Two Choices of Having Fun in Suzhou

Suzhou is not only a millennium old city, but also a modern city with open elements. Suzhou’s entertainment is similar to the city, like a double-sided embroidery, being traditional and elegant  as well as being modern and open.

1. Distinctive entertainment of ancient city

The ancient city, Suzhou, is rich in the style of water town and has beautiful gardens. Visitors will experience the distinctive culture and  special charm of this ancient city if they would like to visit the moat or enjoy Wangshi Garden at night.

1.1. Visiting moat at night

98Suzhou became  the paradise of merchants due to the Beijing-Hangzhou canal. Floating on the ancient canal with a boat, visitors will pass by Pan Gate, Xu Gate, Jin Gate and Lu Gate etc. and enjoy the whole ancient city and bridges with different styles.

Boats are available all the day.   They are especially well-received by visitors at night. Visiting the moat at night, visitors will be drunk in the beauty of scene. The colorful lights ripple in the lakes and dance on the willow trees which are in harmony with the ancient city’s buildings. It will become an unforgettable experience in visitors’ life.

1.2. Visiting Wangshi Garden at night

99Wangshi Garden is a typical garden in Qing Dynasty. It is known as the perfection of small gardens in Suzhou and a successful example that  fewer can defeat more. Now, it has been included into the “World Heritage list”.

The most special part of the Wangshi Garden is the Night Garden. Programs like Kunqu Opera, Pingtan, Jiangnan Sizhu, guzheng, flute and so on take turns to perform in different halls of the garden. As a matter of fact that the environment is Suzhou Gardens and the performance is featured with Chinese Jiangnan style, the whole visit is full of the charm of Jiangnan.

2. Modern fashionable entertainment

Suzhou has a lot of large modern entertainment places and characteristic streets. Visitors can take part in various fashionable activities as many as they like.

2.1 Suzhou Park

100Suzhou Park is regarded as the “Oriental Disney”. It’s the paradise of modern recreation and has the feature of owning high-tech of international modern recreation and profound cultural connotation. The park consists of joy land and water world. Setting themselves in the park, visitors can not only experience the colorful splendor of the European and American style, but also feel the natural and vigorous style of the Orient. The integration of the essence of the west and the east refreshes each visitor.

2.2 Characteristic commercial streets

101Suzhou Guanqian Street, Shiquan  Street, Jinji Lake and new commercial street are the modern characteristic commercial streets which combine the entertainment, catering, tourism and shopping into one body. Visitors who come to Suzhou should not miss these places. Playing in these places ensures visitors’ trips are worthwhile.


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