Noodle has been made.

Restaurant engaged in Cart Noodle in Hong Kong

Now here will introduce some restaurants where you can enjoy the Cart Noodle in Hong Kong if you are not willing to make it by yourselves.

LiangLiang_Shop3_0041. Liang Liang Noodles Shop (靓靓车仔面)

Liang Liang Noodles Shop is well-known in Tsim Sha Tsui District. Many stars like Simon Yam and Chow Yun-Fat have consumed here. The average consumption level:40-50 Yuan.

Address:14 Science Museum road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon




wKgBm04K2ovU69muAAFy6wCY-n402.rbook_comment.w2002. Wing Kee Noodle Mong Kok Branch(荣记粉面旺角分店) 

 Wing Kee Noodle is famous for its cart noodle and Wonton noodle. The average consumption: 50 Yuan

Address: 177 Portland street, mong kok, Kowloon


Tel:(852) 25763688

电话:(852) 25763688

3. Song Ji Cart Noodle (松记车仔面)

wKgB3FHSk4KAFKa0AAONmSJ2JYE66.rbook_comment.w200The shop is renowned for its Cart Noodle in local area. The prices are not expensive. Average consumption level: 50 Yuan.

Address:  Gaosheng Building,19-21 Fuming Road,Sai Kung District.


Tel: (85-2)27929172


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